Lameria: Arena

Lameria: Arena

A Chapter by Khance

Have to edit this chapter a lot... its terrible.


Falling to his side, Alexis used the momentum to roll backwards. The blade slashed where his body would have been and now it swung up in a glistening arc of light, before beginning its descent on his position. Alexis leaped to his feet and brought one of his silver rapiers into a guard position as he slowly retreated backward, not taking his eyes off his opponent.
Adder calmly wiped the blood off his sword as he advanced with precise movements, he looked to his student with a smile of regret, it was a shame that it had to end like this.
Alexis tried to catch his breath, his mentor had changed over the years, no longer was he the scholarly recluse from the sanctuary. His imprisonment in the cells had changed him.
Adder paused momentarily in his advance and glanced up to the podium of the arena. Cheers echoed throughout the stadium as the favourite warrior saluted his king. The heralds voice could be heard above the cheers, roaring the significance of the duel.
Alexis’ head was spinning, the fight had lasted too long, he wasn’t fit for this, too many fights he had fought today, and his mentor was the last challenger, the one to finish him off. The bitter irony of it made the swordsman want to drop to his knees and resign himself to his fate.
“…a legendary battle, worthy of the bouts of Kronath! This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fight to remember!” the herald bellowed as he swept his arm indicating at the duellists in the sandpit below.
“…a tournament created by the Hero of the Isles, Kronath, a ceremony in honour of his death at the hands of the demons all those decades ago, this fight is to commemorate the reason he died for us!”
Alexis lowered his sword and looked up to the sky, his wounds would heal, his mind would clear and all this could be forgotten, all except one thing.
The swordsman returned his gaze to his smiling opponent.
He had just saluted the man that had tortured him for years, kept him in the Lamerian cells and tore from him all the secrets of our people. Adder had just smiled as he made his former student bleed in front of him. This was all the swordsman could think of as he faced his mentor, it was all the reason he needed to strengthen his shaky resolve. Glancing upwards, Alexis noted the last words the herald spoke before the crowd cheered, “…today is the day Lameria will remember, the day that creatures from the realm beyond fought to the death…I give you, the Necromancer Prince!”
Alexis flew at his opponent, his sword darting forward in a slash to the head, Adder responded with an overhead parry, before locking his sword down to cover his side as Alexis completed his feint attack, the fight ensued with numerous parries and many ripostes, it was only when Adder leapt back that Alexis lowered his blades slightly. The mentor stood, panting, his claymore’s point dropping slowly with weariness. Alexis, for his final attack, unsheathed his second sword and crouched low to the ground.
“You forget Lexi, I have fought you for years, I know every move the monks taught you!” Adder laughed as he raised the claymore in front of him. “We will see, old man!” Alexis said as he slowly walked to the right.
Adder watched his former pupil make his way around the outer ring of the sand pit slowly, it was a few moments before he realised what his student was attempting. Alexis stood with his back to the sunlight, staring at his mentor. Adder shielded his eyes from the glare of the sun, only to see Alexis running at him at full speed. Bringing his claymore in front of him in a defensive stance, he widened his legs out to allow better movement. It was then that Alexis threw himself to the ground and used his momentum to slide underneath Adder. The claymore came down on the sand a moment too late. Alexis turned as he slid around, his blades darted out to slice the backs of both the man’s knees.
Adder fell to the ground screaming, clutching his legs as blood poured all over the sands. “The sunlight was unbecoming of you, what happened to the honour of your family?” Adder panted with a smirk as he tried to crawl away from the Necromancer’s silver blades.
Alexis smiled at the words before answering, “You think that I would use sunlight for such a reason? You truly have been down in these cells to long, old man, take a closer look around you.”

The wounded man paused for a moment before he looked around the sandpit, it took a while for him to realise what he was seeing. Faint traces in the sand, in a pattern…
“Pentagram, you attempt to put me in a Pentagram without your power?” Adder laughed as he fell onto his back, “You may have defeated me, but now you will take my place here as the tournament Gladiator, you will stay here to amuse their crowds, and you will have to take a knee to their King…face it Alexis, I’m the one that truly won this fight, I have a release from this blasted world!”
Alexis dropped to one knee beside his former mentor before he asked, “Have you no regrets?”
The wounded Necromancer just laughed before he spat blood onto his former student, “Regrets? I regret not killing you for being a damn half breed the moment you were born!”
Alexis closed his eyes and got to his feet before he started walking backwards, towards where the discarded claymore lay. The roaring crowd were screaming for the old man’s death, but Alexis had one last thing to do. Picking up the sword, Alexis walked back to the dying man.
“Before you die, try to remember what you taught me on Pentagrams without cursive power?” Alexis said as he cut his palm with his opponents blade. Adder laughed as he turned to look at Alexis, sweat was running down his face as he approached death from blood loss.
“Oh, one last lesson? Well I suppose you’ve earned it after all of this!” Adder said as he gestured around him. “You need a killing field that has sacrificed the lives of hundreds, blood of a sender and blood of a giver…a circle made of the adjoined bloods, and a host of Ecroz’s taint, factors I’m sure you’ve thought about here, but you forget, I have to be a willing counterpart for your plan to succeed!”
“Well that is something I really should have thought about I suppose…” Alexis said with a smile as he walked closer to Adder. The old man tried to move away, but the younger Necromancer was too quick.
Alexis drew back his bloodied palm and brought it down on Adder’s forehead knocking him unconscious instantly.
“Hard to make decisions when you’re asleep.” Alexis said as he got to his feet.
The crowd cheered, thinking that the match was over, but to the Necromancer, it was only just beginning. Placing one foot on Adder’s chest, Alexis started to chant in a low voice, the strain of containing the power in his weakened state caused the younger Necromancer to nearly buckle from the force.
As Alexis’ voice drew to a close, he noticed that the guards were slowly opening the gates to the sand pit, he didn’t have much time. Looking down at the unconscious figure beneath him, Alexis hoped he had time for this to work.
Suddenly, Adder’s eyes shot open and he started screaming at the top of his lungs, “Kronath Failed! Summon the order, the Heart of the Necros must be united to stop the tainted one! A man that will unite a nation, a man that walks on two then four and fears the pearly gleam, sibling descendants of the deceiver, the prince of nightwalkers, the woman that will bear the child of equality…”
Alexis tried to remember the dying man’s words, but the guards were getting closer, the screaming spurred them onwards. The necromancer wanted to hear more, but he had to complete the ritual.
Alexis lifted the claymore above his head and looked down at the old man before bringing the blade down and plunging it into his chest. The force of the signal pushed everyone in the arena backwards. A pulsing black flash burst from the dead man’s body and shot into the sky before it exploded and shot in several directions. Alexis fell backward, the power tearing itself from his body forcefully causing him to black out.

© 2008 Khance

Author's Note

Im going to be changing this a bit... bear with me

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Ooo! This is Alexis Khance, right?? When he was just a young man, but apparently very powerful too!

Haha this was a great chapter! I liked the action and the dark magic at the end.

Great job!!

-Aurelia ♥

Posted 10 Years Ago

For the record: Adder must die!!

I'm slightly confused-- Alexis was Adder's student once, right?

Edit this one for flow and it'll be fine.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Welp, not helping the Necro's cause with me, haha, this young upstart, don't know who or where Kronath is , but if he's just killed Kronath under another Alias, So help me, he'd better redeem himself. This story is great, Love the imagery, I could see the battle taking place in my head. Great work.....stupid necromancers.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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People are reassured when they think you know what you're doing... Being honest, I make all of this up as I go along... When somebody complains, then i might stop :D more..

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