Lameria: Formal Resignation

Lameria: Formal Resignation

A Chapter by Khance

Anxious... he's cool... discuss :P


The sword swung up as the man leapt into the air, his blade trying to sweep in an arc in the attempt of cutting the advisor. Anxious leaned back and slapped the blade away before turning on his heel and slamming his foot into the pirate’s neck. As he fell to the ground, Anxious kicked forward and threw his weight onto his left hand as he vaulted up to kick another assailant in the face. Another blade sliced at an awkward angle from the right, only to be rewarded with cutting the air above the advisor’s head as Anxious dropped into a squatting position before kicking the man’s two knees.
The snap was followed shortly by the scream as the advisor rolled backwards and onto his feet.
A guard in full plate armour ran towards him with a spear pointed directly at his chest. Anxious raised an eyebrow and stood in place as the man made his attack. The advisor rolled his body to the side, completely avoiding the spear before dropping to one knee and slamming an open palm against the metal. The guard was flown backward in a hail of smoke as his armour disintegrated.
Reaching into his waistcoat pocket, the advisor took out two cloth gauntlets before putting them on. The glass monocle shined in the lamplight as Anxious made his way towards the Prison cells.
A crowd of guards stood shaking in the hallway, each looking more scared than the other.
The advisor stood quietly, his body in no particular fighting stance, his eyes looking at nobody in particular. “Do you know why my father called me Anxious?” The advisor asked as he took a slow step forward. One or two of the guards moved backwards slightly, before one of them answered, “I don’t know?”
The Advisor shot forward, his arm extended fully with his fingers touching a guard’s throat.
The guards panicked and tried to circle around the magi, none of them wanting to be the first to make a move. “I don’t know why he named me Anxious, its almost a defining characteristic in a person… but then again, how can you know the characteristic of a child just born. How was I able to express an anxious quality before I could talk, laugh or cry?” the advisor asked as he turned his fingers slightly to face upward.
The man was visibly shaking now as his beard started to singe from the heat of the Magi’s hands.
“Then again, he may have been thinking that naming me such after such a quality would harden me as a person and eventually toughen me up so I would be able to carry out the family task of protecting a king?”
Anxious asked as his hand slashed around to cut the blade from an approaching spear, only to return to its resting place at the base of the guard’s neck.
“Then again, maybe he just named me Anxious because all the good names were taken? What’s your name?” Anxious asked the guard in front of him. The man spluttered for a moment, his neck visibly shaking at having a combustible hand finger width’s from his skin. “Okay, I can see you’re not the bright one of the bunch, you over there, what’s your name?” The advisor asked of the man who attempted to attack him with the spear.
“My…My name is Jaren… sir.” The guard said as he tried to fizzle back into the crowd of guards.
Anxious looked back to the guard in front of him and smiled, “Well it obviously wasn’t because all the good names were taken then… what else could it have been?”
In the moments that he finished the question one of the guards attacked from the rear. Anxious dropped to the ground, both his legs stretched out into a perfect split as his hands shot out in both directions, one attacking the stomach of the guard nearest him, the other throwing a fireball at another of the scared men.
“You men really do know how to entertain an annoyed magi.”
The fireball sent the man sprawling in a charred heap on the marble floor of the hallway. The other man clutched his stomach and screamed as the metal that he was encased in turned a vibrant red and burned him as it melted around his body.
Anxious put his right hand on the ground and swung both his legs into the air as he kicked another man that approached. Instantly both of his hands burst into flame as the advisor stood straight, his arms held outstretched. The remainder of the guards ran toward him, and were easily dispatched in a whirl of flame. Anxious stood for a moment and extinguished his hands before looking down at the dying guard. “My mother named me Anxious, she said that it was the only time she had ever seen my father nervous. She died when I was a child.” The advisor cleaned the slightly misted monocle before he walked toward the steps leading down to the cells below the castle.

Pirates swarmed the hallways, looking for a way to get below the castle. The plan had been working well up until they realised that the captain wasn’t being held in the normal cells. One of the guards had told them he was in the Magi cells. Baw drew his sword as ran toward the slouching man. Anxious raised his eyes to regard the young pirate who had the sense not to attack. Baw looked at the man who matched the description in the brief before they left. He was the king’s advisor. “Avoid at all costs…” Baw muttered under his breath as he came to an abrupt halt before the man. His sword hanging slightly lower than normally. The advisor noticed that when he spoke his first words the sword stayed perfectly still for a few moments, which made Anxious smile and respect the man slightly. “I suppose that you’re looking for one of your own?”
Baw regarded the man and just gave a brief nod, his sword was ready for an attack. Anxious smiled again and simply said, “Well it would seem that we’re in the same situation, doesn’t it?
The pirate raised the blade slightly, looking at the man and knowing he couldn’t trust him, nor would he be able to best him in a fight, nor be able to run away. It was then that he decided to listen. “We need to get to the lower cells. But none of us no how to get there!” Baw said as he clicked his fingers.
Pirates seemed to float out of the shadows and assume position behind the Pirate. Anxious’ calm gaze never lifted from the pirate’s face when he said, “Now, how about the two archers behind the statues, and if you really want to come, I suggest you stop the man trying to sneak behind the curtains in an attempt to flank me…”
Baw froze on the spot and his eyes darted towards the drapes that accompanied the large portraits of deceased rulers. A pirate emerged with his hands raised in the air, a look of sheer terror painted on his face.
When the archers emerged from behind the statues, Baw apologised profusely, angry with himself for not disguising his attacks better. Anxious just smiled as he knew what the pirate was thinking.
“Anyway, its this way.” The advisor said as he turned to face a solid block wall.
Baw gave him a slightly quizzical look before asking the question, “There’s no door…”
The advisor frowned as he lifted a gauntlet in front of him, “Well it’s a good thing that everything burns, isn’t it?”
Baw opened his mouth to reply, but it was too late. Anxious drew back his arm and threw his fist into the rock hard, the rock rippled and red sparks flew everywhere as smouldering rubble littered the ground around the pirates feet. A broken stone stairway was revealed when the smoke cleared. “This is the stairway that’s only accessible from the very top of the castle and the very bottom of it. That’s why I think we needed to make a new entrance for it.”
The Pirates looked at each other and back at the man in the waist coat who was already walking in through the shattered wall. Baw turned to his men and winked, “Looks like we have somebody that isn’t too fond of Ferazi either.”
From the hole in the wall, Anxious replied, “Oh, you have no idea.”

© 2008 Khance

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Ha! The paradox of Anxious questioning an assailant about why his father named him Anxious, is worth a few chuckles.

And then he goes on about it... MONOLOGUING!! Just the humorous touch needed.

Posted 11 Years Ago

HAHAHAHAHA I'm getting to like Anxious more and more, he's quite a fellow, agile too, hmmm, yes, I think I like him, You painted his character if a favorable, if rear-end kickin light. can't help but like him.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Dundalk, Ireland

People are reassured when they think you know what you're doing... Being honest, I make all of this up as I go along... When somebody complains, then i might stop :D more..

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