Necros Isle: Redemption

Necros Isle: Redemption

A Chapter by Khance

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“We all saw the signal, it was sent to us directly! You all know that we cant ignore one of our own… we’re few enough as it is!” Metrick shouted across the hall. Necromancers stood and shouted out in argument as the last words were spoken. It wasn’t long before he got back to his feet and tried to calm the shouts again.
“Look, we know that the signal was from Alexis. He is our most important asset during these times so I think that we should at least consider sending the help he asked for!”
“Why in the name of the forbidden should we do that, he is only a half breed!” One voice shouted from the sidelines. His voice was cut off by the stares of the loyal Necromancers.
Metrick coughed for silence as he raised his voice for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening.
“We are not here to question the bloodlines of our own, besides, if you are so adamant that he is not one of us I propose you challenge him for his place in your own time. However the fact of the matter is that we are here for a reason. That signal that was sent to us was from him.” The black robed man said as he swept the sliver braid from his shoulder.
“But if Ferazi is involved in this heinous crime, we cant afford to get involved!” Another voice shouted out from within the antechamber.
Metrick got to his feet once again, thinking that the day might go easier if he remained standing in the hall.
“We are within our own rights to protect our own kind, Adder is no longer with us because of the mental tortures that King has put him through. Why was Adder with him? Because we all sat here talking about saving our own! I propose that we send out a party to retrieve Alexis Khance!”

The room exploded in shouts of argument as Metrick sat for what he told himself would be the last time. A green robed man took a stand and shouted across the room, “I taught that boy, and I will gladly retrieve him if it is a question of loyalty, send me!” Paulixis roared as he slammed his dagger into the desk before him. Metrick was back on his feet and sighing, “With all due respect, Paulixis… we cant afford to lose our leading Poison specialist. As well as the fact that the only Necromancers we are allowed to send out these days have to be expendable as well as talented in the various arts.”
Paulixis groaned as he slumped back into his seat, “There have been no Triath’s in decades, he is the only one that was able to master the three disciplines… you’re being a hypocrite, Metrick. You want to send someone that doesn’t exist!”
Metrick visibly paled at the remark and tried to contain his already boiling anger.
“I am very much aware that there have been no new Triath’s in the decades, but you will allow me a moment of vanity and arrogance when we remember who here is still one of the short number?”
Metrick tugged at the black robes he wore and gestured his arm to the crowd in the room. Purple robed men shared looks with the green and red robed Necromancers, each of them deep in thought as to which of the dwindling race was eligible to find Khance, let alone retrieve him.
“We also have to remember that the Necromancers are a dying race, and we have lived here on Necros Isle, trying to subdue any of the monsters that venture towards us. There are fewer still that have left to travel the world we live in now! What I propose is sending one of the Necromancers that trained with Khance.”
Metrick said, this time remaining on his feet, knowing full well that the crowd would react badly to his next statement. “I hereby bring my request to the council…” The crowds quietened at the formal tongue.
“I Metrick Vancian, petition for the release of the heretic Thaniel DaiThorpe so he can be sent to retrieve Alexis Khance!”
Every member of the hall jumped to their feet and screamed in outrage. Metrick closed his eyes and could hear the various arguments. “He’s in high prison, you cant revoke that!”, “He chose his fate when he read those scrolls!”, “Khance hates him!”, “He’s not sane!”, “Send Paulixis” and “…killed a dragon.”
Metrick called for order repeatedly to little avail, but it was only when the heads of the disciplines took their stand that the hall quietened down.

“I, Paulixis DaiThorpe, petition for the release of the heretic, Thaniel DaiThorpe, so he can be sent to retrieve Alexis Khance!”
The Green robes stopped their shouting instantly and resumed their positions. Metrick smiled slightly as he turned to the side, most of the members in the court knew how much Paulixis wanted to give his son another chance. Red robes quietened down as a bald man with a silver beard took a short stand.
“On behalf of the Summoners, I, Daragoth Crexila, petition for the release of the heretic Thaniel DaiThorpe so he can be sent to retrieve Alexis Khance!”
The green segment of the hall roared their support as the red segment smiled in return. The purple robes were still screaming and looking towards their own leader who remained sitting.
Metrick looked down from the altar and opened his mouth only to be cut off by the sitting man. “I will not stand for this, I will not abide by the rules of this forum for such a heinous act. If you so chose to get that madman to carry out such a task then I wish it on you… But I, Clusian DaiShunc, do not petition for the release of madman, Thaniel DaiThorpe, so he can be sent to retrieve the halfbreed, Alexis Khance! You do not have the support of the Cursive Necromancers!”
Metrick glared at the man as he regarded the rest of the room. “On the basis that this is an unusual petition, and that it has been forwarded by the Triaths, we shall use the rule of majority as basis of our decision. With the exception of the original petition party, the groups are to be decided!”
Clusian was on his feet roaring, “Who gives you the right to overrule me! I stand against this petition, if we all don’t agree, it doesn’t get passed!”
Metrick cut him short, “I hereby bring it to the majority vote, myself with my party excluded due to the petition being our own. VOTE!”
Clusian was still screaming as Paulixis roared over him. “PASSED!”
Clusian turned and shouted at the Green robed man as Daragoth roared from the adjacent side of the room, “PASSED!”

Metrick then lifted his arms and regarded the hall for the last time that day and called, “Release Thaniel DaiThorpe!”
Clusian gathered his robes and stormed out of the chambers, his purple robed subordinates were of two minds as to what to do. Some showed relief at the situation, others pure distaste at the turn of events. Either way, the purple segment of the hall quickly cleared out. Some looking back to nod toward Metrick.
Paulixis turned to Metrick whilst the other necromancers left the room, “Do you really think he’s the right person to send. I know my son, he isn’t a scholar…”
Metrick smiled, “I’m counting on that…”

© 2008 Khance

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So many people are counting on things at this point! It will be VERY interesting to see who dies.

Er... I mean... who loses. o.o

Posted 10 Years Ago

ohhhh, the plot thickens, seriously man, I love the names you pick out, the use of "k's" in the names is just too interesting, gives a new twist on things. nice!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on August 21, 2008



Dundalk, Ireland

People are reassured when they think you know what you're doing... Being honest, I make all of this up as I go along... When somebody complains, then i might stop :D more..

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