Tomaz: Deception

Tomaz: Deception

A Chapter by Khance

whoa, too many points of view...


“Please hurry! They’ll be coming soon…” Gerda whispered hurriedly as she clung to the metal bars. The woman on the other side of the bars shuffled with the keys, tears of frustration running down her checks. Kayla was not prepared for this, she didn’t want to risk her life freedom for a commoner, but her orders were final. “Shut up! I’m doing my best here!” was the only reply the lightning magi received.
Gerda slumped her back against the bars and looked down at the markan bracelets that she was forced to wear during her imprisonment.

The young lightning magi had no idea how long it was since she had been captured. Her excuses of trying to kill the Vancequan as every townsperson vouched for her guilt. It was only by happenstance that she was allowed to survive. By the City law, as an orphan, she should have been put to the death immediately for such a heinous crime. The warden had grinned at her as his hand hovered over his sword hilt as she was read her rights. Gerda had felt as though she was going to break down and cry in front of them, but a voice had cut across even the wardens heavy laugh.
“I hope you don’t intend to hurt my girl there… As her legal guardian, I take all punishment on her behalf!” The voice opposite her cell said with a laugh.
The warden whirled around, his face lighting up in outrage. “Creek! There is no way in hell that this girl is anything to you… she was roaming the streets whilst you were rotting in here under our watch!”
Agnane Creek pulled himself off the ground and looked down at the flustered little man before he spoke with a sneer, “You remember that my house was burned down during an investigation regarding your men? Well all the legal documents regarding her adoption were in that house… I’m sure that you and your men could find it in the ash if you looked. Oh and how am I supposed to take care of her whilst I’m stuck in here?” Creek said with a grin, knowing he had just taken the fun from his captor.

“Hurry the hell up Kayla! They’re going to kill him any moment now!” Gerda hissed as she shook the bars in front of her. The entire guard room was deserted due to the execution taking place outside. The Tomassian people were the most law abiding race in the realm, their harsh procedures were renowned almost as much as their cruel nature. Kayla grinned as the lock snapped open. Pulling the door open Gerda ran out into the hall before spinning around and holding out her wrists to the girl. Kayla sneered at the prisoner before turning on her heel and making for the door. “You can do that yourself, I was ordered to let you out… nothing else! The guild no longer has a debt to your brother, remember that!”
Gerda froze for a moment at the mention of her brother before she bent her knees and tried to pick up the keys in her numb fingers. She just had to get to him before they killed him… he was only doing it to protect her… and he didn’t even have a reason for doing that.

Loud sneers and excited cheers could be heard all around the platform as the Tomassians watched one of their most unsavoury lose a head to the axe. The warden held up a parchment and started to rhyme of the offences of the convicted. Creek smiled as he listened to his documented offences, he often corrected the warden who rewarded him with a kick to the ribs. Despite their harsh ideals, some of the Tomassians empathized with the criminal. Those that didn’t soon did as they realised who it was that they were watching. Soon the crowd were roaring in protest as the warden proclaimed his final sentence.
“You Agnane Creek, The B*****d Prince of Tomaz are hereby sentenced to death! Do you have any last words?!” the warden finished with a grin.
The crowd quietened as the heavyset man was allowed to his feet. Agnane looked to the familiar faces of his people before he answered, “You should have used markan…”

Gerda ran out of the guard house to see flames erupting around the execution stand. The young lightning magi shielded her eyes from the blaze and tried to see if her saviour was amongst the flames. Surprisingly, cheers of joy could be heard over the screams of the warden and the guards. Soldiers ran to the stand and tried to attack the prisoner but Creek was already in full fighting form, his shackles melted around his wrists, his eyes dancing with glee. “The B******s Flame… you never heard of me?!”
Gerda was in awe, she had been saved by the half prince. The man that had tried to overthrow the dictatorship of his own family before he was disowned and disgraced by the royal house. The eldest of the Creek dynasty became an outlaw and fought his battles against the cruel hierarchy within the country. Originally captured by the city guard, he gave himself up willingly, none could have anticipated that he was a magi! Gerda was so surprised that she didn’t notice the people running around her. Voices of anger rose and the smoke drenched the remaining crowd. “Run girl!” The voice over the flames roared.
Gerda snapped out of her reverie to see Creek standing on the podium, his hand gripping the warden’s neck, his eyes locked with her own. “Get the hell out of here!”
The warden followed his gaze and screamed at his own men, “Forget about me, get the girl… he’ll comply when we get her!”

Creek slammed the warden’s head against the wood, knocking him unconscious. Looking at the soldiers massed around him, he ignited his hands and crouched into a fighting stance, “You have no idea how long I waited to do this to you guys!”
The first soldier only saw a red flash before he was dispatched. His comrade barely had time to register his own shock before he joined the first soldier on the ground. Running in with a pike, the third man was greeted with a kick to the neck before he felt a flamed fist against his stomach.
Rolling in the middle of the air, Creek powered a kick into the ribs of the other soldier. Without wanting to hurt the others, the King’s brother jumped from the stand and started running after the guards pursuing the younger girl. How long had he waited for confirmation of the rebellion? It must have been at least a year, months of time sitting in a cell contemplating when he would be given the signal to unite all the prisoners and escape at once. He had almost began to lose hope and wondered if he should break out by force and find his comrades. Then the girl had arrived, he knew who she was the moment she was in the cell. The guards spoke of her actions the night before and it was then that he knew what he had to do.
Agnane Creek launched fist into the ribs of a mounted soldier and laughed as the man sprawled over the cobbles below. Jumping onto the saddle, Creek started his chase. This girl would be a major part of his future plan. But first he needed to make sure she survived.

Kayla watched the display from the shadows of a nearby building in shock, never had she suspected that the girl would get away. Just as she was about to turn around, a hand grabbed her shoulder. “Your report is late… the master is very displeased.”
Kayla shrugged off the hand, “I was about to go now.”
The man pulled the girl roughly around and stared into her eyes. “Don’t overestimate yourself like that, if that girl didn’t get out of those shackles you wouldn’t be breathing right now.”
Kayla feared to take a breath as she stared into the soulless eyes of her senior. “I knew she’d get out… honestly, I did!”
“Our Guild doesn’t have places for people embraced by fear, you should take note of that the night time you think of yourself before us.” The man said as he stepped back into the darkness.
Kayla steadied her breathing and looked back to the execution stand… the flames had disappeared completely. The strangest part of it was that the wood had no burn marks.
“Looks like the Guild of Illusionists claimed more than one debt today…” Kayla said softly as she watched Creek gallop off into the distance after the lightning magi.

© 2008 Khance

Author's Note

whooopa :P

Thats my note :)

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Creek is quite awesome so far. I want to see where this goes. and also. Moar Cronin Rysle already!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ohh I am liking the sound of Creek :D Very kick-a*s. I wonder what he has planned for poor Gerda XD And Kayla seems pretty interesting too....looking forward to reading more on this!
'the B*****d Flame'? Nice touch XP

Posted 10 Years Ago

WOOT! that works, this new chick is interesting, can't say that the wishy-washy ideals float my boat, but if she redeems herself as a kick rear fighter, I shall be highly impressed haha. And Gerda? Creek? Newwww twists at every turn, I'm looking forward as to how you make them all tie in.~P

Posted 10 Years Ago

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People are reassured when they think you know what you're doing... Being honest, I make all of this up as I go along... When somebody complains, then i might stop :D more..

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