A Young Girl

A Young Girl

A Poem by Ian

The first of a pair of poems about two young people. Make sure you read both. The second is titled "A Young Boy."

The young, innocent girl slowly opened the door, 
And walked up to a dresser and opened a drawer.
Out she pulled a small hare,
And grabbed some scissors with care.
I simply can't tell you what she thought,
When she did that deed full of fraught.
She then raised the scissors high above her head,
And struck the animal until dead.
Then aiming out the direction of her mutilation, 
She sat silently as if in deep contemplation.
She sliced open the rabbit's chest,
And pulled out everything to make a scene grotesque.
Then grabbing on old teddy bear,
She pulled out every stitching there.
Tossing the exterior to the floor,
She took all the cotton from the teddy bear, poor.
After she stuffed the cotton in the hare plump,
She walked over to the entrails, a morbid lump.
Then taking the heart not beating but still quite warm,
And placed it in the hole she had torn.
By taking a needle and thread from under her bed,
It is now obvious to what lies ahead.
Each thread was put into its place,
As her movements showed such grace.
She sealed every hole,
And on its back she let it role.
Upon finishing with the last thread,
She put away her needle of lead.
Then setting her creation next to others she created,
She laid upon her bed quite animated.
Then a bright light shown out of the room,
And something over the girl loomed.
Then squeezing her brand new toy, 
The young girl fell asleep wrapped around a young boy.

© 2012 Ian

Author's Note

How do you like it? Make sure and read the both of the pair. The second is titled "A Young Boy."

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Added on August 10, 2012
Last Updated on August 10, 2012
Tags: Dark, morbid, obscene, obscure, odd, weird, romance, lover, love young, girl, boy, blood, gore, horror, magic, mystical, witch, witchery, spellcraft, occult, spell, sacrifice, creation, death, life



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