Sewn Shut

Sewn Shut

A Poem by Ian

One of my more morbid poems. Restricted to teen because of this.

The needle stood completely motionless,
As the room slowly creeped away. 
Upon my face stood a look of atrociousness,
For not a muscle could I move, as I lay. 

What was done was a horrible deed,
One that words cannot express,
For, as though I be bound to a creed,
Very few feelings can I stress. 

Now I have lost all abilities of hearing,speaking, and seeing,
For I have been bound by strings of fate.
It was upon the night with the luminous being,
That my world began to dissipate.

The sewing needle had dug its way into my eyes,
And sewed completely shut my ears, 
despite all my cries,
And my hollow tears. 

Yet now I stand,
Thinking these thoughts,
With a face emotionless and bland,
Just letting my body rot. 

Upon being totally encased in my demise,
Anger flowed up through my body.
My hands quickly moved up to my eyes,
Sewn completely shut and still bloody.

My fingers grasped the strings tight,
And immense pain rushed around my head. 
Then with the strings I began to fight,
And, from the gashes protruding from my eyes, I bled. 

Screaming, my face, I point to the sky,
As from my mouth I pulled the thread. 
Encased in agony I lied,
With my trembling hands clasping my head. 

I then tried to open my eyes,
As I stood to my feet. 
It was to many tries,
But to the scene around me I could not meet. 

Even though I could indeed speak an feel,
I still had no ability to see. 
I lay down to feel the coldness of steel,
So I reached down below me. 

The object was quite small,
And had two blades at its end. 
Then my skin started to crawl,
As my reality started to bend. 

A horrid thought entered my mind,
As I lifted the object to my face. 
The only way any sight I might find,
Is by cutting the final lace. 
I lifted the scissors to my neck,
As I decided my fate. 

© 2012 Ian

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TS might not be Frost or Eliot but combined with Nix they made music. Perhaps another colab?...


Added on August 10, 2012
Last Updated on August 10, 2012
Tags: Death, suicide, blood, dark, morbid, obscene, sewn, shut, needle, despair, depression, blind, deaf, mute, dumb, strange, odd, wierd, darkness, evil, malice, cruelty



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