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A battle against the downpour

A battle against the downpour

A Story by Khyati

Little, glimmering and delicate pearls were falling down from the heavens. They were ready to hit any surface and burst themselves, dividing them into multiple tinier ones. They were as soft as velvet and as desirable as the genie’s three wishes. They drenched everything in their way, and cooled down its temperature, making it calm.I went out of the dry shade I was under. The indiscriminate drops gradually soaked me in their swampy nature too. The soft shower couldn't cool me down. It brought back memories of happiness that made me gloomier. Once it had brought smiles to me but, now as it reminded me of my grins, it took them away simultaneously.  

I sat down on the fresh grassy plot, not being in a state to ponder on what other people might think of me. My eyes impersonated the clouds and departed a flow of watery drops from themselves. Tears rolled down my cheeks because of the rain that could make everything elated but me. My egress drops blended with those of the heavens. This union hid my weakness, grieves and sensitivity. No one could comprehend the feebleness in my tears .So, none in the world could use it against me. Only a few could distinguish them, just the ones who wouldn't harm me after its awareness.

The drizzle didn't scratch my wounds alone but brought along with it the thunder that made my trembling more prominent after it’s every reproach. It was like a snap of photo that the rain was taking of me to send back to the heavens for awakening them to my condition. The lightening resembled my jovial moments, which came and went away in a flash. The token of scar given to me by the water drops and the thunderstorm wasn't enough I assume, because the winds descended down for a maltreatment too. The fierce breeze flew at me with all its might, like a warrior making his final attack.

  It unquestionably made me colder and heartbroken. But, this time, I had to battle back all the forces of the nature that brought along with itself the heckling from my past. Every time, I went to the rain with solitude, I came back accompanied by regret. It was turning to my weak point and I could not let it happen. I had to take the weight off my feet alone in the rain. I didn't have to run back to an arid location. I just had to wait for it to end while being a part of all the particles it touched with its fingers of sharp blemishes.The downpour tried to break me, but this time I didn't back down. It surly quivered me and made me cry. It gave me wounds and shook me off my place a bit, as it did at all time. But, this moment, it couldn't make me frightened to the verge of running back. I beared the pressure of all that rain gave me that day and I didn't move an inch when the rain indicated me to walk off. It was as if the rainwater was in a clash with me. It had won every time till now but that day I was tougher than before.

 Progressively, the wind decreased its pace, the roar of the thunder calmed down and the wet droplets stopped to smack me. It seemed as if the energies were bowing down to me, accepting their defeat this time.I stood up, with my head high. I was wet, cold and shivering, but I had won. I had knocked down the ache of the memories. I walked back to a warmer and drier place with much more strength and courage.                                               

© 2014 Khyati

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had a certain flow to it, like a poem. beautiful!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thanks so much for these kind words ^_^
To me this almost flowed as if it were a poem instead of a story. The description and pacing were that of a literary find or poem. It did not pull me in the way a story with characters would and was more sophisticated in the vocabulary then is usually used to describe a scene. It felt as if the meanings were hidden cleverly behind your words.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks so much.. Can you review another write-up of mine please?

8 Years Ago

Of course please send me any reviews!

8 Years Ago ^_^ Thanks. Review this link for me :)

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2 Reviews
Added on June 25, 2014
Last Updated on June 25, 2014




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