Saved by a wolf carving

Saved by a wolf carving

A Chapter by Khyrro

......mwahaha i'm making you people guess.......

We hugged each other when we saw the wolves give up on us, even Mia who has been on this earth for a longer time then I have has never been that close to being attacked by a wolf. I gave her a worried look and hoped she got the message. -Lets go-, gladly she did and returned a nod of agreement.
My heart thumped wildly as I stared eye to eye with the wolf. Mia's carving felt heavier and heavier in my pocket as the wolf drew closer and closer to me and Jason. Finally it fell out of my pocket with a oddly loud -THUMP-. 
That seemed to do the trick and the wolf's attention snapped away from us to the carving. Looking cautiously over to the carving I saw that it was glowing, a faint golden glow, but that wasn't the weirdest thing, no definitely not.
My eyes widened and couldn't stop starring at the wolf carving. Instead of just sitting there doing nothing like it was supposed to it was growing, and quickly at that. With every flash of golden glow not only did its halo of amber grow stronger, but the all too realistic carving grew larger too. Larger until it was a large rusty red wolf. 
I needn't elbow Jason to pay attention to the miracle that just happened cause I felt him shuffle next to me and jump when he stopped.
The red wolf growled and leaped at the she-wolf like it knew that me and Jason were in trouble. The glowing had lessened and now all was left was faint halo of amber, like the sun's rays on a hot day. 
My mind lurched to race off to tell grandpa about my predicament, but my body was frozen, frozen with fear, fear and amazement.
The wolf was surprise by the abrupt attack that it didn't expect. Thrown of guard it was tumbled to the hard packed floor with a hiss of anger mixed in with surprise and terror. The red wolf opened its mouth and bit down hard on the other wolf's side as it held it down with large paws. In its mouth were razor sharp snow white teeth now covered with blood.
Now it occurred to me that the wolf carving had grown far beyond normal wolf size. It seemed to be nearly twice the size of the biggest wolf I had ever seen. I blinked once and the wolf carving had shrunk back to pocket size, harmless to those who don't know its powers.
Picking it up I noticed that upon its head was a dark golden shinning gem. It blended in so well that on some angles it seemed invisible, but I knew it was there, and I knew where it came from. I had put it there the day I had finished making the rough outline of the wolf. 

© 2011 Khyrro

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Added on August 2, 2011
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I'm a 13 year old girl who just loves writing. I'm not the best out there, but people say I'm good and so why not share it? Anyway have fun reading my stories. I have written multiple unfinished stori.. more..