In which school becomes a circus (part three)

In which school becomes a circus (part three)

A Chapter by Khyrro

Students flooded into the hallways. It was Sami this time who led her to Math class. According to Sami the math teacher is one of the sweetest teachers in the school. I hope what Sami says about the teacher is true.
As they slipped into the room Alice managed to catch a glimpse of the teacher before she left to gather whatever papers they were about to get. She was tall and skinny with reddish blonde hair.
"Hey Miss. Lilac. Did you know that math is amazing?" a boy's voice sounded from behind her.
"Yes. Its the most amazing thing ever." Miss. Lilac started to tear up as she spoke. Alice didn't know whether she was joking or really meant it. The tears were real, but there was a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
"Start on your do nows as I get the stuff for our lesson." she told the class. 
The work wasn't too hard. It was simple, but yet it was enough to take a good chunk of time.
Out of the corner of her eyes Alice spotted a cup being placed on the edge of her desk. m&m's? Alice wondered why the teacher was giving them to her. Looking up everyone was stuffing their mouths with m&ms. Okay.... and she ate them.
Soon Alice learned that Miss. Lilac always gave out food randomly, even for no reason. 
"But I wanted Redvines." 
"Declan, I know its not your fault that your a Stakid, but can you let me concentrate!" she heard Sami hiss and hit a small boy with dark brown hair.
"Yes please be quiet." she sighed and continued to work.
Mrs. Lilac's class was probably the most relaxing class that Alice had, except for Declan. Onto History.
It was a long walk to the history class, even with her racing around asking people where the class was. She didn't have Sami to help cause Sami was off to Health and that was and equally long distance away.
"Come on everyone! Don't be late! Hurry!" a voice boomed through the hallways, and of course that was her teacher screaming. Class found. 
Right after she leaped into the room the bell made its annoying three noted buzz sound.
"Everyone quickly move the desks to make two trenches." Mr. Glyf said. Soon it was madness that only led to more madness. 
That madness involved the throwing of nerf balls, paper, the squeaking sound of desks moving and a very interesting war between Mr. Glyf and Sadie. 
"Come on, this'll be a quick fight." Sadie taunted and glared at the teacher like he was actually an enemy. 
"Don't count on it." Mr. Glyf shot back. 
"Ahh!" Sadie shouted and Alice laughed as the blonde haired girl charged at the teacher whom was clearly used to the school's crazy students.
"Hah! He side stepped you!" Damian grinned only to be returned with an annoyed look from his sister.
"Yes I did Damian." Mr. Glyf nodded chucked a nerf ball Sadie whom was still picking up her own nerf ball. His how ever hit her leg. "A point for me! Two more an I win. Remember your History Sadie. School isn't just for fun you know"
"No!!!" Sadie cried and stood up, her eyes darting every where, like she was thinking 'where should I go now?'
Though Alice stayed silent she watched with interest.
"Ha! Another point for me." Mr. Glyf smiled as he threw the nerf ball as Sadie was still annoyed by her enemy losing a point.
"That's it!" Sadie shouted at flung her nerf ball at Mr. Glyf who deflected it with a notebook. The ball ended up flinging across the room and hitting Sadie's leg.
"I win." He said calmly as if nothing happened.
Is this a normal day of school----- her thought was interrupted by Sadie's wail of sadness that Alice was sure could be heard a mile away.
"How did I lose? I'm amazing at shooting nerf balls..." She heard Sadie weep and Damian's failing attempts to comfort his sister.
"Remember, learn from this. You'll never lose if you learn from mistakes and failures."
"Did Sadie lose against Mr. Glyf? I feel bad for you. Your gonna be deprived of sleep." she could hear Declan's familiar voice sound from behind her.
"How did you know I was in Templer house?" Alice asked him curiously, of course he laughed at her rather odd question. 
"News of new people, especially singers, travel fast here. Sami told me." he informed her.
"Right. You going anywhere near room #27?" she wondered aloud.
"I'm actually going there this period. Come on I'll show you the way." he grinned and started leading her to health class.
"You gonna audition for the after school chorus?" Declan asked grinning all the while.
"Maybe? You sing?" she questioned only to be returned with his cheerful giggle.
"Sing? I rock at singing! Your gonna be competing with me. Of course you never know, i'm just a freshman, like you." holding up his fist in the air he started singing born this way in a quirky tone. "Don't worry, i'm not this bad." he said.
Problem was, his bad was actually good.
"I'm warning you. Mr. Lark is damn boring." he sighed and opened up the door for her to walk through.
"Yup, he's boring." Alice grumbled as she slung her bag over her shoulder. "Ready to sing?" 
"Of course I'm ready!" he shouted. "I'm always ready... unless i'm sick." he added, his pointer finger was shoved into the sky, like a #1 sign.

© 2011 Khyrro

Author's Note

Sorry for the relative lateness of this chapter. I was lazy plus kinda busy. Any way onward to yonder when yonder is the next chapter.

Authors note:
I know i said I'd write something for Health, but I got nothing good for health so I skipped that bit.
The math teacher is inspired by my own 8th grade math teacher. She really is that sweet and funny and actually did hand out candy at random times, especially on long tests, like for me the regents. I got a cup of m&ms, some snikers and lolipops and some other candy that I forgot about.

The history teacher is slightly based off of one of my favorite days of social studies in 8th grade. We made trenches and threw paper balls at each other cause we were learning about World War 1

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