He Is Beautiful

He Is Beautiful

A Poem by Kia

He Is Beautiful


He Is Beautiful


Beneath the night, he lays with morbid peace

His face carries no emotion

His skin like graveyard mist

His hair; a batch of black silk


He is beautiful

And he is beautiful


A gift to this earth neglected by his own soul


I cannot resist

A kiss from the lips that do not kiss back

A touch from the hand that cannot touch

Dare I love?

Dare I trespass?

It is a tyrant;

This taboo ache I cannot deny!

The silk of his hair slides through my fingers

The cold of his lips like nothing I’ve ever kissed

And his eyes that stare eternally at the moon

They are envied by all diamonds

I wrap my face in the smell of his hair

The smell of his hair I cannot withstand

And I grasp his hand

So sallow and still

So beautiful and cold

These things are all mine

A black sting

A black need

A black lust

A black love

A black ache

A black pain

A black drive

A black hunger

They are me

They are my mind!

They are my hands!

They are my breath!

And he is dictator of my body

The power lies with him

Damn, the curse he has blessed me with!

And the thirst that feels so good!

No I cannot deny them

And I am unable to dispatch them

Dare I do this?

Dare I fall short?

Dare I yield to his advertent power?!

I must fight the ache to be weak!


He is beautiful

And he is beautiful


A gift to this earth neglected by his own soul

And I cannot withstand

© 2012 Kia

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Added on March 7, 2012
Last Updated on March 9, 2012
Tags: love, romance, death, loss, romantic, sad, necrophilia



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