My story

My story

A Story by Kiari Sabon

A tale about an elder race giving the gods demons and angles of man kind a new spin

when someone asks me what my first memory is i tell them looking up at my father in my crib he was explaining to me how we our on earth and telling me how beautiful it was as he reached up and placed a sticker of the earth right above my crib he continued to tell me about earth but i just stared at this sticker tuning him out with the single words is running through my head "this is my home now i live here" over and over. that image is forever burned into my mind but it is by far my first actual memory.
This is my story it may be hard to grasp but its time its told. my first memory its nothingness or something much like nothingness floating in darkness weightless calm connected to countless others in a field of voices and yet their was no sound just that of knowing what the others though and felt a constant hum like the steady beat of a drum screaming in harmony to a song of spirit then came the crash light ripped through our peaceful existence and spread amongst the darkness were isles of light pure energy of every color and every emotion and thus began our union and yet our separation for we two shimmered constructed of this magnificent energy spread out as far as the eye could see groups laying on their own construction of more solid energy i stood on my own land stretched of green moss like feel and i the storm the movement was freeing and i was constructed and wild where as others had fear wretched across their faces not quite human in your aspect nor animal but defiantly would they be considered beast or angles amongst men yet this humanity was still yet foren to my kind those of us that were enriched by this began uniting the isles i the storm would renew their new found bodies seeing as though i almost had an endless supply of it and one who moved briskly like the wind would lift my wing and carry me across where as those who could for the solid grounds would construct walk ways to one another we all worked as one to form our new kingdom 
but with power comes struggle where as we once worked together others began to believe they were more worthy more powerful because they held power over connecting our regenerating the islands soon our race became a struggle between those who demanded more forcing others off their islands and pulling it into their own and making others wait on them hand and foot then their were those who harbored the claimless to their lands i amongst them in return my grove became wooded and as much as this joyed me i became nomadic living on the currents of winds provided to me resting in groves i returned energy to how foolish i was thinking my great power made me safe 

© 2017 Kiari Sabon

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Kiari Sabon
ruff draft

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Added on May 28, 2017
Last Updated on May 28, 2017


Kiari Sabon
Kiari Sabon

morehead, KY

Im broken its as simple as that but it seems all writers have seen the darkest and brightest moments being able to capture the hearts of so many. I can't bring myself to talk to those i should but whe.. more..