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 “Enola, my dear child... do you think you can save them?”

Enola tossed in her sleep, her breathing hitched as a cold sweat dampened her silky fur. Her eyes were screwed shut as though she could will the voice from her mind. A voice that she could have heard once and it would have haunted her for the rest of her life. Torturing her through dreams, taunting her with melodic hateful words.

“Do you?”

The fox, in her sleep, muttered, “You won't... stop me...”

Another voice came to her as she slumbered, one as familiar as the last. It overpowered the dark melody of the woman's voice that echoed in her head. “You can, Enola. You know this. All you have to do, at least for this moment... is go to Draycott. Follow your pawsteps. Meet the mutant Felecetii, calling herself Ava, in the heart of the city. Go now.”

Enola sat up, abruptly, from her sleep. She glanced around at the two, who were asleep. Atki snored, though the wizard had his back turned to the vulpine woman and he slept silently. She cleared her throat before she got to her feet, dusting off her sorceress robes. She glanced out the mouth of the cave, the sun was barely coming up over the horizon. The sky was painted with an array of pinks and oranges; it was dawn. The stars were beginning to fade in the light of day. Enola took a deep breath before she went to the wizard and put a paw on his shoulder. She shook him, lightly.

“Muhlsaan. Awaken. The White One has spoken to me.”

Enola went over to Atki as she waited for the mystic to fully awaken and did the same, repeating herself.

“Wha...? Spoke to you?”

“Don't be an idiot, Atki. Dreams.”

“Right... oh. Well, what did it say?”

“We have to go to Draycott.”

* * * * * * *

“Where are we anyways?” Atki asked, “Last I knew we were heading south, it feels as if we've been traveling this way for some time. Where exactly are we Enola?” The white feline complained.

“We're almost there, hush.”

The party hadn't made much progress distance-wise since the beginning of the journey. Most of the sites they ended up visiting were nearby, never being more than 20 miles apart. The country was large, the planet even moreso; the landmass carried dozens of societies--each struggling to survive under the dominant species and their evil queen.

The Felecetii had assumed power some time after the human's great war left them shattered and spread apart. Under the Felecetii were humans, the bat-like Daurdara, and Kinshasha lizardfolk. Each of the three races served Felecetii as farmers and laborers, a form of indentured servitude for the protection and right to survive. Draycott was a trade-hub for these races to convene and transport various goods and information, all in the name of Felecetii servitude. Flesh was also traded in this city, slavers from across the globe gathered here to auction slaves of different “lesser” species who were not a part of the Felecetii's covenant. Some who were unfortunate enough to become prisoners of war.

“We're going to stand out, don't you think? Especially you, Enola. The city isn't friendly to outsiders... I would know.” Atki stated, a genuine concern coloring his voice, “You've got to disguise yourself, I have these robes. They flow enough to cover my features entirely, no fur exposure. You, however...there's no fooling-”

“Fooling? Do you think I'm stupid, boy? I don't think I need you to tell me, I appreciate the caution but it's not needed. I can take care of myself. Don't you remember, I can use illusions to appear human?”

Atki shut his mouth. He'd forgotten the Volux could use this magic, but he nodded in understanding. At the thought, Enola concealed herself before they entered the city as Atki pulled his hood over his head. He didn't want to admit it, but this city was where he spent most of his eighty years on this planet. Just being in the area made him nervous; his fur was considered sacrilegious and the cat had to take caution to never reveal the color.

As they walked into the city, they saw the goings-on of Draycott. It looked like a normal trading post, except for the market of slaves that stood off to in the shadows. A black market if there ever was one. Enola held herself high, her head didn't turn to glance at them. But Atki's did. He felt a pang of pity for the creatures who had gotten themselves caught in the war. The mystic followed the Volux's example, never turning his face to look at the captives.

But suddenly, something caught her eye. She saw a midnight Felcetii, strumming away on a lute, her angelic voice mingling among the crowds. The feline was graceful, she was stunning. Enola stopped mid-step as she recognized the ebony cat.

“You two go on ahead.” Enola whispered as she began to ghost up to the melodic cat.

The cat recognized her immediately, her claw plucking the string of her lute to the point where it broke. Her fur stood on end as she took in Enola, her violet eyes clouded with disbelief. It took her a moment, but she dropped her instrument and ran up to the Volux dressed as a human. She threw her arms around her and pulled her close, her eyes screwed shut as if she were in an unimaginable agony. A tear escaped from her eye and slid down her black cheek.

“Enola... Oh, Enola, I thought they'd killed you...”

Enola's arms wrapped around the Felcetii, her fingers lightly brushing through the onyx fur between her ears. “Hush now, Twilight. The Unseen lives on, only we must do so in the shadows.”

“What? Isn't that against everything we've ever stood against?” Twilight jerked away; her expression rather fearful, though her blue blood boiled in her veins.

“Twilight. The Unseen will rise again, you know this. Asher will kill us all if we do so too soon. He's still trying to hunt me down, my dear. If he knew you were alive, you would be dead before you could take another breath. This is the safest option for now. But we will rise again.” Enola gripped Twilight's shoulders reassuringly, who only teared up at her leader's words.

“You're right. I apologize, Enola... I just...”

“I know. Hush, little Felecetii, I know.”

“Let us meet outside the city walls, where it's safe. I have to tell you of Asher's plans.”

Atki glanced back at the Volux and the Felecetii exchanging words before Muhlsaan grabbed him by the shoulder, giving a slight shake of his head. Atki, almost shamefully, turned away from the scene and began to walk with the mystic. He kept his claws dug into the fabric of his hood, pulling it over his head, as they walked. Everything was as normal. Atki didn't want to admit it, but this is the area he spent most of his eighty years on this planet. This very racist, hypocritical trading port that he hated with every fiber of his white-colored fur.

But then, he saw him. There, at the tavern, enjoying a pint of whatever it is he drank. It was Ajax. The feline who stole his eye in the first place and left him to die in an alleyway. A scowl crawled across Atki's face and his pace slowed, nearly involuntarily.

“Ahh, a tavern. I could use a drink after all this.” Muhlsaan said as he began to head for the structure. Atki was reluctant, but he followed the mystic anyway. He took a deep breath to steel himself as they entered the tavern's door and began for the bar. It took but a few moments before Ajax came in, stumbling, his pint tapped dry. He stumbled up to the bar as well, shoving Atki as he did so. That's when the cat's hood fell and he was revealed.

Ajax stopped, his venomous green eyes taking in the sorry sight of Atki's face. A snarl took hold of his lips as his sluggish mind snapped to remember the white feline's marred features. “It's you. It's the mutant... THE MUTANT! I THOUGHT I KILLED YOU!”

Atki's breath caught in his throat, he should have dug his claws into his hood. He should have never stepped foot in this tavern, let alone this city. He was going to be hurt and possibly killed at the hands of this vicious feline. “Please, Ajax--”

All he was met with was a fistful of claws across the face. His black blood bubbled up from the wounds and fell down his ivory cheek, collecting on the tavern floorboards. Atki didn't give him another chance to get a blow in, a yowl of rage escaped his chest as he set upon Ajax. His claws were a flurry, his scarlet eyes were alight like a fire. Blue blood painted the floor, the walls, Atki's own face.

“W-wait--” Ajax choked as he tried to struggle away from the crazed Felecetii.

“Wait? WAIT!? How dare you ask me to wait, how dare you do anything but DIE, you wretched sorry excuse for a Felecetii!” His yowl was otherworldly, his features appeared changed.

He grabbed Ajax's face in his hand and began to slam his head down into the floor. The tavern-goers could only watch in terror of the ivory feline. Over and over again, he smashed the back of Ajax's head into the ground. He didn't stop. His blood was splattering his own face, but still, he didn't stop. Not until there was nothing left but the mutilated skull and brain matter all over the tavern floorboards; not until Atki was bathed in his blood.

© 2016 KibaxChan

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Added on September 29, 2016
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