A Poem by Andy Leavy

Blame Lou and Tyler

Met a priest on Grindr told him I was 9
That I loved to say my prayers and I wanted to compare his dick to mine.

That must of got him really hot and bothered
The next picture was his n*****s in clamps
A little forward?

This c**t sins more than me but who takes his confession? I always wanted to murder someone and Father Freaky is in contention. I'll meet him behind a supermarket and snap his fingers to get his attention. Cut his clamped n*****s off and feed them to him, the body of Christ. His screams are loud so the tongue comes out next, went Hebrew Zorro on his a*s cut a star of David into his chest.

I say its a metaphor but I just can't draw that well. But the art I make is sending this pedo freak to hell, took to pledge for a VIP seat in Heaven instead we are going to hang with Lucifer, me, him and that Home Alone c**t Kevin.

Don't ask why because you know he be up to some weird stuff, torturing those burglars like a CIA hostage locked in cuffs. I can barely swim and I never surf but I'm a pro on the waterboard I'll bring you for a dip if you from up Norf. Nightly I search for trouble just so my tongue collection can double Father Freaky is starting to smell up the gaf I shifted it and I think it gave me staph. I should see a doc but my money is getting a little low, too busy spending it on Krokodil, Angeldust and Blow, I only want to dust I give the rest out at schools free of cost, so charitable I don't know how me and Bono's paths ain't crossed.

Well, I better go I don't want to be late for Father Freaky's date with fate cleverly hidden as a meetup to masturbate.

His sins will send him for a gangbang with the four horsemen and he's the one trying to pay college fees...maybe that was a little too dark but at least it was me.

© 2019 Andy Leavy

Author's Note

Andy Leavy
Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

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Added on October 12, 2019
Last Updated on October 12, 2019


Andy Leavy
Andy Leavy

Ardee, Louth, Ireland

Aspiring Comic Book Writer but will be posting other stuff here too short stories etc. Most will be Adventure/Action or Sci-Fi but I will dabble in other genres. Hope you enjoy what you see and don't .. more..

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A Poem by Andy Leavy