A Poem by Andy Leavy

Do what you like and f**k what they say. Photo by JR Korpa.

Living in Ireland we have more opportunities than most. But these opportunities are only respected if they colour between the lines. Respect to doctors and builders and to teachers who kick a bitta ball in their free time. Maybe you might even play county.

But what about respect to those who think different, who do different. Respect to the writers, the poets and the small-time musicians saving up their wages working a 9-5 just so they can rent a studio for one f*****g hour. Being born under the tri-colour is a blessing but if you are a dreamer it can be a curse. Many a dreamer has been smothered by the green, white and gold and the children of begrudgers which it has birthed.

"What do ya mean ya wanna be a rapper? Like that snoop dogg chap? Cop on man", you'll be told by anyone you dare to speak your sinful dream to. Get a safe job, there's no money in that stuff.

But the money is an afterthought to the dreamer who strives to bring art to the masses while the masses ridicule them for it. Why is Tarantino a master while Sean from the flats is a lunatic with a camera? When both started the same way, with a s****y second-hand camera and a dream.

Why is Ariana Grande an iconic Queen, while Katie from Cavan is way in over her head and should get a normal job like a nurse or something.

Why is Drake the King of Rap while Kian is a clown who should cop himself on and get back to college. Dreamers are forever ridiculed until they do what others said they couldn't. The crazy pipebomb and waste of time now a reality. The ridicules then turn to fake admiration and hidden envy. The Emerald isle so often committing the emerald sin.

To the begrudgers go f**k yourselves and to the dreamers keep dreaming because many a dreamer has become an achiever. Actors sweeping award shows, while artist fill galleries and Rappers sell out venues and open for international superstars while being reviewed by Fantano. They inspire the next group of dreamers who when they hear "you are not actually gonna try and do that are you?"

Will respond, "yeah so"?

© 2019 Andy Leavy

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Andy Leavy
Stream Different With It by ØMEGA AND RÓGAN

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Added on October 12, 2019
Last Updated on October 12, 2019


Andy Leavy
Andy Leavy

Ardee, Louth, Ireland

Aspiring Comic Book Writer but will be posting other stuff here too short stories etc. Most will be Adventure/Action or Sci-Fi but I will dabble in other genres. Hope you enjoy what you see and don't .. more..

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A Poem by Andy Leavy