Chapter 6: What to do with Shiho, and Ran's Decision

Chapter 6: What to do with Shiho, and Ran's Decision

A Chapter by Kiel

now that the syndicate has been eradicated and the police have come to take care of everything,what will happen to Shiho? she was one of Ran has to decide something that could ruin everything


Her eyes widened slightly in surprise. She hadn’t been expecting that answer.

She followed him down the hill and towards the crowd of celebrating FBI agents. They welcomed the two teens gladly.

For the first time since Megure arrived, he noticed Shinichi.

“Kudo-kun?!” the overweight inspector called out in surprise.

Shinichi heard his name and whipped around. “Ah! Megure-keibu! Good to see you!” he called back with a smile. He wormed his way through the crowd, pulling Shiho along with him, having forgotten she was there.

“Kudo-kun, what are you doing here?” he asked in a stunned voice. Then he noticed the girl his hand had latched onto. Slightly blushing he asked, “And… who is this?” he gestured to Shiho; both his eyes though, were on Shinichi’s hand and Shiho’s arm.

“Ah!” Shinichi said in surprise as he pulled his hand away from Shiho, blushing. “Th-this is Miyano Shiho, my er…” he trailed off.

“Girlfriend?” asked Megure.

Shiho cut in, “Associate or partner. Either one will do.”

“Oh, I see,” he said in surprise. He wasn’t expecting such a cutting tone from such a beautiful face.

Shiho seemed to read his mind. A small smirk played on her lips.

Before Megure could recompose himself, Ran walked over to them.

“Ran-kun, what are you doing here?” asked Megure incredulously.

“Er, I saw them leaving the professor’s house. Before I knew what I was doing or what was happening, I had followed them,” she blushed slightly.

“W-well, can you all go over the events of this past day?”

Shinichi and Shiho looked at each other.

“Megure-keibu, it might be best if we start from a few months back,” suggested Shinichi.

Megure raised an eyebrow in question.

They took that as a sign to spill everything, so they did.

Everything about the syndicate, Conan, Ai, and that day, was covered. It took over an hour to explain everything, but the police were understanding. Kudo Shinichi was not known to lie.

Megure though, id have a question.

“Why didn’t you trust me?”

“I did trust you, and I still do, but you would have been in danger. Besides, there might have been a mole in the police force. Anyways, Ran didn’t even know until today, and I tell her everything. Now I’ve told you as well.”

Megure sighed. “Well don’t worry; I’ve already talked to the higher ups. They told us not too long ago that the FBI was allowed to carry out their operation. They just didn’t tell us for a week until it had already occurred.”

“I see,” Shinichi said, relief layered in his voice.

“But about Miyano-san…” he trailed off.

Both Shinichi and Shiho slightly tensed.

“What about me?” she asked calmly, not showing her discomfort.

“The higher ups want you under supervision at all times. Also you will be attending school. We already know that you already graduated, but the teachers have already been notified to watch your movements. Once we know where you will live, we can watch you all the time.”

Without hesitation Shinichi said, “My place.”

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

“I mean, she can’t stay at the professor’s house anymore. It might be found out that she’s Haibara. And she probably doesn’t have money for a place. This way it’ll be fine. I can supervise her for the police. Also if she is placed in my class I can also watch over her at school.”

Megure was thoughtful. “That might work.”

“Also, it’s not any different from before,” added Shiho. “You practically lived at the professor’s house and most of the time you were staring at me, no doubt wondering when the antidote would be finished. At school we talked since we knew everything. Now the only thing that’s changed other than our bodies, is the fact that you have a whole new reason to stare at me.”

Shinichi turned bright red.

Shiho chuckled, her melodic voice ringing clear.

People turned to look at the one who laughed.

Her laugh drew in everyone since it sounded so sweet and innocent.

Everyone became surprised when they saw who was laughing. They didn’t expect anything of the sort to have come from her.

“I’m fine with this, but is Ran?” asked Shiho as she turned to the other girl.

Ran grew nervous as everyone turned to look at her. Shinichi and Hattori didn’t understand why it mattered what Ran thought, but everyone else did.

© 2010 Kiel

Author's Note

ok sorry for any errors, please read and review... also, lil bit of romance comin up in the next chapter... tho it may surprise you ;)

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