Chapter 7:Sadness, Happiness, and Guilt???

Chapter 7:Sadness, Happiness, and Guilt???

A Chapter by Kiel

ok so shiho's thoughts, ran's thoughts, and shinichi's thoguhts.. all on the way home from the battle and on a short walk...


Ran gulped and said, “I-I th-think it’s fine, but… don’t try anything ok?”

She wasn’t talking to Shinichi but he took it the wrong way.

“Idiot, why would I try something?” Shinichi asked as if it was absurd.

Shiho was hurt by his words and looked away as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Before turning back, she quickly wiped the tear away. Then she said to Ran, acting strong, “Don’t worry. If he tries anything I’ll knock him out. Even if he has some fighting training, he wasn’t a trained assassin by a crime syndicate. Well, I’m only half trained. Usually scientists didn’t learn anything since they were constantly guarded.”

It grew silent. They knew the threat was real, and that it was possible and she was serious.

When things had settled down, the teenagers and the professor were sent home.

Only the professor, who was driving, and the two girls were awake. Both of the boys were fast asleep.

“Hey, Shiho-san, why don’t you want to come between me and Shinichi? I mean, I’m not telling you too, and I’d prefer you didn’t, but most girls would keep trying to get the guy to like them,” Ran blurted out.

Shiho explained calmly, “I can’t do that. I have no right. Besides you remind me slightly of my sister, who is older, though you’re younger, and I couldn’t do that to my sister.”

“But why do you think you have no right?”

Shiho sighed and said with a sad smile, “I’m the one who made the pill that shrunk him. I’m the one who took him away from you, and took you away from him. He’s obviously loved you for a long time. He would always ask me about the antidote so that he could visit you. When he wasn’t talking about the antidote it was about you, soccer, or Sherlock Holmes, but mainly you, oh, and cases whenever they occurred. And also…” she trailed off before starting a new topic and grew silent.

“Go on,” urged Ran, although she was no longer in the conversation completely.

“Even as a scientist I believe in fate, not normal I must say. And since long ago, I’ve known that fate was against me. My parents were killed when I was young. I was forced to make a drug so that they wouldn’t kill my sister. When they did kill her, Kudo-kun was the one to see her die. So I blamed him. When I stopped working on the drug after that, I was placed in a gas chamber awaiting my death sentence. I took the pill I created to suicide, yet instead I’m shrunk and forced to live. When I told Kudo-kun who I was, he yelled, ‘How could I understand a person who created poison to kill people?! You don’t understand, do you?! Because of your damn drug, only god knows how many people were…’ he probably was going to say murdered after that. To him, I’m truthfully the most detestable person in the world. I took him away from you and made him lie to the world and guess what? Fate made me fall in love with the one guy I could never have. I always tried to help him so that he might fall for me or even just look at me as a friend, and not just the person who shrunk him and the person who could change him back. Yet it never worked. So I gave up.”

The whole car grew silent except for the light breathing of Shinichi and Hattori.

The professor was thinking about what Shiho had just said. Ran was only thinking about the part where Shiho said that Shinichi loves her. And Shiho was thinking about her sister.

It was like that for the rest of the ride.

When they returned, Shinichi decided to walk Ran home.

Hattori would stay the night at the Kudo residence and then be sent home to Osaka the next morning.

Shiho chose a room and changed. She kept the door locked and stared out the window at the glittering stars. She was thinking about Shinichi.

Hattori just collapsed in the first room he walked into. He immediately fell asleep in the bed, the car ride obviously not being enough of a nap for him to stay awake any second longer.

Shinichi was walking Ran home in silence. His mind was drifting back to the conversation in the car. He had faked being asleep. He just couldn’t believe that Shiho loved him, and he felt guilty that she thought he saw her as a burden and criminal, not as a friend. Especially since that was no longer true. He did admit that he was like that in the beginning, but he had warmed up to her as time went on. Though he did realize that it was his fault she thought this way since he was always talking about Ran in front of her, and she loved him. He never seemed thankful to her and always tried to hurry her into finishing the antidote so he could be with Ran.

“Shinichi,” said Ran as they stopped in front of the detective agency, cutting off his train of thought.

“Hm?” he asked, looking at her.

She leaned towards him and brushed her lips against his. “Good night,” she whispered, blushing and hurrying into the agency.

Shinichi was at a loss for words. He had always wanted to kiss her, but now, something just didn’t feel right.

After a while he decided to think about it later, figuring it wasn’t very important.

His mind drifted back to Shiho as he looked at the stars upon entering the gate at the front of his property. He grinned at the thought of the kiss, although for some reason, he felt guilty about it as well. He pushed the guilt to the back of his mind and only thought about the feel of Ran’s lips lightly touching his, and also the fact that she had kissed him, not him kissing her.

© 2010 Kiel

Author's Note

ok sorry for any errors, please read and comment... yes if you're a shinshi fan you weren't expecting this... but shinran fans... be happy... for now... kukuku... this is a shinshi fanfic so don't expect this shinran business to last long!!!

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