Chapter 8: First Day of School

Chapter 8: First Day of School

A Chapter by Kiel

First day of school... woohooo...... ^-^


The next morning when Shinichi woke up, Hattori had already left. He walked down to the kitchen in his boxers, only to walk in on Shiho who was cooking.

He blushed at her attire. She was only wearing a long shirt.

When Shiho noticed him she said, “Mornin’ Kudo-kun. Aren’t you cold?”

Shinichi looked at what he was wearing and blushed.

Shiho chuckled as he ran up to his room to change.

When Shinichi came back down, Shiho was sitting at the table eating. One leg was crossed over the other and her legs were extremely exposed.

Shinichi diverted his eyes as he sat down and ate.

Immediately he forgot his discomfort and said, “Wow, this is great! If I’d known  you cooked so well I would’ve eaten over more often.”

She chuckled.

As he hastily drank his juice she asked bluntly, “So, did you like the kiss?”

Shinichi almost spewed his juice all over. “How’d you know about that?” he asked incredulously.

“You sleep-talk. I went in to wake you up but you seemed to be having a good dream about what happened last night, so I left you alone.

“That was not a dream, but a nightmare,” he mumbled. And in my dream…” he trailed off and only finished his sentence in his thoughts, I was kissing you not Ran. He blushed as he finished this thought.

Shiho raised an eyebrow but didn’t press on.

After eating she finished getting ready and the two walked to school.

On the way they bumped into Ran.

The three walked together in awkward silence. Shiho was sure to place herself beside Ran and away from Shinichi so that the two could walk together.

When they arrived at school, Shiho went to the teacher’s office with Shinichi, and Ran headed to class.

They were going to be reintroduced by the teacher.

The whole class was in an uproar before Shinichi and Shiho were brought to class.

Immediately it went silent when the two walked into the classroom. Guys stared at Shiho, practically drooling, and girls stared at Shinichi.

The teacher cleared her throat and spoke up, “This is Kudo Shinichi and Miyano Shiho, please treat them kindly.”

The two walked to the very back and sat together and away from everyone else.

Sonoko was angry, not knowing the complete truth, although she knew plenty.

When lunch rolled around, everyone crowded Shinichi and Shiho.

“You sly dog!” yelled the guys.

“You kiss Ran and get to sit with the new student, who, I might add, is an absolutely stunning beauty,” said one guy, although the second half was meant for Shiho to hear.

Shinichi and Ran were blushing.

Shinichi shot a murderous glance at Sonoko. He couldn’t believe she blabbed like that.

Ran all of a sudden asked Shinichi with a red face, “Will you go see a movie with me?”

Blushing and nervous he said, “Sure,” then he turned to Shiho and asked, “You want to come?”

Sonoko shot Shiho death glares but she ignored them. She saw Ran’s face of utter despair. Then she replied to Shinichi with a sigh, “Pass. I have an idea for dinner tonight but I’ll need to do some shopping.”

“Oh, ok,” he replied.

Then she said with a smirk, “Have fun on your DATE, mei-tantei-san.”

Shinichi turned bright red.

Ripples went through the class. Shiho and Shinichi were... living together?

When class ended Shinichi and Ran went off arm in arm and Shiho began to head home.

Shinichi was feeling guilty but he didn’t know why. Pain was constantly stabbing at his heart every step he took away from Shiho.

Shiho on the other hand was being followed, and had no time to think about her feelings.

Sonoko was leading the whole class on a stalker mission to find out the truth.

They followed her as she walked to the store and bought some stuff.

Afterwards she began to walk home.

When she made it home she changed into sweatpants and a tank-top and walked outside through the back door.

She then appeared behind the whole class and said, “If you’re going to stalk someone, you need to learn how to do a better job like that of a trained assassin.”

They all jumped at her voice.

She sighed. “Anyways, Kudo-kun isn’t here so I can’t let you in.”

“Who are you anyways?” asked Sonoko haughtily.

“Miyano Shiho,” she replied smoothly.

“I meant who are you to Kudo.”

“Well, I don’t think he sees me as a friend…” she trailed off for a few seconds to let their imaginations run wild before continuing, “Probably more like the person he despises and hates the most in the entire world, oh, and also his work partner.”

That description caught them off guard.

“He only hates criminals,” said Sonoko.

Shiho chuckled, “And now you know who I am.”

“But you’re also his partner, he would never work with a criminal,” piped up another girl.

“Many things have happened between us. Let’s just say it’s not an ordinary relationship.”

Sonoko then blurted out, “Do you like Kudo?”

With no hesitation she replied, “Yes. It’s quite obvious. Well it’s not obvious to him. He is so dense in that department. Unless I tell him straight out and tell him that it’s not a joke, no matter how many times he asks whether it is or not, will he believe me. Even if you were to tell him he wouldn’t believe it unless he already knew.”

“So you’re Ran’s competition?” asked Sonoko.

“No. I don’t intend to enter the running for his love. I don’t want to waste my time on something pointless. I already know that he loves Ran. He talked about her practically everyday to me. Besides, she resembles my sister. I could never do that to my sister.”

“Sister?” they all asked.

“Would you like to meet her?”

© 2010 Kiel

Author's Note

ok so sorry for any errors, and i just hope you enjoy, please read and review ^-^

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