Chapter 9: Graveyard Visit

Chapter 9: Graveyard Visit

A Chapter by Kiel

Shiho takes the class to the graveyard... and makes a big decision?!?!?


The guys badly wanted to see this beautiful girl’s sister. They expected her to look just as great or even better. The girls didn’t really care but agreed.

Shiho bought some red roses from a shop as they walked along the streets. People murmured and pointed at them, wondering what was going on.

As they reached a graveyard her classmates began to whisper and mutter amongst themselves.

They went down a few rows and walked along it for a while.

All of a sudden Shiho stopped in front of a large stone, and this one had a picture frame embedded in it.

The words on the stone read, RIP Miyano Atsushi, Miyano Elena, Miyano Akemi, Miyano Shiho.

People’s eyes widened, seeing her name on the list.

“Don’t be surprised. I was thought to be dead for months, the whole time I was with Kudo-kun though.”

She laid down the roses on the tombstone and said, “Neechan, Tou-san, Kaa-san, sorry it’s been so long since I last visited. I’m finally free of ‘them’ though. Now I can visit as often as I want. Anyways, Neechan, these are my new classmates. Sorry that Kudo-kun isn’t here, he’s on a date right now. I know it wasn’t his fault you died so I’ve finally stopped blaming him. Oh yeah, Seichirou is dead. He can no longer bother me. Please make sure he’s sent to the depths of hell, oh and slap him once for me. It’s payback for shooting me. Anyways, I’ll visit soon Neechan.”

Everyone was silent.

Shiho smiled at the picture. There were four people in it, two adults, one man and one woman, and two children. One was a little brown-haired girl, and the other was a strawberry blonde baby.

As she stood up she heard a familiar voice call, “Miyano!”

She turned slowly and saw Shinichi and Ran coming towards her.

“Kudo-kun, what are you doing here?”

“On our way home we heard some people talking about a huge class going to the graveyard with a strawberry blonde leading. I figured you were visiting our sister.”

“I was.”

Shinichi walked over to the grave and said, “Miyano-san, sorry that I couldn’t save you. I promise to take care of your little sister. Oh and Gin is dead. Finally you can rest in peace.”

Everyone was silent.

Shinichi then turned to Shiho and said, “Anyways, didn’t you say you have to make dinner?”

“I was lying so you could be alone with Ran.”

“You shouldn’t have left the house though, you know I’m responsible for you.”

“Kudo-kun,” she said agitated, walking up to him, “don’t treat me like a child. I’m a year older than you. Don’t even think of talking down to me.”

“Miyano, you’re under my care, thus I am in charge of you, no matter how annoyed I get. I mean, we’re in this situation because of you. These past few months were your entire fault.”

Immediately after the words left his mouth he regretted what he had said. He could see how hurt she was.

Shiho then snapped, “You know what Kudo-kun? I’m through with you! I wasn’t going to tell you since I hadn’t really considered the option, but I was told that if I go back to America then as long as I’m gone for a year with no problems, I can come back anytime. Right now though, I’m sick of you. I’d have a better chance in America. At least I wouldn’t have to see you! I wouldn’t even have to come back here!” She turned around angrily and stormed off. Then she turned around one last time and yelled, “Maybe I was too quick to say you didn’t kill my sister. At the moment, I feel as if you were the cause. You could’ve saved her, but you didn’t.”

Shinichi flinched at her words and was at a loss for his own.

Everyone just stood there with wide eyes, and mouths hanging.

“Damn it,” muttered Shinichi. He sunk to the ground and whispered to the grave, “Sorry Miyano-san, looks like I’ve done it again. Do you think I went too far? Is she really going to go through with it?”

A cold shiver ran down his back, though there was no wind. It sent Shinichi an ominous premonition. Something bad was going to happen.

© 2010 Kiel

Author's Note

ok, here's the next one, sorry if there are any errors, please comment! thanks ^-^

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