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Ha.. Sitting here in the ICU i just have to laugh at myself. I have been placed in here for a concussion caused by "Reckless driving". Very funny considering i was ran off the road. I swear, i was. Okay, besides that i have this HORRIBLE headache- i really don't belong here.I am fine! Okay, fine i do have scrapes and bruises and that headache i mentioned but nothing serious. But will any one listen to me? No, of course not.
Okay so let's try to start this again, on a better note. My name is Joanie and i am 16 years old (do you think this will go on my driving record???) and i live with my best friend Jack. Yes, he is a guy. No he is not gay. But seriously people- we have known each other forever!!! We would never love each other as more than (almost) family. The reason i live with him is because i go to a boarding school. i got sent here- well i actually chose to live here- because my parents died. Well, actually, they were murdered. But anyways, i convinced jack to come here with me! It has been just about four years since they were killed... I had a choice to come here or stay with my Aunt Jade. No way in hell was i ever going to live with her. She is almost as crazy as the physco that killed my parents..   

Dr. Christian, interrupting my thought process, barged in the room with news- that made me ecstatic.

"Okay, she is cleared. You guys may leave now, just remember to come back if your headache gets any worse though, and be careful driving home."  Yes! i am thrilled i finally get to leave. But now lets go back to what happened tonight.

Jack and i were driving home from dinner and this huge rat looking thing (okay yeah i have really bad explaining skills, sorry) came out of the woods, so i swerved to avoid it. So we were totally okay at this point, then we decide to go out t look at this rat thing, cause i hit it (i didn't mean to ). I was being over to try and see it more clearly in the night and suddenly something hit me. It was a car. The last thing i remember before It hitting em was Jacks eyes as wide as They could possibly ever go and him just frantically looking back and forth between me and something...I was being rolled into a ambulance and all jack said was im sorry. I was confused, he was just standing there he wasn't even coming with me!

When we got to the hospital Jack was already there, so that was one less thing to worry about. Then the doctors started running around and gong crazy like i was going to die, And now here i am walking out of the ICU explaing this all to you. I am leaving here with a massive headache and a broken arm ( did i forget to mention that?).

Back at Eastview academy, our boarding school,everyone was Freaking out. They had obviously heard about what happened, or got a clue from my broken arm,


© 2009 Kierstin

Author's Note

Feel free to say whatever you please- i can really use the help :)
I am not done yet- i try to write more as soon as i can get on here.
And i am still new at this, im not too fond of the editing thing used here- i cant seem to figure it out!

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It leaves me to ponder something about you: where were you (in what state) before you decided to go to Florida (if that IS where you are :))? It may seem like a weak statement from me, but it does intrigue me.
You're very . . . desultory, in my opinion. That basically means that you jump around a lot.
And I (personally) would rather see the fact that your parents were murdered :( in another piece, such as a poem, or a story, or maybe even a confession. Anyway, sorry you had (have) to go through this.
One more thing (I'm probably rambling on by now, but . . .). You said in your second paragraph that you wanted to start off on a lighter note. Including tragic things in THAT PARAGRAPH may not be a wise thing. It throws the focus off a bit.

So, Joanie. It was nice meeting you, and if this is not the REAL you, than you've certainly fooled me. Nice write!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Okay, lets see... i obviously love to read and write because here i am!! but this is really the first time i have ever shared any of my writing with anyone, but i totally understand (and encourage) cr.. more..

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