Chapter 1 "The Truth"

Chapter 1 "The Truth"

A Chapter by Annaray

I always remember not having my dad in my Life. Barely even saw him once a day. Remembering him telling me I wouldn't understand until I was older. Well I'm older. And I still don't know. 

            "Remember dear...there is always a time and place where you learn things, but today is not the day." he said. 

            "When can I learn then daddy?" I said. 

"You will know when the time comes." He said. 

So Far it's been 10 years since then. The day of the accident. I'm now 15. I changed a lot since then as well. I am no longer the chubby, short, shy, blue eye girl. I am now the skinny, tall, shy, hazel eye girl. I am still shy. I am very selective when It comes to friend's. I only have 2 friends. Landon and Anna. They have been my only friends since the accident. Other than Samantha but she no longer counts. 

            I don't know where I would be without them. They are very supportive during school and out of school. They make life worth living for since the accident. It's what brought us together. And it could possibly break our friendship as well. But I don't like thinking about how it could break it. When been together for so long and been through every accomplishment together! Just thinking about not being with them makes me sick. 

            I always think of what my dad told me that day. 

            "You will know when the times comes" 

I always...ALWAYS wonder that that means. Thinking of what he meant. What did it mean? Well I probably will never know now. Only if I didn't let him go. Only if...Only if...

The door bells rings. 

            "I'm coming!" I screamed. 

It rings again. I struggle to get out of bed. It rings again. 

            "I'm coming hang on please!" I screamed. 

It keeps on ringing. Why can't this person wait! I mean can't they hear me? I was shouting as loud as I can. It's not like my bedroom is across the house its right next to the door. I finally reached the floor and ran to the door. I opened it and no one was there. I blinked again to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. I look around and see note on the ground. 

            "Excuse me! Is anybody here?" I shout.

I picked up the note and looked at it. It said the most shocking thing I saw in my whole life.

I know your secret. Be prepare for the whole world to know. 


I just stood there. Shocked. A tear rolled down my face. I ripped the note into million pieces. I threw it in the air and watched the pieces float away. 

          I felt so angry I ran out to the yard and screamed.  

I turned to the bushes and started looking through them trying to find the person and left the note. I was even ripping off branches and leaves. 

            "How the Heck do you know about this! Don't run I will get you and make you tell me!" I screamed. 

I look up and I see Landon and Anna looking at me from the sidewalk looking at me. They looked pale when they saw me. I was crying my face was puffy. Landon and Anna ran up to me. I dropped to the ground. Shaking. I curled up in a ball and started to rock back and forth. 

            "Vallerie..." Landon said. He knelt down next to me then picked me up like a baby. Whenever I'm around him I get the feeling that I'm always safe. 

                "What happened..." Anna said. She looked at me so serious. Like the day we met. 

I try to gasp for air trying to make out words. They couldn't come out. 

                Landon and Anna take me inside my house. He puts me on the couch and a blanket on me. 

"What happened?" Landon said. 

                I look up at him. A tear roll down my face. He wiped it away.  

                "Did someone hurt you? If they did I'll..." Anna started to say.

"You'll What Anna?" I whispered.

Anna looked away shocked that I replied. 

                "I'll..."Anna said. She looked at me and a tear rolled down her face. She doesn't even know what she would do. 

I got up and looked both Landon and Anna in the face.

                "Someone Know's our secret." I said in a monotone voice. 

End of Chapter One

© 2012 Annaray

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Nice first chapter. It has great potential and left me wondering and wanting more. I look forward to reading more and finding the answers to my questions. :) Great job.
~Rae Emeral

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow! you left me on a total cliff hanger there, but thats a good thing when ending a chapter. it was interesting, and i like how it was interesting from the very begining, instead of waiting somewhere in the middle to grab the persons attention. nice work, im excited to read the rest! :)
- mariah

Posted 9 Years Ago

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