This is Why. (Chapter One)

This is Why. (Chapter One)

A Chapter by Annaray

I went through and edited it today. If there is any mistakes tell me! : ) BUT I hope you enjoy~ Chapter two I will work on tomorrow and Sunday!

I Look back laughing. She isn't going to follow me is she. She is so weak. Just the sight of makes me want to vomit. She finally catches up to me. This girl. Struggling for her life. Suddenly she looked away for one second and looked back and her face changed. It was the most ugly thing I seen in my life. All her flesh was gone. Only her tissue. But it was melting. Suddenly you could see her skull. She was trying to say something. I could barely make it out. She said my name. Aigle Hicks.
 I start sweating. I'm struggling to think of is happening. I start to scream. I spring up from my bed and I see I'm alone. In my room. Why am I surprise it's not like I have family anymore. They all died. In a fire. It was a accident they think. It's still under investigation. It's been 6 months. Feels like it was yesterday though. 
I still have nightmares, but not as often. I try not to think about it though. It makes me depress thinking about them. If I do I feel sick. So sick I can't function right. I live in a orphanage now. No one even bothers to look at me though. People usually don't adopt teenagers. Which I can understand. Who wants to try to get close to me if I'm are going to leave in 3 years. 
I also know that's not the reason. I'm depressed as well. It's not like I'm trying any effort to get adopted. The dreams I been having lately they keep me up. I'm afraid to fall asleep. They are mostly about different girls and they all die at the end. They also all know my name. I never met any of them I don't know how they know. 
I'm very grateful though. I'm alive. But. I feel so empty. Nothing to live for anymore because my family is gone. A lot of people have been through worse though. I remember my mom telling me about her generation when she was a teenager. How she knew people who wanted to die. And committed suicide or try to at least. Drugs and gangs also killed a lot of people in her generation. 
She told me she knew one boy when she was in 9th grade who dated a girl. She lied about there love life. Nothing was the same after that. So they broke up and he was mess. He didn't know what to with himself. He started drugs and was never the same. There was also different stories, but that one always makes me upset the most. I want nothing to do with them. 
She also said there was good things about her generation as well. Like social networking. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,etc... I don't use the internet a lot. But since my mom died. I had made a Ink account to stay close to my friends and my relatives. Ink is the newest social network. It's amazing how many people have it. Over two billion people have it. At least one billion are fake accounts. 
Only eight billion people live on earth. The U.S now has 800,000 million people. That's 500,000 million more than my mom. Food and housing is a little bit hard to come by now. But after the formal country Mexico in 2014 disbanded. People started to move more south. 
Mexico was disbanded because of the drug wars. The U.S finally told the Mexico officials you either join the U.S or War. They picked Joining. Which surprised a lot of people. My mom told me it didn't surprise her. Half of the country was dangerous to begin with. 
She was born in  in 1996. She had a short life now if I think about it. It's now 2045. She was only 49. People can now life up to 130 and expected to live over 200 now. She died So young.  
I always wonder how long she would of live if it wasn't because of that fire she pasted away in. I guess I'll never know now. Never. I hate my life. Nothing to do but live. But for who? Me?  I'm glad I'm alive but for what?

I hear knocking on the door.
" COME IN!" I scream.
It opens. It's my roommate.
Anna Ray. My only friend in the orphanage. She is always nice to everyone. I don't know how she ended up here. I never asked about it.
" Oh your awake. Still having nightmares I see?" She said.
"Yeah! Kind of not as much as last month luckily!" I said grinning.
"That's good." She replies. She smiles. It's like the sun burning on your face.
"Yup!" I look down I see my sheets are wet from me sweating.
"Looks like you need to wash your sheets huh? Well since you are going to can you put some of my stuff with yours?" She said.
"Oh sure! I don't mind!" I said. I really don't at all the things she has done for me. Since I moved in with her she has been putting up with my screaming. She hasn't complained any. Luckily she is the nicest person in the orphanage. 
" Today starts the new school year. Are you ready?" She said.
" It is? I totally forgot about that!" I said. I really did forget! I been trying not to think about school. This is my first time going to school since the accident.
"Yup! I can't wait to show you around. Finally in tenth grade!"
She smiles.
"So get ready for the time of your life!" She states.
"Oh joy. I just want to graduate to tell you the truth. I want to start my life all over again." I reply.
" But you are dear! Just in a different way then you are use to. Don't worry!" She said.
"I'm not worried!" I cried. I grin. I guess I'm a little worried. I never thought about this day until now. 
"Well! Get ready!" She said. She throws a towel at my face. 
"HEY!" I screamed. I laughed. I guess she is like my sister after all.
She winks. "Tick,Tock,Tick,Tock goes the clock." She claims. 

She was right though. The clock was ticking down closer than anyone thought.

End of Chapter One

© 2012 Annaray

Author's Note

AIGLE (Αίγλη): Greek name meaning "radiance, splendor." In mythology, this is the name of several characters, including a goddess of good health.

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I agree with Mariah :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

i love it! its detalied, but not to much that it makes people lose interest. im excited to see where you go with this! keep on writing :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

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