Lady Pirate.

Lady Pirate.

A Story by Kalex Cross

She is a beauty.

Flesh; alive with pulsing veins urging human blood to rush along, giving healthy life to the body it travels in. Flesh; stained crimson upon ivory when blushes illuminate the surface. Flesh was what glowed so beautifully in midday sun on Jezebel. It covered her body in purity, not one imperfection married its surface. Delicately curved shoulders tipped forward in a relaxed posture, the smooth skin soft in appearance as it was bare for all to see.. Sooty eyelashes framed almond shaped irises of the most darkest amber. The pupils of darkness expanding in the murky copper colors to shadow emotions. Body ripe with youth and maturity, her curves only etched a classical artisan's painting in the minds eye. Each dip in body proportion aligned full plump flesh to mate with silk cloths of gypsy weaving. Breasts full and abundant were cradled within an elegant bodice, tapered at the sides to provide a better look at a slender cinched waist. Twisting tendrils of thick hair traveled like shadows, a light tawny marred with sable highlights, to tumble down for the tips to tease above a apple shaped bottom. Clearly female, she appeared to be around the age of eighteen.

A ball. Her father was throwing the most elaborate coming out ball just for his sweet, dearly obedient, only child. Or so they all believed. Jezebel knew the ultimate truth that laid like an ominous cloud in her father's actions. The ball was for his benefit. So that Lord Xariel of Scarcroft Manor could climb the ever rising tower of society. She, the quiet loyal daughter, was positively thrilled. Or so her father believed. Deep down within the cavern of her wild heart Jezebel despised the prospect of dancing from male to male, put out like a show. Like a piece of cattle so that her father could marry her off to the highest bidder. A worthy husband for the Countess. Something had to be done, for the time had come.

The ball marked her impending disaster. For that summer opened the gate's of a prison only Jezebel felt she must escape. Five year's of sun filled days and fresh sea scented air had spoiled the "trustworthy" young Countess. Months when Jezebel, along with her three champaign's Lily; Adele; and Scarlet, should have been held captive within the confines of a boarding school for girls; The young females were out privateering. During the summer months each girl would come back to the city, facing society with their treasured secret locked from any other. But now it was all coming to an end.

School had ended.

Captain Morvant of the Warlord, and its summer counterpart the Maiden Anne, was so used to keeping together a small militia of privateers. In control of her own ship, she was the ring leader of the raiding ships the Warlord, the Witch (Scarlet), the Wiseman (Adele), and the Warden (Lily). Enlisted by the Queen to become the monarch's own private weapon, many found the mysterious Captains to be "Pirates". Maybe there had been some moments that without Lily's better judgment had common sense that Jezebel had slipped into the decisive and ever magnificent Lady Pirate she was born to be. However, the ships were the Queen's pawns. Secretly working for their own private gain as well. How was she, a bloody Captain, suppose to give it all up? She couldn't have either world, so on the night of her ball the intense young woman made a drastic choice.

"All starboard fire!"

The order from their captain thundered into ears of the many men running across the deck like the devil himself was chasing them. Boots scraped against the deck to remain steady as the turbulent sea tossed the ship from side to side. Gruff grunts of tension were emitted in union when some men pulled taunt ropes that held the sails in angle to the growing wind. The ship swung around to bare straight against the waves, canons on the right rolling out to appear from holes in the side of the ship. The Warlord vibrated with jarring force when without delay wicks were lit and cannons exploded. Whistling through the air the bombardment of returning fire crunched against wood with little effect to their ship. After a few moments of the deck jerking with endless fire the other ships in battle surrendered. They were no match for the superiority of the Warlord.

"Captain? The ships have been detained. The Witch, The Wiseman, and The Warden have all pulled back and anchored to await your orders." These informing words came from the First Mate, Christian Moreau, as he strolled across deck to the captain.

Pointing to the open sea, each battered ship was either smoking from extinguished fires or still aflame. Save for the three other large black stained ships which flew identical flags. Smoke from canons and gunpowder had risen into the night air, covering the already cloudy sky until the moon no longer showed. Pointing out to questioning sailors on where to store the weapons for now and shouting clipped orders, Moreau sighed in exasperation before turning back to his Captain.

"You would think they haven't been doing this every summer for the past five years." Christian grumbled, standing next to the banister leading upstairs to the stern.

The Captain of the Warlord was positioned at the steering wheel, one hand closed over a peg to keep it steady. The twirling India silk skirts she wore flapped in the wind, slapping against the leather armor around her calves and raised up to show bare ankles before reaching her boots. Looking at her First Mate, Jezebel Morvant's beautiful dark eyes sparked with humor at his mumbling. Christian had been a long time friend of hers, and she was so used to his ornery nature that parts of her even felt sorry for her crew when he laid into them. Yet, his temper was no match for hers.

"Come, Come, Moreau. Most of the crew has been itching lately to head back to the mainland. They have wives and children, or even family members who miss them. Nine months at sea each year is a hard price to pay for doing the right thing." Captain Morvant assured, nodding to her cabin boy, Thomas, to take the wheel.

Holding it steady the silly grin of pride Tom gave her put a soft look in her eyes. With long strides, Jezebel made her way down the deck to look out over the water towards her comrades. Lily, Adele, and Scarlet were standing on their decks as well, waving out their recognition of Jezebel's authority.

Sighing softly, the breath was carried out on the wind, leaving Christian to pass an odd look to her. Jezebel waved out in return and turned about nodding to the Second Commanding officer.

"As usual, Moreau, raid the ships. Take only what is not perishable and then set the prisoners on a lifeboat. Burn the ships." Like it was nothing but to order it all done, Captain Morvant walked up the stairs to the upper deck, stopping when she reached the top near the door to her cabin." Oh, and tell the men we are headed home. I want the ship careened when we port in the city. Scrub her down and paint her fresh colors. The Maiden Anne will make a return." With that she slipped into the privacy of her cabin.

Moreau frowned at the clipped words from his captain but relayed the orders to the others and signaled toward the other Captains the orders. He knew that if he didn't take charge Jezebel would be in a foul mood the entire ride to the Rich lands. She always got this way when it was time for them to head home, back to society, where she would have to where one of those silly dresses. Shrugging off the thought of his Captain in a dress, Christian grimaced as Thomas plowed by him to duck into the Captain's quarters.

"Slow down, boy! I'll box your ears next time you run by!" Ah, but it did feel good to go home.


"Jeze, dove, wake up."

Grumbling with the haze of sleep well over her, Jezebel snuggled deeper into her feather tick blankets. The light of morning or well the light of anything could not be seen due to the fact that she practically had her pillow stuffed over her eyes. It was the perfect way to sleep, in total darkness. Now if only that irritating voice would stop.

"Jezebel, you need to wake up it is near noon."

Go the hell away. She didn't say it, but she was thinking it. Now awake enough to distinguish the sounds of feet striding around her large room, Jezebel remained perfectly content under her blankets.

"JEZEBEL get your lazy arse out of that bed before I take this sword and shove it up you-"

"Shh Scarlet! Do not use that kind of language in here, Agnes could be lurking around and if she heard you then we would all be in a lot of trouble."

That was definitely Lily, the sensible one. And oddly enough it was her best-friend.

"She can not help it, Lily, you know how it takes her a few times before she can completely get rid of that brogue of hers." Adele's sultry voice was anything but coated with sugar.

It was husky, a passionate husky, and any man from within miles around melted at her command.

That is still no reason why she has to always use ship lingo."

"It isn't ship lingo, Lily, and Adele is right. I am trying to stop."

"Well maybe you should try a bit harder."

Lily had raised her voice.

"Maybe you should take that stick out of your arse."

And Scarlet had raised hers even louder.

"Oh really well maybe you sho-"


Jezebel's growling command echoed out into the vast but surprisingly feminine and elegant room. All three girl's jumped, startled at how they never saw their friend crawl from her pile of blanket's, raise upon her knees with one hand fingering the wicked looking blade that must have hidden under the covers, for they were fighting too intently.

"Now that I am bloody awake maybe you can explain wha-" Jezebel was cut off mid sentence when her bedroom door jingled open and a rather thick maid bustled in.

Her salt and pepper curls bounced with each step and the stern look on her face was only softened by her beautiful, kind brown eyes. Shutting up quickly Jezebel hid the dagger behind her back, making sure it was well within the folds of her blanket.

"What are all you girls doing in here?" Agnes questioned hands upon her hips, and eying Scarlet's scowling face.

Those two never got along, secretly Jezebel was sure they liked each other, from the way they bantered so.

"Oh if it isn't the misguided three, coming to taint my innocent charge. Out with you all. There is a ball to prepare for and you all have dresses to get into and maids beginning to get frantic." Shooing them away from the bed, Lily looked back at Jezebel with telling eyes.

They would speak later. Ah, apparently something was up.

"So, Agnes, maybe we just wanted to make you frantic." Scarlet piped out, dashing around from Jezebel's bed to walk towards a table within the middle of the room.

Grabbing a fresh green apple from the bowl of fruit there, the red head bit down on the juicy fruit only to sputtered and spit out the offending taste of rot.

"Ugh, when was the last time you changed these?" She asked, making a disgusted face before setting the apple back where she got it.

Turning about on her heel the young girl walked out along with the petite blond, Adele, and the graceful black haired willowy figure of Lily.

"Hmmp!" Agnes grunted, moving around to start pulling out Jezebel's undergarments. "She aims to make me frantic, does she?"

Jezebel smiled softly at the bitter old woman who had practically raised her. Agnes had been her fill in mother since she was five, and that was near thirteen years now. When Jezebel's frail mother had finally succumbed to a long time illness, her father the Lord Morvant of Scarcroft was practically devastated. He was barely ever home, and many of the servants would whisper for the first few years that he forgot he had a daughter at all. Agnes stepped in, taking charge as was her usual way. She saw to Jezebel's education until five years ago, at thirteen, when her father had without care sent her off to a boarding school for girls. That was where she had met Lily, Adele, and Scarlet.

Slipping from her bed, dagger tucked safely in the sleeve of her nightgown so that Agnes couldn't see, Jezebel found a safe hiding place for it before walking over to her friend and maid. Wrapping her strong arms about the older woman, Jeze kissed her weathered cheek. It was soft, if not a bit rough from pushing forty.

"You tease her just as much, Aggie love."

"Oh, my girl, I do more than tease her." Chuckling secretively she moved over to the table with the rotten fruit, picking it up and moving to dump it down the trash chute. "Who do you think put rotten fruit in the bowl?"

Jezebel laughed heartily and twirled around before falling back lazily on her soft bed. The mass of chestnut curls she possessed laid like silk around her head, contrasting in an exotic fresh way with her tanned skin. Snuggling on the covers, Jezebel's amber eyes fluttered closed while she breathed in the familiar yet distant scent of her bed. The scent was that of home. How foreign it seemed.

"Oh no you don't, missy, get yourself up from there. I have to have you dressed and ready within the next two hours before the guests start arriving. It is not everyday the Lord Starcroft's only child has a coming out from returning from boarding school." Agnes chided, opening her wardrobe to push past dresses to reach her gowns.

There had been one made especially for this day. And how Jezebel had dreaded this day. There would be no more going to school, and oh how she wished to see her father's face when he found out she had never gone to school. Well, she had, for a month.


It all had happened so quickly. The bitterness Jezebel possessed for her father at thirteen could have turned anyone to stone, and it often did. Her temper could turn a person's entire way of thinking around, and now it could even have them begging for their lives. She had started off like any rebellious young Lady in the school. Scrubbing floors for her mistakes in class, and that smart mouth of hers. The Headmistress had taken a distinct dislike to her. Jezebel had been overly chubby, short, and quick witted, everything the Headmistress deemed as "Unladylike" Giving special punishments was always a favorite of the Headmistress, and without those punishments Jeze would have never of met Lily, Adele, and Scarlet.

Lily Ann Hargrove was the daughter of the Earl of Wilmington. She had been a shy girl, self-conscious and far too quiet. The Headmistress had given her a week's kitchen duty for failing to speak up during the Latin reading hour. Already stuck with a month of scrubbing pots and pans, Jezebel took one look at Lily's beautiful doe-like eyes and had fallen soft. They became fast friends and so far Lily was the only one who could communicate with Jezebel reasonably. She was like her warden at times, keeping the Captain Morvant from making rash choices.

Adele Marie Cunningham was the very source of her name. Cunning and wise, she used her bewitching nature to get most of what she wanted from people. The Headmistress had found her overly intellectual and in depth answer's to simple questions like "What does a hostess do to accommodate a weary guest" very intimidating and without must haste sent Adele straight to kitchen work. Not one for being a snob even though her parents were famed for their discovery of oil in the East Adele quickly fell into friendship with Lily and Jezebel.

Scarlet Alexandra de Vile could be summed up in one word. She was a bitc-, alright, let's just call her a witch. Scarlet had upset the headmistress by having a heated and slowly turning violent discussion about politics with a fellow student. Sent to kitchen duty, it took the hot tempered red head a long while to accept their friendship. All her life she had to bear with her adventurous and adulterous mother's shame. Yet, with Jezebel and the others Scarlet slowly found a new family.

That was how they met. Simply enough the actually getting around to being mercenaries, double agents, and working for both the allies and enemies during wartime was..well quite simple. When Jezebel was accused of stealing another girl's necklace, which turned out to be Jezebel's mother's necklace to which was giving to her by Agnes at age eight for her birthday, the Headmistress was furious. She was going to write straight to Jezebel's father and demand she be sit home. Lily, Adele, and Scarlet were all in the kitchen with Jezebel when the Mistress bustled in, haughty and crude. She actually had the nerve to slap Jezebel in front of her friends and tried ripping of the supposed "stolen" necklace.

Jezebel snapped. Grabbing a soapy carving knife the strong thirteen year old young "lady" pushed the Headmistress up against the wall and pressed the drip blade to her throat.

"Listen, you ignorant fool, if you ever touch me again I will kill you. We are leaving your school. Our parents will be paying for a nine months stay for us here. You will get the money, and keep your trap shut about us four never being here. If I find out you told on us, I will come back and take this same blade and run you through."

That apparently got the message across. Within the hour all four girls were packed and allowed to use the school carriage into town. The next few days were hard, with little money between them it was Lily who piped up with her idea. They could all work on a ship, with their hair pulled back they all surely could pass as boys. Of course that idea was passed up, for Adele could never be made to look like a man. Not with her beautiful features so delicate and feminine.

Fate struck. A man, sitting back in the shadows of the tavern where the girl's had huddled at a table, had been listening rather intently. Black Jack Evan's was a pirate by name but a kind individual, and getting older by the day. Missing a leg from a recent battle the old man's balance wasn't quit up to par anymore. Offering the girls a place on his ship, he warned them all that they were headed into war territory. The girl's accepted, and within the first months of traveling the sea's opportunity struck again. In the form of wartime gold.

It kept on, their adventure. Each year they would spend school months at sea, having their own ships and keeping up with spying for both sides of the war. They did any work as long as the profit was large enough. Once the term for the boarding school was ended the girls pretended to be coming from the school, spending three months of summer in society. Appearing to all to be very suitable if night rather tanned young ladies.

Looking back on it now, Jezebel felt a tug in her chest. The sea had become her home, her crew was a responsibility any seventeen year old girl would know nothing about. Allowing Agnes to slip her ball gown over her head and lace the corset tight, Jeze stared off at the mint patterns on her wall. Wondering what it would be like in the future. To stay here, in society would mean she would have to go though with this Season and try to find a wealthy husband. Where she would marry and live as a housewife. Bored and often alone. There was always the choice of the sea. Life as a pirate would mean she would have to give up love, children, and having a family. It was far too dangerous but at least she would see things many girl's never did. Well, many women didn't. No man would rule over her. Choices were hers to be made and many men respected and obeyed her without second guessing her. That was a beautiful life. Yet, was it foolish?


"There now, girl, look at yourself. All trussed up and grown. I swear, that school must have done you wonder's in exercise. All that so called "fat" as you put it is nothing more than your ample bosom and those hips."

Blinking out of her thoughts, Jezebel smiled in thanks to Agnes before turning to look in her full length mirror. Stopping mid turn she could do nothing more than stare in disbelief at the figure who was seen there. Never before had Jezebel seen such a magnificent sight as herself adorned in flattering red silk. Of course the red was a daring color to be wearing to your first ball, but she had the skin tone for it these days. Months of basking in the open sun while at sea had taken her usual pale flesh and tinged it to a warm honey color. Agnes was right about her "fat" being something to snort at. Sure she was not the average slim and slender belle, but her waist was small and it went well with her rounded hips. The gown was tapered at her hips, right about her derrière so that it wouldn't cling too outlandishly, such craftsmanship was elegantly designed to accent her torso and hide her short nature. The bosom was positively overflowing but decently covered up by the yards of crimson cloth. She looked older, and with her hair swept up to only leave floating tendrils to tickle at her neck and shoulders, Jezebel could have possibly passed for a raving beauty. With her pert nose, even centered eyes, and stubborn jaw and the heart shaped face she had gotten from her mother completed the unusual appearance of Jezebel Isabella Morvant.

"Mmhm, Jezebel, you are a fine piece. The Season will be good for you. That bratty Azurn Surdeth has nothing in that frilly package she presents to even measure."

Jezebel, still looking at herself in the mirror couldn't help but smile at what Agnes was saying. Pretty as a picture, Azurn Surdeth was the daughter of her father's fellow partner in their shipping business. She had been born in the wild lands when her father and mother were out touring and the name was part of her "exotic" and culturally avid lifestyle. The girls had been forced to play with each other all through their young childhood, and Jezebel had enjoyed their friendship at first. Until, the day came when Azurn got greedy, bossy, and positively annoying. Their companionship stifled to a halt when Jezebel left to go to boarding school and since them Azurn had made it her life's goal to point out how better she was at everything she did.

"Oh I don't know, Agnes, I am sure Azurn will be a tad bit upset to see that I have filled out this last year. However, she will make it her goal to steal the spotlight tonight. And, really, she can have it for all I care." Sitting down with a huff, Jezebel tore her eyes off her reflection and began to put on the pearls Adele had stolen from a merchant ship three years ago.

They were gorgeous with her ball gown and bright hazel eyes. That was one thing Jezebel enjoyed about her tastes in jewelry. The less shiny one's flattered her to perfection, whenever she wore then that is.

"Oh hush with that attitude, girl. Better not let your father see you so set against this." Agnes said gently, smoothing down the apron which covered her cooking gown.

"It was his idea for a coming out ball only because he probably remembered he even had a daughter, Agnes, so he can rot in hell with his blasted party for all I care. I will not be auctioned off this Season to the highest bidder."

"It isn't like that, Jezebel! It's the Season of Love, you will find a man and marry and you will liv-"

"Live like what, Agnes? Like my mother? No, I could never do that. There are some things you don't know about me, my friend, so unless you want to be enlightened enough to give yourself a heart attack, shove off the subject of marriage!" Slamming down her jewelry case Jezebel pushed her way from her sitting chair and stalked out of the room.

From upstairs, by the banister, she could hear the guests begin to fill the dance hall. Closing her eyes for a moment to cool her temper, she knew later she would have to apologize for her harsh words to Agnes. The women just didn't know the stress she was under. Letting out a deep breath, Jezebel pulled up her inner courage and started downstairs to where the ball in her honor commenced. This was going to be an interesting evening.

As she entered the ball room, Jezebel was literally stunned at the many guests either in groups chatting away, or at tables drinking, and even the few who had already started to dance. Groaning inwardly she vowed to murder her father before the nights end. It was just like him to throw some extravagant party in her honor. Except it was not for her honor at all, it was for his, and his damnable socialite manner. Spotting Scarlet's fiery tresses out of the many women around, Jeze headed to her with quick strides. Every once an a while she would nod politely to a guest and stop to be introduced. She knew none of this people, and even if she had met them before it really wouldn't matter what they remembered of her.

Lily and Adele were with Scarlet, as was usual, and almost immediately Lily took her arm and pulled the startled Jezebel into the corner. Lily's eyes were wide and erratic.

This was the end, she knew it. Sighing heavily Jezebel lifted up a corner of her beautiful dress and walked directly in front of Lily, placing a hand upon her young friends shoulders. She didn't even wait for Lily to tell her what was so troubling.

" I have to leave."

© 2008 Kalex Cross

Author's Note

Kalex Cross
Please ignore grammar mistakes.

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I was completely enthralled from beginning to end, and the descriptions were excellent. Can't wait to read more! I've become a little invested in these characters, so I hope I won't have to wait too long. :)

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