How it all happened; I blame the cheese cubes.

How it all happened; I blame the cheese cubes.

A Chapter by Kirstie Lee

Lizzie Shore ends up with an unexpected surprise after a one night stand with her best-friend Connor.


    Dear Diary" wait, no.

    That doesn’t seem right. The doctor said it would make it easier for me “accept” if I start a journal during my “beautiful time”. So. Let me retry this.

    Dear Baby,

    I wanted to die last night. And you were making it very hard to get it over with. How I ended up there. Just standing in my kitchen, looking down at my meager fold out table with all the sharp objects I could find laid out along the surface. I have no clue. But damn, the choices. The butcher knife looked too heavy to handle and the steak knife wouldn’t do since my mother had bought it for me last Christmas. The nail file was an intriguing prospect and I had only just reached for it when I finally broke down.

   And boy, baby, did I cry. I think I sat on that cold ugly linoleum for twenty minutes just bawling my eyes out. By the time I was sniffling and hauling my lethargic body off the floor, Craig Ferguson was playing puppet on the Television. I walked like a zombie, slow and shuffling, with my arms crossed tight over my stomach, into the living room. Plopped on the couch and stared unblinkingly at the show. I didn’t laugh for the entire sixty minutes.

   Ughh, what am I going to do with you? The doctor thinks you were conceived around Halloween. I already knew that. Just because I am a very friendly and overly blunt provocative woman doesn’t mean I get around. You are Connor’s baby. Our baby. Damn me, damn him, gahh damn this whole situation. Let me tell you something about your father and I, baby. We are best friends. This is going to kill him. It’s all his fault anyway. Let me tell you.

    Amelia, or Aunty Lia to you, is one of the most flamboyant females a person could meet. So it was no doubt that her Halloween party at her refurnished flat was going to be epic. I had the task of supplying the food, which meant Master Chef (or so he thought!) Connor was helping me shop.

    God. Connor. He had been my best friend since the forever days of High School. Captain of the Football team to my Debate Team leader position. He dated the cheerleaders and attended charity functions while I got high in the back seat of the Goth King’s corvette. He liked me for my honesty, I liked him because he wasn’t dumb. We just stuck.


    Leaning heavily against the shopping basket in front of me, my eyes had drifted towards the chocolate section in the candy aisle. I felt a deep cramp begin to cyclone out from my abdomen and soon it would escalate into atomic bomb pain. Connor reached over to face plant me with a cold bag of chilled carrots, and laughed at my sputtering response.

    “Jerkface.” I muttered, throwing the carrots back into the basket.

    “You were practically drooling there, Lizzie.” He smiled. Perking one of those dark tawny brows up at me, Connor leaned in close to whisper in my ear as we passed an elderly woman inspecting the prune juice. “Going to start bleeding soon?”

    “Ew. The fact that you talk about that so naturally has me worried about your sexuality.” I made a face at him and pushed the cart faster. So what if I was PMSing. I was allowed to eat chocolate even if I wasn’t, and Connor loved to tease me about it. I was a girl. It was hard for him to forget that.

     “Hey, Lizards. Don’t question my love for women. You are just cranky because you won’t be able to screw whats his face.”

      “Adam.” I bit out. My face flushing with annoyance. I should really stop confiding in a man about my sex life.

      “Yea, that guy. Has he texted you?”

      “Yes. And I am not upset. We aren’t even in that stage yet. I just had coffee with him this morning.”

    Connor shrugged those handsome shoulders and flashed me a smile that would melt any woman, except me. I merely scowled at it.

     “First coffee, next a motel room.”

     “I really hate you sometimes. Grab the cheese cubes.” I ordered, turning away to look at the chip rack two aisles over.

     “They make them into cubes now?” Connor asked, clearly bemused over the dairy product.


     I dropped the third bag of cheese cubes into the serving tray with later that night. Amelia’s apartment was loud and crowded with random people I didn’t know and the unfortunate a******s I did know. I mushed the cheese into the spaces on the tray with a frown deep on my face.

    “Wow, babe. Way to beat the food.” Ameila said, coming up behind me with bright drunk smile and a cold beer in her hands. “Waasssup?”

    I muttered and slammed the tray down onto the kitchen counter.

    “What was that? I don’t understand bitchy.”

    I sighed and looked up to see Conner across the room. He was leaning against the wall with two chicks in front of him. They were obviously vying for his affection. And he was taking it all in.

    “He is such a man-w***e. Look at him smiling, looking at them both. Bet he is deciding which one to take home tonight.” I grumbled.

     Amelia’s mouth dropped open and she laughed with a squeal so loud I winced.

    “You want Connor’s nuts.”

     “Um. No. I just think what he does is so arrogant.”

     “No. F**k that, babe. You want him. After all these years I was starting to think you actually liked just being his best friend.”

     What was she sayng? Did I really like Connor that way? Sure he was pretty much the only guy friend I had that wasn’t an ex, but it was Connor. The boy who went out and bought my tampons and chocolate. The one I cried on when a guy rejected me. I listened to his stories about girls and his dreams of traveling. Could I really be digging him?

      “You are drunk.” I concluded. Amelia merely gave me a long look and walked out of the kitchen giggling like a school girl.

       I jumped a tad and sat on her counter with a bottle of cheap vodka. A few self measured shots later I was still staring at Connor. The brunette twat had dropped out and the bubbly blond was now brushing her large breasts against his arm every time she leaned in to talk. It was sickening.

      I hopped down from the counter and stumbled a bit. After catching myself and gaining balance I walked over to the flirting duo. Grabbing Connors hand I pulled him close and whispered.

      “Let’s go play pool.” It was slurred. I didn’t care. Connor smiled and nodded, letting me drag him over to the pool table.

       “Been drinking, Lizard?” He asked, lifting his drink to his lips.

       “Not as much as you, hot shot. Rack em.”

       The pool game went well. He kicked my a*s. The next game went even better when I was falling all over the table and he was coming up behind me to help. He was hot. His entire body was radiating heat. It was just what Connor did. A human heater, pressed against my back. His strong muscled arms touching my arms as he leaned over me.

       “No aim steady.” He directed. His mouth close to my neck. I could feel his breath tickling the hairs across my skin. It was so distracting.

       “I am being steady.” I argued.

      “You are shaking.”


      He laughed softly and moved my arms back with his hands then jabbed forward to hit the ball. It went in. I jumped up and spun around with a yell of victory.

     “I did it!”

      Connor wrapped me up in a bear hug and twirled me around until the room spun. I leaned my head on his chest and groaned as my stomach flipped. The drinks had finally caught up to me and I closed my eyes to greet a dizzy world.

      “Oh wow, Con, I think I am dones.” The sentence was fucked up, but he managed to understand.

      “Come on, let’s take you home.” He turned me around and slowly with a stumbling grace led us both out.

       Luckily I lived only one floor down. Compliments of Amelia’s rich a*s father who loved me just like a daughter. Connor knew the pass code into my apartment and quickly shuffled us both in.

      I don’t know why I did it, baby, but the moment he closed the door I was on him. His lips tasted like candy and my hands were exploring places I had only accidentally touched before. He never said a word. He spoke with his body. In ways that I didn’t think could be so effective. So personal. I was drunk as a skunk but I can still remember everything. All the tingling places, and the miraculous awkwardness as we fell onto my couch.

      I remember waking up hours later. He was gone. It was barely dawn, but I could still make out the empty space on my floor. He had slept for a few hours, having to use one of the pillows to be comfortable. I knew it was a good thing that he left before I woke up.

     Number one I had a hangover the size of Texas, and two…well I would have freaked out.

     We avoided each other for the next two weeks. He called though, and we just never brought up Amelia’s party. Or that night. Then he left like he planned. To some foreign country I couldn’t pronounce to study cultural cooking.

      He wrote me an email every day, and I answered them with he same friendliness that had connected us for years. But then when I found out about you..I missed a day. And another.

      And now today…

      I don’t know what to do.

© 2010 Kirstie Lee

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I think this is a really great start to a story. I have to wonder if your main character actually plans to show the baby this diary when he/she is old enough. Might be slightly inappropriate. I look forward to reading the rest. You might want to go over this, I think you left out a word here and there and misspelled Connor's name once. But your style is mostly good, flows very well.

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Wow I want more! I just think that maybe if she was writing for her child that this may be somewhat inappropriate content.

Posted 9 Years Ago

So beautiful and is a wonderful story!

Posted 14 Years Ago

I think this is a really great start to a story. I have to wonder if your main character actually plans to show the baby this diary when he/she is old enough. Might be slightly inappropriate. I look forward to reading the rest. You might want to go over this, I think you left out a word here and there and misspelled Connor's name once. But your style is mostly good, flows very well.

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Whoa! This is quite the chapter here and wonderful detail and imagery. I like the emotion in this. Very well written.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Kirstie Lee

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I am a little esccentric, wild if you must, and terribly blunt. Yet, underneath all the smiles and hyper bubbly exterior; I am very sweet. I love to relax the day away with a good book. To be.. more..


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