Damn the Honorable Men.

Damn the Honorable Men.

A Chapter by Kirstie Lee

Lizzie's plan to live alone while Connor goes on with his life doesn't exactly work out, when the nitwit actually moves in with her!


     Dear Baby,

     My entire plan backfired. Not the one about carrying the dead lawyers baby, but the one about Connor finding out that your are Adam’s and staying abroad.

Nope, nope. That stupid gallant pain in my a*s actually wrote me an email back that simply said.

     “Be home on Saturday. It will be okay, Lizards.”


      “I can’t believe you actually came all the way back.” I said after closing my door. Connor had walked in with two duffel bags and a new tan that made him look like a pirate.

      I was in gray paint stained sweat pants and a baggy discount shirt I had found at wal-mart. I dubbed it the “Puke Fashion.” Because it has become all I wear on the really bad days when your little evil baby symptoms tore up my stomach.

      Connor didn’t say anything. He just dropped his bags in my living room and wrapped me up tight in a warm hug. Oh God, I had missed him. I buried my face into his chest and took in a deep breath. He smelled the same. So rugged, so f*****g Connor that I began to tremble again. I wouldn’t cry though. I had practiced this moment for hours in my head. Facts were facts. He had to leave.

      “I am moving in.”

      Your father is a dumbass, baby. Plain and simple.

      I started to shake my head but Connor was already nodding his.

     “Oh yes, Lizzie. I already talked to Lia and she told me that the firm let you go. You have no job. A baby on the way, and well, lets face it Lizzie. You can’t even cook for yourself.”

      “You really need to stop talking to, Amelia.” I muttered, crossing my arms. My shirt dipped in over my stomach and the tiny pooch that had started showing up three days ago caught his attention immediately. He just stood so still.

      “Wow, I just can’t believe it.”

      “Me either.” I whispered and turned away to point to the small spare room across from my own. “ You can put your stuff in there. But you are not moving in. You can stay for a few weeks but when I get a new job, you are out. I am not a kid.”

      Connor smiled. His usual smirk that was now oddly comforting to me.

     “Yea, you are all grown up now, Lizzie Shore. So be an adult and accept your best friends help.”


     Thus our week of hell began, baby. I mean your father is an excellent cook. Great company. But I just can’t be too close to him. It is like a part of you stays with me, reminding me that I feel so much for this man. It hurts knowing I am denying him, but Connor deserves better than me. He really does. If only he would just go away. But no. He would rather stay here. Bossing me around. I think I kind of like it.

     We went to my doctor’s appointment. He insisted he be in the room with me, and I didn’t bother arguing this time. I think it was because a part of me wanted him to see you.

     The doctor was a middle aged man named Sporks. Connor made a face behind his back at the name, and I strangled back a giggle. Connor pretended to be my brother so he could be in the room, and it made me blush.

      He looked away when the Doctor uncovered my stomach and smoothed on the cold a*s smelly gel. Wow, Con wasn’t this embarrassed the night of Amelia’s party. He had licked my stomach if I could recall. I stopped thinking about that night and what went on when the Doctor spoke.

     “There you go, Miss Shore.” Sporks said, pointing to the fuzzy monitor. A small white blob was smeared in the haze of black and grey and it took me a second but then I realized it was a tiny figure. It was you, baby. Oh please, I began to plead with my eyes, don’t tear up.

      I luckily kept my cool. Connor was fascinated. He kept staring at the throbbing tiny image on the screen with a look of pure amazed concentration. I rested my head back on the flat medical pillow and watched him.

      What was he thinking about? I guess I will always wonder about it. It is one of those things I shouldn’t be allowed to know.


      I was quiet on the way home, and Connor picked up on it quickly.

     “What’s wrong?”

     “I think I am just tired. Stressing over Christmas with my mother.” I lied, well it was only half lying. I could do for a nap. Connor stopped at a light and leaned over to touch my cheek with his fingertips. I flinched at the contact and turned my head to look at him. He was staring at me with an intense look. One I had seen before but never believed it could be for me.

      “What?” I stuttered out, my fingers weaving together and I squeezed them tight to remind myself to keep my cool.

      “Lizzie, I know this is a hard time for you and I know I am a big bossy a*****e. But I care about you. You have been my best friend for years. That baby is a part of you and I will always protect you. From yourself and from anyone who tries to hurt you.”

      Oh god if he kept this up I was going to start crying. Instead my teeth bit my bottom lip and I continued to stare into those beautiful eyes of his. Getting lost in the emotion there.

      “I promise not to die on you just yet, Lizards.”

      Great. He thought I was thinking about Adam. I had already explained to him two times before that I really didn’t have an kind of relationship with that man. Blinking my eyes away from his gaze I looked ahead.

      “Crap Connor. Its green.”

© 2010 Kirstie Lee

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Kirstie Lee
Kirstie Lee

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