Dear Lyla..I think I love you.

Dear Lyla..I think I love you.

A Chapter by Kirstie Lee

Connor goes off to the city for a big job while Lizzie starts a new life in the country side. No more partying, more Connor either?


Dear Baby,

     Connor left last week. He was asked to take a job as lead chef in some fancy restaurant in New York city. I told him to take it. He refused. I told him a little louder. Next thing I know I was pacing around the apartment. He was begging me to be reasonable. And I was ripping him a new one. I brought up the point that he was my best friend and had done so much for me and you, baby. He still wouldn’t listen. Kept going on about me being helpless. I took offense to that and pushed him.

     He sat on the couch for another hour saying no. But I called my mother, and that settled it. He was going to go, but not without rearranging my life for the third time. He told me he would take the job only if I moved out with Amelia to some small town in Central New York. She had left a month after I told her about the baby to live closer to her father. He had had a heartattack and she felt much more comfortable being near him. He was still kicking. Charlie sent me money every month but I returned it with packages of candy. He had a weakness. Connor said once he got settled in the new job and found a proper place, he would send for me.

     Baby, I really don’t understand why he is doing this for us. We live like we are together, but we don’t act like it. He never looks at me the way he did that night. He just is Connor and I am plain ole Lizzie. He is excited for you, and it pleases me in ways he will never understand. Amelia was ecstatic when she found out I was coming up to live with her. She had decorated my room in pink and green, my two favorite colors, and called me every day until I drove there. My job wasn’t a total loss because Lowes was very good at transferring their employee’s and I ended up scoring a job with the ones in Amelia’s town. Well, my town now.

     Lia practically drowned me with affection when I arrived, and I strangely didn’t feel uncomfortable about moving in with her and Charlie. I think it was because Charlie was so natural around me. He hugged me like a daughter and patted my baby while saying Hello to you.

     That was one odd thing about being pregnant. People really liked to touch your fat belly. I am five months now, and Lia had already scheduled my next appointment. My stomach is the size if Antarctica, I swear. Not really. But it is getting there. Connor always said I have this weird cute look being knocked up. That my face glows. I told him it was my new jowls.

     My new doctor is a woman. She had short spiky hair, a tan too dark for her features, and a smile that made me feel so comfortable I started crying in her office. She provided me tissues and I spilled my entire story to her. Jamie wasn’t sympathetic at all. She told me I had to “man” up and deal with what I started. Then she showed me you again. I had missed my last appointment because Doctor Sporks had been on vacation, so when she moved the ultra sound stick over my stomach I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

     “There is our little trouble maker. Feel so sorry for you, kiddo.” Jamie said with a grin. I was really starting to like her. I smiled as well, relaxing back to watch the screen. You were so small still but I could see that round little silhouette of your forehead, and your nose. Even your hands and toes, they were almost fully developed and so tiny. Tears welled up in my eyes but I was still smiling.

     “I don’t know why this effects me.” I admitted wiping my eyes for like the fiftieth time.

     “If I had a foreign thing growing inside of me, I would be effected too.” Jamie said, writing on my form. Yup. We were going to be great friends. “Want to know the sex?”

     Oh wow. This was a hard one, but I was already nodding before I had time to think. Connor had asked me this before and had said he thought it would be cool to be surprised. Well, he would already have enough surprises if this baby ended up looking like him so I wanted to know.

     “Let’s see, mhmm, you, Lizzie are spawning a little girl”

     A girl. You are a girl. I mean by now if you read this I am sure you know you are a girl and it isn’t as exciting as it is to me right now, but you are my daughter. Not just that baby ho likes to kick me in the side anymore. You are my annoying unborn daughter that for some ungodly reason I have been blessed with.

     I thought about what I should name you for the rest of the day. At work between doing menial tasks of cleaning and checking out customers I kept going over the lists of names I had just browsed over in the baby book. None of them appealed to me. But then I remembered something for the fifth time that day.

     It may sound odd but my hormones have been a complete mess and I ended up watching an erotic romance around midnight last night. The lead female character’s name kept ringing in my head. Lyla. I just named you after fancy porn. Don’t hate me, Lyla.

© 2010 Kirstie Lee

Author's Note

Kirstie Lee
Ignore the grammar.

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i'm a little late..4 years late..but please write more?:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

i really liked it keep writing more chapters.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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