A Story by BrokenAngelicHeart

Death by the hands of......?

The night air held an oppressive air, instead of the usual calm breeze that the area held, the wind thrashed wildly, like an animal fighting for its freedom, for its life. The pale hue of the moon was quickly hidden from sight by the dark clouds. The howl of a stray dog rang out into the darkness. Soon, it was accompanied by the yowls of angry tomcats, and similar howls. They too, scent it. The change.

There was no one in the luxurious apartment with them. But mere minutes later, torturous screams echoed into the building. Anxious and worried neighbours hammered at the door, calling for a response from the couple. There came none.

When the police came, the locks were forced opened and they entered with guns armed and at the ready. There was utterly no need for those. Hearts thumping, those brave souls of the men left them for a moment, startled and shocked at the sight that greeted them.

The lady's head sat upon the plate, surrounded by flowers from the vase that sat in the middle of the crystal dining table. A peaceful smile. Her hands resting lightly at the edges of the silver plate, her body was positioned onto the soft chair, silky white dress stained by the splatters of blood. Yet the cut was surprisingly clean and smooth.

The man laid upon the marble ground, a messy pile of flesh. Unlike the 'well-preened' lady, he rested within a pool of dark fluid, his own. His innards carelessly draped across his pressed suit, his arms spread open as if in embrace of his death. Yet his face reflected fear, and along with it, a dark knowledge in those dark eyes of his.

There was no weapon to be found.

There was no forced entry.

© 2011 BrokenAngelicHeart

Author's Note

It's just a short little thing for a plot I have in mind.. ^^

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BWAHAHA! I don't think the ghost will care if all these things passed through the intangible body! =P

Posted 11 Years Ago

Bwahahahaha! Maybe they should! =P And then the ghost might switch target to the black market or the police? =P I'm just kidding. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

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XD Unfortunately, the innards are left all over and leaving the poor police dudes in grossness.. XD

And perhaps the ghost comes back? ;3

Posted 11 Years Ago

D: I am not sick!!! D:

And you guessed wrongly =P

Wait till you see the rest of it...or the continuation.. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 14, 2011
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