Chapter 1 ~ All Those Little Things.

Chapter 1 ~ All Those Little Things.

A Chapter by <----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

the first chapter of many depending on how much you like it. c: leave reviews, and inbox me your opinions:) Morgan: which is my name c: Leigh: who is one of my bestfriend. Lauren: my other bestfriend

I shrug on my black velvet blazer, and pull up my knee socks.
Looking at myself in the mirror while doing my make up. "f**k i look terrible."
i turn around to see my best friend Leigh standing behind me snickering. " did those words just come out of your mouth? HAHAHA!!" i giggle along with her, "yes, they did, so f**k you." we both burst out laughing at the silly thought.

Walking to school, listening to my music of course. singing it as loud as i possibly can, Leigh smacks me "would you shut the f**k up?" she laughs. "B***H PLEASE, MY LOVE FOR YOU WAS BULLET PROOF!!!!!!!"
we burst out laughing again.
Finally we get to school and meet up with Lauren.
"hey!" she smiles at me, shes always so cheerful.
"hey Lauren, what do we have first?" it sucks because leigh isn't in the same grade as we are. "music!" we cheer. we love music class.

so we got our stuff out of our lockers then headed to music class. as soon as we got there, the teacher made an announcement. "OK class, we have two new students today. id like to introduce, Niall Horan, and Harold Styles" they were both two good looking young men, "you all can call me Harry" he had such a cheeky face! it was to die for! 
              "Niall you sit beside... hmm.... Morgan, and sit beside....Lauren. is that good for you boys?" she smiled a little bit. "yes absolutely" grinned harry, "of course!" Niall giggled, it was adorable!

All of a sudden i got a text from Leigh, 'omg! there's a new boy in our class named Louis! <3 i think I'm in love LOL <3'
i replied, 'OMG don't i know it! there's two new guys in our class named Niall and Harry! F*****G GORGEOUS!'
i waited for a reply, but realized i had no service in here.

Harry grabbed a guitar out of the corner and started playing, oh my, was he ever amazing! his voice like an angel and he played the guitar with such pride! and than he told someone to join in with him, so i started singing. We were singing 'i'm yours' by Jason mraz. Lauren joined in,it was funny, we laughed at each other and at Harry when he would do something funny.  it was amazing. but before i knew it music class was over and the bell for break rang. 
"d****t." harry sighed, "i liked singing with you girls, you're very talented." he smiled his cheeky smile, and put the guitar back, then left. me and Lauren were star struck and blushing of course, i mean, hes just 

but before i left, i noticed i forgot my blazer in the music room. so i told Lauren to go ahead and that id catch up in a few minutes. i turned around and half jogged back to get it, but what i didn't realize was i had my head down and ran right into someone! i fell, "oh my god! im so sorry! im clumsy. f**k"                                i apologized. i seen a guy standing in front of me with his head down looking at the ground. so i asked, "are you OK?" he looked at me and smiled, " im fine Morgan, thanks" i was so surprised to see it was Niall, and to see him blushing too. i giggled. "ill see you around OK?" he helped me up off the floor. i was blushing, i could tell, my face was hot. i don't know how i managed to spit out these words between all the stuttering and mumbling. "you too, thanks Niall."

"Lauren.." i sighed so deeply. "is something wrong?" she was concerned i could tell. "well, i ran into Niall in the hallway, and~" she cut me off. " oh my god! what happened?! do you like him?" she giggled and fan-girled to herself. "aha hes cute, that's obvious. but i don't know if i could go as far as to say i 'like' him."
i was rosy. "ouuuuhhhh! u like him. end of story." 
she laughed at me because i was getting frustrated at the fact she didn't understand what i meant. - riiinnnng-" we have gym now" i sighed, i was just so tired i didn't wanna participate. 
so i diligently wrote a fake note to get out of gym and gave it to Mrs. Harddings. " alright Morgan, go sit over there." she pointed to a corner in the hallway. 

i was sitting there trying to think of something to draw, i started drawing Niall's name with a heart around it. then i heard him giggle and i turned around to see him standing right in front of me! a little screech came out of my mouth and i hid the paper under my leg. "uh..hey Niall" i was so scared he saw it. "hey, what are you doing out here?" he smiled at me. "my leg hurts a bit so its hard to run." i laughed. he sat down beside me. " you want some company?" he was alittle rosy. "sure if you wanna sit with me you defiantly can."
we sat there and talked for the whole gym class! i learned alot about him, hes from Ireland, hes 14, i even know his favorite animal is a giraffe! i have no idea how that came up in conversation. 

the teacher came over and told us it was time for our next class, "hey Niall. do you know what we have now?" he turned around, his hair is so perfect, his eyes are so blue, i was lost in another world. "math" he ran to go get changed out of his gym stuff in time for next class. 

Niall was the last one out of the gym. i was already down the hallway almost to the math class. i was running up the stairs and then someone tripped me and i fell on the last step. i dropped all my books on the ground including the piece of paper that had ' Niall' on it with a big heart. i scrambled to get everything gathered up. " hah aha OH MY GOD! what's this?" a girl named Samantha pick up my piece of paper. "that's not even mine!" i lied. than Niall walked up the stairs and saw what Samantha was dong. he snatched the piece of paper from her and help e up. "we are gonna be late now" he laughed and smiled right at me. "you were gonna be late anyway!don't try to blame this all on me!" i giggled.

the rest of the day went by slowly and uneventfully. Besides Joey throwing a paper ball at Mr. Madix. that was funny. 

walking home from school i went to pull the piece of paper out of my pocket, and i couldn't find it! then i realized, Niall put it in his pocket, hes gonna find that, and never talk to me again because he'll think im a creep! i sighed to myself. "welp, screwed this one over already"

then i got a text from a number i did recognize.
'hey, is this Morgan?'
i didn't know who it was so like any reasonable person, i asked.
'who's this?'
i made some Kraft dinner while i waited for the reply.
then my phone vibrated, so i rushed anxiously to see who it was.
'it's Niall lol'
'how'd you get my number? lol'
'from your friend Lauren. i asked her and she gave it to me because i needed to tell you something.'
'oh well now you can :)'
'yeah. so i needed to tell you. i have the note that you wrote hah. its very cute :)'
"oh no, he found the note! the one with his name on it!!" i shuttered at his response.
'umm..what about it? lol'
i could not think of one thing to say to him at all. i just didn't wanna ruin anything that hasn't already started.
my phone vibrated and i almost jumped out of my skin.
'idk. i just thought it was cute haha.'
so that's all. he just thought it was cute? well that's good at least he didn't find me creepy! i deeply sighed in relief at the fact we'd still be friends after this.

© 2012 <----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

Author's Note

<-----  Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:
i'm sorry for any grammatical errors I've made c: ill fix them later. <3 love you~ KittyKat

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<-----  Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:
<----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

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im 14, my name is Morgan. and my teacher said i was very good at creative writing, so here i am to share some of my stories with you guys! hope you like them! c: more..