Something Special : a One Direction Christmas imagine

Something Special : a One Direction Christmas imagine

A Story by <----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

Imagine, it's Christmas eve and you're in the kitchen making a gingerbread house, while you wait for that someone special to get home. You don't know where he went, he left a note of the table saying 'be back soon xxo' ''where could he have went?'' you think to yourself. well, anyway. you get back to decorating the gingerbread house. your putting the final touches on the house when all of a sudden -ding dong- the doorbell rings.
''who could that be?''
you went to answer the door and found only a single folded piece of paper, saying 'go to your favorite store and get yourself a nice dress, you'll find the second note there, love Louis xxo.' there was a hundred dollar bill taped to the note.
so you put your shoes and got onto the bus.  when you got to the mall you went into Eclipse, which is your favorite store.
your looking threw the store and you see a small red dress with a note taped to it.
'buy this dress and go to the bus stop outside the mall. catch the bus numbered 128, it leaves in ten minutes so hurry!' the note had a buss pass with the words 'this is her, you know where to stop' written on it.
you buy the dress and get out of there as fast as you possibly can. you run to the bus stop and you get on the 128 bus. you give the bus driver the piece of paper and he looks at you and said '' ill yell at you when its your stop little miss'' you smile and walk to the back of the bus and sit down.
'' i wonder where I'm going..''
you start dozing off but trying so hard to keep yourself awake. '' its your stop miss!'' you hear the bus driver yell. so you get off, and there was a path way, lit up with Christmas lights leading into a little patch of trees. you step on a note of the ground, you pick it up and its says ' follow the path'
so you start walking. the path only goes on for about two minutes after you step into a clearing. what you see there makes tears well up in your eyes.
Louis, standing there with a bouquet of flowers. the place was lit up with beautiful white lights. the soft sound of music was playing. Louis extends his hand and says 'may i have this dance?' 

© 2012 <----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

Author's Note

<-----  Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:
im sorry for any grammatical errors i have made. :) i wrote this really fast in english class so :P i tried

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OMG why can't I live in these imagines

Posted 7 Years Ago

Aw, this is adorable!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 17, 2012
Last Updated on December 17, 2012


<-----  Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:
<----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

Whittenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

im 14, my name is Morgan. and my teacher said i was very good at creative writing, so here i am to share some of my stories with you guys! hope you like them! c: more..


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