Liam's Mistletoe ~ a One Direction Imagine

Liam's Mistletoe ~ a One Direction Imagine

A Story by <----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

:) hope you like

you're running around your house hiding, because Liam is chasing you around. "im sorry Liam! i didn't mean to eat the rest of the cookie dough! i swear" your laughing and screaming and running around. Liam sits on the couch, "ok. i wont tickle you, i miss you, come back out now." you come out from behind the couch and his smile turns into a smirk as you realize you've been tricked. he runs towards you ad picks you up, putting you over his shoulder and carries you over to the couch. "Liam no!" you squirm and try to get out from his grip but it's obviously no use. Liam gets up and runs to the kitchen and sits a chair in front of the doorway. "amy~" he says in a sing songy voice. "come here~" you get up and walk over to the doorway. Liam is sitting there in the chair. " Li, why did you put a chair in the doorway?" he looks at you and puts his hand on the side of your face, "so then you'd have to stop, and you cant get around me, and we'd both be under the mistletoe" you look up and see the mistletoe the Liam poorly taped to the doorway. "oh Li."
you smile. He kisses you.

© 2012 <----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

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Added on December 18, 2012
Last Updated on December 18, 2012


<-----  Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:
<----- Kitty Kat Fan Fictions! c:

Whittenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

im 14, my name is Morgan. and my teacher said i was very good at creative writing, so here i am to share some of my stories with you guys! hope you like them! c: more..