A Poem by *^*my*beautiful*zelda*love*^*

do I really have to say anything


Dear friend,
I like you, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love you :)
When I said "I like you" it's not like I wanted... like... YOUR BODY!! (heeheehee)
Hey, what are you doing after school? Wanna hang out? ;)
Are you avoiding me or something, cuz you always seem less interested in me and more in your fr-- uhh-- sorry nevermind....
Hey, umm, do you actually wanna just be friends? Be honest, I seriously don't care if you say yes....
I'm sad.
Do you like me?


© 2008 *^*my*beautiful*zelda*love*^*

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Such an internal struggle with what to say, and when, and how... something we all deal with all the time; especially with someone we like. I feel your struggle. I like the saying, something like this: "wise men of few words". I also like: "if you are doubting something in any way, don't do it. When you are sure about something with no doubts you will know it is right and you won't hesitate." Until then, Hi, is great! : )

I really like the style you wrote this in, with all the words crossed out. Excellent!

The only one I'd be concerned about being crossed out is: I'm sad.

And, last but not least... when a conversation just flows with someone may proove them a good friend. When a conversation is too difficult and makes one sad it may not be a healthy friendship and perhaps one to be avoided. Something to ponder.

You got me going on this one Zelda! -:3 )~~~

Posted 15 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 6, 2008
Last Updated on February 6, 2008



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