She is His Puppet

She is His Puppet

A Poem by *^*my*beautiful*zelda*love*^*



There was a boy

An innocent boy

Small and weak, he was.


And I am a girl

A goodly girl

Nice, well-behaved, and wise.


The boy, he loved

A girl like me

'Twas simply a little crush


Though the girl could not tell

Whether she liked him or not

The subject was quite tantalizing.


Then she didn't realize

She would lay her eyes, on the boy

A couple weeks later.


Her heart pounded fiercely

As his did before

But it had already grown too late.


This boy, seeming innocent

Grew cocky and impatient

He went off in another girl's direction.


And then, he found

That her heart would pound

Everytime she saw him.


With a guffaw and a hoot

The boy gave her the boot

She warmed up to him a little too late.


And so, for that boy,

One of these days he will see

The fate he deserves for belittling me.

© 2008 *^*my*beautiful*zelda*love*^*

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great poem, I love how it accurately describes the power and hurt that boys and girls feel with puppy love and how us women can warm up to a boy who is paying us attention :). My husband often says that men have instant rev cycles and us women need time to get our bike's humming. And odd description I'll admit but this poem shows that nicer than he could describe it lol! The last line is especially sweet, what girl/woman hasn't felt that?!?! :D great piece!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Wow, don't mess with this girl! He should be afraid if you ask me! Empowering write...powerful. Lydia

Posted 15 Years Ago

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wow a perfect descriptive poem on the first puppy love being crushed. thats the way i interpret it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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that one city with the stuff, CA

I love to write fantasy. My name is Dianne and I live in California. I am what my name says: I love The Legend of Zelda! Link is my sexy love, and Epona is my horsy love! Speaking of which, I love hor.. more..


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