The Wonderling

The Wonderling

A Poem by *^*my*beautiful*zelda*love*^*

She's like a person that has been exposed to this harsh world for too long. She'd become a puppet that has been broken down and reduced to a pile of rubbish.

In the beaten ruins
Of an old worn home
Lay the dark old hovel
Of a broken tomb
The door opens wide
And there inside
Is a frail woman named Sherry.

Her eyes snap open
Her mouth rounds wide
And there she becomes
A human come to life
With a heart made of cogs
And a mind made of energy
She carries herself outside

The Wonderling
The Wonderling
When the world is dull,
She starts to sing--
A petty little tune that says her name:
�I am the Wonderling.�

So she toils down the street
With her busted legs
And her broken arms
Nothing but pegs
She whispers lightly to passersby
And there they meet her gaze

Lit up blue marbles
Rested on her wooden face
Danced with color
They almost even sang.
The tune she plays
On an outing like this
Is the rhythm she dances to.

The Wonderling
The Wonderling
When a town is bleak
She starts to sing--
What petty little tune that says her name?
�I am the Wonderling.�

I approached Sherry
With the utmost courage
I knew not what this thing would do
She looked down at me,
Her head turned to the side
�Why hello, my little friend!�

�What brings you to
My assistance, Girl?�
She smiled so frighteningly
Her lips curled up
Her cheeks moved out
And she danced on her tipped toes

The Wonderling
The Wonderling
When a girl is sad
She starts to sing
A silly little tune that is her name,
�I am the Wonderling!�

�Oh, Wonderling, Wonderling
My heart is sad just like you say
I want some help
With this broken heart
Will you help me, Wonderling?�

She stared at me
Her arms opening up
And wrapped me up
In her broken embrace
�Never fear, Girl
I know what to do
Just follow me to my home.�

So I did, you see
We walked on up
To the beaten ruins
Of her old worn home
The door opened up
She slammed it shut, and said,
�Little girl, don�t you fear.�

�I�m specialized in the healing field
I�ll mend your heart and fix you up
But one last thing: remember that
You mustn�t doubt me a bit.�

I nodded at the Wonderling
So she carried on, doing her thing
She lifted up upon her strings
And there her cog-heart moved
With a �tick-tick-tick�
And a �tock-tock-tock�
The cogs went round and round

The Wonderling
The Wonderling
When I needed help
She started by singing--
That odd little tune that is her name:
�I am the Wonderling!�

Her wooden arms moved up and down
Her wooden legs spun round and round
Her head sprang up
Her eyes burst out
In a wondrous beam of light

�Heal, heal dear remedy, heal
The broken heart of this sweet young girl
May her smile be big
And her eyes be bright
For the world to see her now!�

�She�s born anew
Her heart is mended
Her soul is fixed
And her mind is honed
Wake up, dear girl
What was wrong with you
Is now no longer there.�

The Wonderling
The Wonderling
With a voice like chimes
She starts to sing--
A friendly little tune that is her name:
�I am the Wonderling!�

�Thank you, thank you, Wonderling
You fixed me up
And made me new
Just one more thing I�d like to ask:
Why are you so broken down?�

The Wonderling moved close to me
Her wooden mouth
Moved up and down
The words she spoke
Might change my life.
She said, �Let it be known��

�By girls like you
That the world is like a clock
It ticks and it tocks
It runs on springs and cogs
And if we let one small part break
We might as well
Fall apart��

And that she did.
Into a million pieces
In a pile on the floor.
There, the Wonderling remained
Never to be seen
Ever again.

© 2008 *^*my*beautiful*zelda*love*^*

Author's Note

I know the ending is a little random, but I didn't want to leave out the fact that, while she said "fall apart", she had actually done so.

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Great job dianne! I think that's amazing. I think it's cool that you actually integrated the conversation between you and Sherry into your poem. I think it makes it very interactive for the reader.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on June 7, 2008



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