Beggining of the End (Part 2)

Beggining of the End (Part 2)

A Story by Crystal Vargas

Zombie story :) second part. Enjoy!


“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” the guy asks. “Umm… y-yeah, I’m ok.” Says amber, still shaking. “What’s going on? Ow my head... Who are you?” She places hands on her head as he says “My name is Dominic, I’ll get you something for your headache.” he leaves and brings back a bottle of ibuprofen and a water bottle then hands it to her. “What’s your name?” he asks. She takes the bottle of pills and water bottle, she then swallows 2 pills.”I’m amber...” They stand there quiet for a few minutes then amber’s stomach breaks the silence. “Help yourself from anything here it’s mostly candy but it should satisfied you until we get out of here.” Dominic points to the candy and then walks towards a small map. “Wait, I’m not going out there with those…. Things…” she says while walking toward the food. “We have no choice if we stay here we’ll die of hunger… don’t worry I have a plan” he says as she starts eating some muffins. “Oh yea? What’s your plan then? Running to a mall and staying there like in the movies? It’s never going to work; these things aren’t anything like you see in movies.” She takes a few more bites of the muffin until it’s gone then she grabs another one. Dominic rubs his neck “No. these infected people aren’t that smart. They are extremely dangerous but if we played our cards right we could survive… so we first make our way to the gun shop and stay there until the next morning. There we will get weapons and ammunition. We will travel tomorrow morning so I have enough time to know how to get there. It might just be a few blocks away but the streets are covered with infected.” Amber replies “I don’t know about this… but you are right.. We won’t last here... I’ll pack some stuff while you think of a plan. I’m in college studying medical specialties so I know a few things about drugs too, where do you keep the prescription drugs.”  “Through that door.” he says.

            Amber grabs a backpack Dominic had, she filled it with bottles of Vicodin, Oxycodone, Lidocaine, Naproxen, Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, and Penicillin V, some water, some food, gauzes, band-aids, rubbing alcohol, multivitamins, and rubber gloves. Meanwhile, Dominic was thinking of a plan.

His thoughts: oh god how are we going to get there... maybe…we should go out the back door. go through the alley killing any infected we come across to. Not with guns though, don’t want to attract attention… we have a fire axe and… damn that’s it… well that will have to do. I’ll have the axe and amber will carry the guns…

~The next day~

Dominic wakes up first and starts getting all the equipment ready. He starts eating and then wakes Amber up. “nghh.. What time is it?” she says as she slowly gets up. “It’s time to head to the gun shop. Now hurry. Eat something quick and do whatever you need to do before we go. We leave in 5 minutes” he says as she quickly gets up from the comfy waiting bench where she slept. He explains the plan to her while she’s eating and then walks to the back door. “Come on... let’s go” he places his hand on the door handle and his heart started beating faster and faster. Okay let’s get it over with... He slowly opens the door and peaks outside. From what he could see there was no one around. He walks out and amber follows. The alley was quiet and every step they took seemed to take forever. They could hear the infected groan and one sounded too close. Dominic extended his arm to signal amber to stay back. He looked around to see where the infected was. But there was no one to be seen. He stayed close the wall and then he sees a dumpster.  The infected must be behind it...  he walks to the back of it and sees the it; the infected has its head against the wall. As he walked closer he accidentally stepped on some glass, breaking it and alerting the infected. S**t. The infected quickly ran towards Dominic and grabbed his shoulder trying to bite his neck. Dominic dropped the axe struggling to get him off with both his hands. Amber runs towards them grabbing the axe, “stop moving or I might hit you as well.” She says in a loud whisper and he replies in a sarcastic tone “yea I’ll get right on it…” the infected grunts and is an inch from Dominic’s neck when Amber kicks the infected barely releasing Dominic. The infected stumbles on the floor and as he tries to get up Amber swings the axe at his head and penetrates its skull. She takes the axe off and swings again over and over until she grows tired and falls back on her a*s. She’s shaking. “Are you okay?” ask Dominic in a concerned tone. “Amber?”

~to be continued~

© 2012 Crystal Vargas

Author's Note

Crystal Vargas
I'm open for critisism! :)

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Added on December 14, 2012
Last Updated on December 14, 2012
Tags: Apocalypse, Zombie