Daniel's Early Days

Daniel's Early Days

A Chapter by Kjerstina House

Ch. 7 Kiss the Sky-Before Daniel became a powerful Mage, he was just a boy. Follow Daniel from the beginning as he receives his powers, has many adventures, and learns what true power really is.


“Congratulations,” his father called from behind him. Daniel whirled around, surprised to find both of his parents standing on the other side of the attic. With everything that was going on, he hadn’t heard them come upstairs. The look etched on their faces was complete awe. His mother’s bright blue eyes were wide in amazement, and she was clutching onto her husband’s arm like she might float away. His father had covered his wife’s hand with his own, but he had his own brand of wonder on his face. 

His parents gaze shifted behind him to the metal dragon sitting alone on the wood floor. “This is amazing Mom,” his father acknowledged, flashing a smile at Daniel’s grandmother. He took his wife by the hand, and they crossed the room to stand by Daniel.

“Pleasure to meet you,” his mother addressed the small metal dragon still sitting on the floor, with a small nod of her head.

“Welcome to our home,” his father added, nodding in turn.

The metal dragon promptly stood up, and bent her head in return. “I will care for your son like he was my own hatchling,” she promised.

Daniel’s mother inhaled deeply, as if she had been waiting to breathe. “That is all I need to hear,” she sighed in relief. Wrapping an arm around her, Daniel’s father pulled her close and gave her a gentle squeeze.

“I imagine that Pearl would like to fully stretch her wings. Perhaps, you can take her outside,” she suggested, slowly getting to her feet. Straightening her arms against her sides, she held her palms parallel to the floor, and slowly her feet left the floor. With a wink at Quip, and a reassuring pat on her concerned daughter-in-law’s arm, she glided over to the stairs. Before, she descended the flight of steps, she called back to Pearl.  “Thank you, Pearl,” she expressed her gratitude to the dragon with a deep bow.

“No,” Pearl shook her tiny metal head. “Thank you for this opportunity. Daniel is a special boy; he has the ability to do great things,” she declared.

All eyes fell on Daniel, and he felt the blood rushing to his face. The adults shared a look that Daniel felt meant something only he couldn’t understand. His grandmother broke eye contact first, and began floating down the stairway. His parents flashed him a smile before they followed her.

“What kind of great things?” Daniel wanted to know as soon as they were alone.

“That depends entirely on you,” Pearl answered simply. “Shall we go outside?” she asked changing the subject. “I would love to really test these strange metal wings,” she added, unfolding a wing and looking at it curiously.

Crouching for a jump, she alternated her weight between one back leg and then the other, before she flapped her wings hard. With that, she lifted off the ground and ascended toward Daniel, settling on his shoulder. Daniel liked the feel of the small dragon possessively clutching his shoulder. When he started walking, her metal toes gripped him harder for stability. Daniel prepared himself for the sharp clinch of metal claws digging into his skin, but Pearl seemed to know just how much she could squeeze without bringing pain.

As soon as he stepped out onto the porch, Pearl practically erupted from his shoulder, and took to the skies. Daniel could feel the rush of tiny bursts of wind brush his face as she ascended. Circling Daniel, she flew higher and higher, until she was nothing more than a tiny speck.

Daniel struggled to keep his eyes on her, as she swooped and twirled testing her new wings. Suddenly, she dove toward the Earth, and Daniel gasped in fear. She came within a few feet of hitting the ground in front of him, when she quickly pulled up, and rushed over his head ruffling his hair as she passed.

Daniel watched her in fascination. The metal figure soared gracefully reminding him of a bird lithely balanced on the blowing breeze. She began to descend, and Daniel thought she was preparing to land, when she turned toward the forest. Dipping low, she skimmed the tree tops. Before long, Daniel lost sight of the tiny metal figure. He assumed she would return momentarily, but after a few of the longest minutes of his life he began to worry. Then, his worry turned into sheer panic. Inside that manmade shell she was a wild dragon, and now she was free.

© 2014 Kjerstina House

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Added on October 3, 2014
Last Updated on October 3, 2014
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Daniel's Early Days: A Young Wizard's Story