A Poem by K-mo

We all are broken, we all cry, we all sometimes feel empty inside.
Take comfort in what I say, there comes a time when everything will
be okay. Things may seem like they wont turn around, but give it time, 
things may seem pointless when you lose track of your mind. Don't let 
your mind sway you, don't forget what you know is true, because it will
be harder to get up when you have farther to fall, and this I know is something
that is not what I would want to see you go through. Take hold of my hand my dear,
don't be afraid of the things you just heard, I will be there for you and you know you 
can hold tight to my word. We all need someone to show us the right way, but you got 
to trust that I will be there for you everyday. I wont forget that you were there for me too,
you helped me see things that I never thought were possible, and I owe it to you. 
We all are broken, we shatter like glass. The more pieces you pick up, the more risk of bloodshed,
but it will be worth it to see your happiness again, I take comfort in you; my true friend. So many 
times I thought I knew someone, so many times they prove I was wrong, but you have always surprised 
me in ways that have made me hold on. 

© 2014 K-mo

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Truly a heartfelt message felt from your poem and the understanding of your speaker is apparent. Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 1, 2014
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