Cactus and Cat Tounge [Inner Turmoil]

Cactus and Cat Tounge [Inner Turmoil]

A Poem by -cradle therapy-


Maybe I'm the one that's crazy

Or maybe I'm alone

Serving a greater purpose

That I was lead to believe


Maybe these eyes weren't meant for seeing

But for being mislead

One amoung the herd

Biting my tounge


Electro-shock and several personalities

Cloth in my mouth and spiders in my hair

My hands rough

Like cactus and cat tounge


These dim blue eyes are blind to the truth

Teeth falling on my tounge and blood in my throat

Wrists tied to the table

And tears stuck on the lower rim


In this life

There are two struggles

Those that are never ending

And inner turmoil


In this turmoil of mine

I'm drowning in a sea of blank expressions

Light quashed, hopes broken

Rainbows coloured a shade of gray


Step by step, fall in line

Hands pressed against glass

Breaking out, but glass being replaced

By something darker and more permanent.


Maybe I'm just crazy

Maybe the right answer isn't the best

I'll smile and fold my hands

Sitting at a desk waiting to be somebody


Actually, wait

I forgot to mention something

You said you'd remember my name, right?

Have you remembered yet?


I'll sit and stare at the wall

Hands pressed against something soft

Crooked smiles and painted anxiety

Let's take a ride and become someone new


Eyes slit, cut, and daring

Reaching out despite these chains

Rattling against my ankle

I fall, and my screams are painted gray


Goodnight hope and loyalty

Goodnight dreams and joy

It's no mystery, I'm quite aware

You're in love with the turmoil inside

© 2012 -cradle therapy-

Author's Note

-cradle therapy-
Yesh, another poem based off a song I cant get out of my head.

This song?

"Turmoil" by Sonny Moore. The lines that inspired the poem were:

-"It's no mystery to us at all...we all know how you love your turmoil."

-"Talk about how I owe you, but for what? So lets get back to the point!"

-"Lets take a ride, we can change our names."

Thats it. :3 <3

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I absolutely loved this. It's absolutely amazing, and I loved it. I applaud you!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love the beginning. I love the end. You lost me a bit in the middle. I know I've been gone for quite some time, and I've missed a lot of your work and progression, but from a year ago today, you've grown so much. Your phrasing, although still direct, isn't quite as it was before. Your topics are much murkier, muddier. Complicated. But I respect that. This was very good. I'm probably biased, but I still love your "When I Die" poem. That may not be the title, but it still is my favorite. :)

Maybe these eyes weren't meant for seeing
But for being mislead
One amoung the herd
Biting my tounge

^ This line is my favorite.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I always loved reading your poems. ^^ This one is no exception. I was just wondering if you meant to put "tounge" or were you meaning to write "tongue"? Great read otherwise. :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

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-cradle therapy-
-cradle therapy-

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