My Dear

My Dear

A Poem by Kousika

My love life goes this way...


                             MY DEAR

The day I saw you first                             

gave me a good warm .. aura..                                     

I was eagering to talk,

smile and have an enormous

time with you….

But God made me to wait.. and

understand you from distance.. At that time,

The look that you show                      

when you see me , make

me melt like a snow that

sees the sunshine .. which closes

it’s face in shyness ..:-))

Your eyes, oh god, I believe

that was created for me.

The way you tell me Good morning and

make a glance at me.. That

each and every day makes me

feel Amen took me to heaven..

where He showed me a world..

only you and me.. There, angels dancing .. singing ..

laughing .. and wishing us..


After waiting a long like a bee that waits

for a flower, God gave a golden opportunity..

Finally, you called on a NEW YEAR

to tell that you are for me !!!

From there on we started keeping our

footsteps together.. started chatting, smiling ,

looking at each other beautifully..

Our gorgeous way of talking

through eyes..

Your charming bye in the road at the evening..

Your waving hands and smile portrayed many many

words.. which only came into the world and traversed

wonderfull paths to reach it’s destiny..

My eyes..:-))

Then we became close.. close..

closer.. closest..


The way you talked made me feel you’re a

small baby much of innocence..

I say, my beloved, the similarities that we got during our initial days are the root cause for our sweet relationship..

You know in class I used to dream

of topics to talk with

you in the evening.. But more surprising is that you too do the same and

ask me the same questions and topics that I

thought.. What a living we are.. !!

Are we made for each other ! ??  WHO KNOWSs..

The small small astonishment that you give

me is all the root and core.. I would say,

it’s the essence that made me to create a world

of OUR’S ....


Finally God made a day to know

who we are to each other.. One fine evening,

 when you told me I LOVE YOU,

actually , I was flying in the sky .. universe ..

even top than that..  

Though I knew this day would come,

I never regretted or avoided you..

Because , I don’t want anyone to misplace

your footprints in my life..

I don’t want to make you wait for a long da ..

How can I make you hang on when I had such

a greater and sweeter love for you had. !! !!

That day gave me two extreme feel .. a greater

happiness and also a greatest fear.. but I was sure that I shouldn’t leave you at any


From then, you holded me in your

hands.. kept me warm all the time.

Took care of me in the way that I expected

and dreamt of my hubby .. Each time when we get coincidence, I feel like you are for me.. only for me.. !!!!

You always stood in front of me

and tackled my problem as if it were yours.


You never expected anything

from me. Loved the way I am !!

The way you care me make my love

to incline .. rise .. slope .. hill ..

The dreams that we shared daily..

Our manner of seeing each other

when we come opposite in the corridor..

Everything that we did was good..

is better in memory.. will be the best

in heart $$


I never think other than you

I get a smile when I think of you.

I get a good feel when I close my eyes

and remind you of..

I laugh like a small baby with no reason

when I think you of.. when my friendz

use your name to see that small

lovable smile in my cheeks..when dudes uses

to make my face whitish with shyness..

You know everything is like a fairy

world where my only job is to think of

you love you care you..


I love our love so much dear..

the reason is just because it’s

you, myy darl..

I say da, I cannot live a life without you.

How can I live when you are my heart ..mind ..feel .. life and everything.. ??


I am eagering to sit near you, see your eyes closer,hold your hands, walk in the road along with you,

smile with you, lay on your shoulder ,as in one of your

dream hold your hand and walk in the darkness ..

The way we look each other without knowing to anyone.. The tactic that we use

to see each other by lying on the bench !!

The secret chocolates that I find in my book

kept by my life.. The surprising flower petals I get in my book when I open it with a haste..

The small smile you get when you saw my pen in your book..:-))

The face that is already looking me in prayer

when I raise my head to see.. And by looking at that

lovely face I put my head down in shyness.. with a cute smile..

By seeing that you too get a tiny laugh and turn your face..

Oh god ,please give me those golden days back..

I want those days .. To be with my love life ..

The way you introduced me to your bro ..  the

way your mom likes me and calls.. love when your

dad calls marumagale .. sweetness of akka..

all was gifted only to me.. Feel I am the luckiest in this world da . .

To get a family like this. .which father will love and care for

her daughter in law this much..  who will care even after

knowing that her son loves another girl equal to his mom..

who will not have ego even when knowing his bro

likes a girl the most in this world..:-)J

I assure you dear that my family will surely accept you

with greater and greater  pleasure.. which dad will portray no

when he comes to know that a guy cares for his daughter more

than him !! which aunt will not accept his son in law family

when she knows that his family holds her daughter in their hand

as if she is their pearl !!

my sis will be pleased to see us together..

I know all this will happen some day or the other..

I pray GOD will surely bless me with a greatest gift , itz none

other  than YOUUUU my sweetheart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




© 2015 Kousika

Author's Note

Send me your feedback about my first writing...which will improvise me..

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nice story telling, a lovely piece. Enjoyed reading it :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thankssss.... :))))
It is a very warm and loving poem of a great love The story keeps you involved as the poem develops right in front of you.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

:)) Oh thanks for your sweet comment..
Deep and touching.
Just reading it twice.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh.. thanks a lott..
you know reading ithis again and again will make you go into a different.. read more

8 Years Ago

Definitely.... You are right.
Welcome ....
A beautiful and powerful story for love in the poem.
"I pray GOD will surely bless me with a greatest gift , itz none
other than YOUUUU my sweetheart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I liked how you led to the perfect ending. Thank you for sharing your amazing poetry. You gave me positive motivation to write tonight.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh .. I'm impressed by your words.. Send me your poem that you gonna write today..
Coyote Poetry

8 Years Ago

Thank you. You are very kind.
amazing i cant imagine that anyone can think so much deeply about this kind of love and its really a child love story....actually love always teach to live bravely....thats why no castle nprince no princess in this world...may be if someone gets it will be incrediable amazing...

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks a lot to give such a sweet review.. :))
Tel how you see it..
Let me get something frm your love..

Posted 8 Years Ago

It's so deep... You're so good at this, keep up the good work!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you ...
It's full of love and emotion and I really do love it!!
I love how you tell a story and it really is beautiful.
The only thing is, your lines are a bit... well it just sounds a bit cut off. So to help it flow better put your lines together and use a new line to create tension and such. For example:

"The way you introduced me to your bro .. the
way your mom likes me and calls.. love when your
dad calls marumagale"

It would flow better if you do this:

"The way you introduced me to your bro...
The way your mom likes me and calls love
When your dad calls marumagale"

It flows better and is easier to read. But other than that I really do love it. Thanks for sharing. ^.^
I hope this helps a bit

Posted 8 Years Ago

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