A Poem by Kousika

A girl's life goes as..


Girls..  Life alike angels..

Showered with gifts..

With Mom’s everlasting affection..

With Dad’s great love and compassion..

Father  is more passionate for daughter,

for she is her next mother, life, love..

Everything.. Everything..


My dad decreased his age 

to start his life with me from young days..

 He is my mirror.. Laughed when my cheeks

expanded.. Water flowed when I dropped

one tear.. Hands widened when I came running..

He, great person in my life.. Father great man

in girl’s world..


He shouted with joy  when I uttered ‘A’..

Clapped aloud when I stood in my own legs..

Hugged when I came running with

my small bag.. He did nothing for his

self or mom either..


Felt weird when I joined higher studies kilometres away..

He was my ladder, my God, my friend, my life..

How can I leave him ‘cause of a guy..?

for my father was my fulfilment.. !


Marriage.. A great wall between daughter and father..

How can I live without him?

To whom will I rely on rather than

my God.????

Tears of two extremes ran down

to expand the length of the fellow’s cheeks..

The happiness yet the sorrow too..

Though he describes the goodness of

the guy, my eyes were fixed to  father’s

eyes.. his happy sadness.. But he didn’t gaze me

‘cause how can he hand over his angel to others..

Now he focused on me.. But I couldn’t..!!

How can I leave my dad’s finger and catch someone else..??


Questions itched my brain..

Will that stranger be like my dad??

Can he console and make me laugh

alike my daddy..??

Is only girl’s life like this?

How can man be so selfish??


Being a girl is something great with

full of strange happenings..!!!




© 2015 Kousika

Author's Note

Proud to be a woman.. You are the strong..

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All father's want their children to be safe and sound.
"Questions itched my brain..
Will that stranger be like my dad??
Can he console and make me laugh
alike my daddy..??"
I believe all of us learn. The kindness of warm house and kind voice is rare. I enjoyed the poem. Left the reader with a lot to think about.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

reviews make me to work n think more ) thankss..
Coyote Poetry

8 Years Ago

Was my pleasure and you are welcome.
hmmmm.extremelly nice
be greatful for being a girl

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Always.. Thanks pa..
Great work kousika! Something that all of us can relate to. Lucid and intense work(y)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thanks dear.. Happy that u liked it..
It's amazing! You narrated the whole feeling around a girl.... every girl will have that nagging fear.

Parent's love can't ever be replaced.

P.S Happy to know that you too from TN. :D

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks ma.. Im too happy that someone more is there here from my place///

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Tamil Nadu, India

I am passion lover who wishes to do something that makes me and my surroundings happy :) I am a final year engineering student.. I wana live my life thoroughly, enjoy to my fullest and mark my footpri.. more..

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A Story by Kousika

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