My Girl

My Girl

A Story by Kousika

My lovable girl. angel..


The longing minutes for love is the most wonderful and sweetest moments in this world than honey.. One day, I was in the bus stop waiting for her.. Actually, she was not late but I was too early. Woke up early, bathed earlier, got ready in less time than ever before.. Yet everything was nice, cute, maddy..

When she, my girl was coming towards me searching where I could stand for her, I got lost myself in her.. Her walk, her way of approach towards me was awesome. When she found me standing for her, standing for my girl, she smiled and closed her one side face with her small whitish hand. I smiled and told hai. She gazed me like I am only for her, like I am her man, like she wants to marry me at that moment... Then, we walked together in the lonely road without talking much.. But silence spoke more. Our eyes spoke more. When I see her, she put her face down with a cute smile.

When she sees me, I make a naughty smile and make her more smiley. When we were about to catch hold of other’s hand, Greedy nature played a game. Rain started throwing it’s greediness in the form of rain. Unexpectedly she held my hand tightly. I saw her with astonishment.

She portrayed for how long will you be staring at me simply ?

My eyes, my lips, my body touched her’s to convey for how long it is gona hold it.. !!


© 2015 Kousika

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A lot said in the short story. I liked the thoughts and the longing in the words. The description create concern and love for another. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh thanks for your review... )
Coyote Poetry

8 Years Ago

You are welcome.

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I am passion lover who wishes to do something that makes me and my surroundings happy :) I am a final year engineering student.. I wana live my life thoroughly, enjoy to my fullest and mark my footpri.. more..

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A Story by Kousika