The Return of Shoo

The Return of Shoo

A Chapter by Koyoumi

Shoo causes a big bunch at school, as always! Join along Lila, Shoo, Angela, Marco, and Timmy and their adventures!

We join our bros as they first check their school timetables.

"Who are you guys anyway?"
"Yo yo yo I am Felice" said Felice, pretending to be cool.
"Yo yo yo I am Shoo" said Shoo, who was actually really cool!
"Our next class is next" said Angela.
"I noticed. We should go together." said Lila.
So they did.

When they got to class they went in and went to their chairs.
The chairs were hard and made from wood. Probably hard wood.
They sat down on their chairs (different ones).
At that moment Shoo came into the class room.
"omg! look its Shoo " said Angela.

"Welcome class" said the teacher.
"Your first class, ever, is business studies. So open your books to page 86 and start learning."
Lila started learning intensely. Her mind was filled with Business Studies.
Felice was actually trying to learn stuff, but failed to because she sucked hard.
Shoo looked like he was studying, but Lila knew that he was clearly just faking it. Probably cheating. Yes, he was cheating at learning.

"Stop cheating!" said Lila
"Screw you!" said Shoo

The teacher turned around.

"Who said that?"
"Lila and Shoo did!" said Felice, who was keen to grass people up. Because Felice sucks.
"This is my final warning you two!" said Teacher.
Lila went back to her design and technology book to continue learning.

Shoo, however, had other evil plans.
He cackled.
"You cant make me actually do work you idiots. I am Shoo!"

From his desk he then got out lazer gun and fired a few rounds at the teacher.
All the rounds missed, but the teacher was startled and had to take a Holiday

"hahaha...thats better." said Shoo.

 Lila got up
"This is wrong. You cant do this"
"Whos going to stop me? you? You're just a pipsqueak. I eat that for lunch!"


"Would Lila and Shoo please report to my office".
"crap he must have heard the shot fired"

(A/N - Actually it was Felice who secretly told the principal. Because they sucked and were always a nark.)

They both walked in silence to the principal's office.
"Sit down" said the principal.

They did so. Lila wondered what would happen. There was plenty of witnesses to what Shoo did. But would they dare tell?

"So, Shoo, I heard you did something rather naughty to Teacher"
"yes sir"

Lila breathed a sigh of relief. Good! The principal knows! Shoo must be going to get expelled! Wait...why did he admit it though?

"I had to Sir. You see.....the teacher was a spy!"

Lila and the principal looked shocked.

"yes sir, a spy"

The principal couldn't punish Shoo if he did that to a spy. That makes him a school hero! And no one could prove the teacher wasn't a spy!

"Ok Shoo you can go. "

Noooo! thought Lila. He got away with it!

"You, Lila,however will have to have some detentions. You have no excuse for what you did!"

Lila was depressed. She lost this round it seems. But she knew for future reference that Shoo was evil. She knew they would fight again, and next time she would have to win!

© 2017 Koyoumi

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Added on October 29, 2017
Last Updated on October 29, 2017
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