Friendship and Labor

Friendship and Labor

A Chapter by Koyoumi

Lila has something to say, but what could it be? Will it ruin the friendship between her friend and her?

"Wait," said Angela to Lila. "Waitup!"
Lila waited for her to arrive.

"I have to tell you something," Angela said while she barely dared to look at Lila.
"What is it," Lila said, "You can tell me anything."

"It's.... I think.... I'm not sure but... oh gosh, I'm embarrassing myself, Angela said with the cuttest giggle Lila had ever seen her show.

"I think I... I think I love Timmy!"

And with those words, Lila's heart sank. Because really... really she loved Timmy.

Lila sat there, at home. But she didn't want to go anywhere. The weight on her heart was too heavy to bare. And so she laid down on her bed and stared at the ceiling while listening to her favourite songs.

~~~Through days dark and stormy where Great Lenin lead us
Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above
And Stalin our leader with faith in the people,
Inspired us to build up the land that we love.~~~

Lila then rose up again. She would not give up that easily! No, Timmy's love would be hers!

"Angela!" Lila yelled. She looked up. Lila couldn't wait to tell her her true feelings!
Angela, Lila said with a quivering lip. Her heart beating like a drum.
"I'm sorry I li-."

Angela looked up at her and said those simple, beautiful words: "I know."

© 2017 Koyoumi

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Added on October 29, 2017
Last Updated on October 29, 2017
Tags: friendship, lila, romance