Chapter III: Evil Following

Chapter III: Evil Following

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Marie comes in and tries to tell the group about the evil spirit. However she brings something else darker.


Chapter III

Evil Following


            The scene picks off where Alan, Limbo, and Nebula are in the house. They hear a knock three times behind the front door. Alan walks to the door, opens it as the friction and creaking sound of the door can be heard. He looks down on the girl whose face is slightly sad. She puts up a smile to hide what is behind her face. Her name is Marie. When she looks closer at Alan’s face, she begins to changer her happy face to a face reflecting fear.


Marie: (afraid and shy) uuuhh mister?


Alan: What is it?


Marie: Well….uuuhhh….uuummm…. I have a question to ask you.


            Alan squints his eyes at Marie to get a better look at her.


Marie: Oh I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself…..I am Marie…..Marie Quinn!


Alan: (closing the door) If you are here to sell girl scout cookies, then do it somewhere else.




Alan opens up the door and looks closer at Marie.


Marie: I know who you are. You’re Alan Harkison. The dark exorcist. The one who travels through the minds of the one who gets possessed.


Alan: Why are you here? How did you know about this place?


            Alan grabs Marie by the arm and takes her inside the house. He pushes her aside taking out his palm blades and stares at her with a threatening stance. Nebula comes behind Alan with a gloomy mood to ease Alan.


Alan: This one here knows who I am. AND I DEMAND TO KNOW HOW!!


Marie back away when she sees his blades. Alan walks slowly up to her.


Alan: (in a more angry mood) ANSWER ME!!!!


Marie stands still in shock. His aggressive stance freezes Marie’s movements. She shivers as she looks at Alan.


Nebula: Her brother needs an exorcism.


Alan’s blades slide back into his palms. He sits down on the couch looking at Marie.


Alan: Alright, what’s the story?


Marie: Well….there is an evil spirit, an … angry one… He made my brother a very violent boy, and a monster. Not even ordinary ropes could hold him back. The room started shaking, the lamps were craking…and…


Alan: Who was the spirit?


Marie: (in fear) It never said its own name, but it said it knows you.


Alan: WHAT!?


            Alan gets up and advances to Marie. Marie walks back and leans on a wall.


Limbo: How would it know him?


Marie: I…I don’t know.


Alan: Did I drive it out from someone’s body?


Marie:  I don't know. In fact, it says that it was looking for you since four hundred years ago.


Nebula: (looks at the window) We have company.


Alan looks out to the window and sees the fog advancing. Limbo sees the fog as well.


Limbo: ALAN!


Alan: (pulling out his hatchet and blades) I know.


            Behind the fog, there are multiple dark shadows moving. They reveal themselves to be freaks crawling around the trees. They jump from branch to branch, leaping around the woods. Their claws scratch the branches and the bark. They advance closer to the house.


Alan: Nebula, make sure the girl is secure.


            Nebula holds the girl’s hand, opens a plank from the floor, and jumps down with her. They both hide in the basement. Alan exits out of the house with his weapons. He looks around and sees the freaks crawling on the ground.




            One freak charges at Alan but he expels several blades from his palm onto the freak’s face. Alan swings his hatchet and chops off one leg. The freak screams as the blood sprays from the wound. He chops the face afterwards. Three freaks orbit around Alan but he spins his chained blades on his palms and extends the chains. The freaks lose their limbs and heads. Alan’s smile begins to increase in size. His happy mood stares at the other freaks. He throws a chained blade onto a branch and pulls himself up there. He is on the trees with his blades.




            Alan throws a chained blade onto the freak and pulls it towards him. He penetrates the freak’s mouth with his other palm blade. When the freak finishes disintegrating, he pulls out his hatchet and dismembers the freaks the jump onto the tree. He splits a head in two watching the blood splatter. Alan then strikes a freak’s stomach, and then chops the freak’s spine. He kicks it away, grabs another freak and throws him away. When more freaks jump on the branch, he chops it off and throws his chained blade onto another branch. Alan begins to laugh more. The freaks fall down along with the branch. When they get up, they receive the rapid fire of blades in their faces and chests. The blood drips from the wounds. Alan drops down and lands with his hatchet. Limbo walks out of the house looking at the blood that splattered. Since every freak disintegrated, they are all gone.


Limbo: Were those…freaks?


Alan: (smiling) Yes….they were. And they must have found a way to enter in this place.


            Alan begins to get angrier.




            Marie hears a loud opening of the door. Alan opens the basement door and pulls her out. He slaps Marie at the left side of the face. She screams from the pain. Marie collapse onto the floor holding her face.




            Marie begins to cry after the instant she got hit. Her tears and crying restrict her from saying a word. Alan looks at Marie with disappointment.


Limbo: ALAN…FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE….SHE IS A GIRL! A LITTLE GIRL! I mean, she wouldn’t have wanted to kill you.




Nebula: (looking gloomy) She cannot answer any of your questions now. But she has come a long way for you.


Alan: (calming down) You said that she came in peace.


Nebula: I could not sense the enemies.


Limbo: (to Nebula) Well I really can’t blame you for that since they are gone. (turning to Alan) But you Alan….it took no effort for you to take out those freaks. However, they really have no free will. They don’t wander off their own. But Marie said that there was an unknown evil spirit that knows you. Could that be the unified force that controlled the freaks. But you seem to have a lot of fun in killing those freaks like you did at the minds of people.


Alan: (in a dark mood) Either way, they are not supposed to be in the mind.


            The fog begins to clear up. The sun can be finally seen which lights up the house. Nebula hugs Marie and holds her in her arms. Marie’s crying begins to stop. She progressively stops tearing. After she stops, she looks at Alan.


Alan: We need to know about the whole story. You said nothing about those things. The spirit that you were talking about isn’t just an ordinary angry one. It’s something else!


Limbo: Did you know who that is?


Alan: Let’s just get out of here before it causes more trouble. Marie, you are going to have to take us to your brother. That thing has been waiting for too long. It’s time to kill it.


           Several hours passes by instantly. Alan walks through the woods with Marie, Limbo, and Nebula. Nebula and Marie hold hands as they travel through the trees. Alan looks around him cautiously for more freaks. 

Limbo leaps across from the roots. The sun lights up the path from the widespread of branches above. Marie looks at Alan with fear as she walks with Nebula. Nebula still has a gloomy and sad face. Limbo looks up to Alan and sees that he bought an alcohol flask. Alan drinks from it for a second and puts it back in his trench coat. His eyes are red and his sweat increases as he walks through the woods. Alan and Limbo are the first ones to exit from the woods and see the city from a distance. They look at the giant urban view when they stop. Nebula and Marie are the ones who still remain in the woods but are not far from Alan and Limbo.

Marie: (in her mind) Could Mr. Harkison be a demon himself? He is really scary. He is such a monster.


Nebula: No.... he isn’t a monster, he is a victim of demons.


Marie: (surprised) How…how did you…..?


Nebula and Marie stop walking. Nebula kneels down to Marie placing her hand on Marie's face.

Nebula: (in a monotonous tone) That’s my ability. But don't be afraid Marie. He is the only one who can save your brother. 

Limbo: NEBULA....MARIE!!!!

Nebula turns to Limbo. Marie does likewise.

Limbo: Come on, don't you want to save your brother. Alan says that we might not have much time left. Let's go.

Marie: (standing up tall) Right!

To Be Continued 

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So what do you think? What will happen next? Any flaws.

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Gripping and action packed story, fraught with demons, freaks, interesting ( and tortured! ) characters. Can't help but wonder what this malignant force is that has a hold on Marie's younger brother? I suppose I'll have to wait to find out...but not too long I hope!
Great story thus far...

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

I can tell you that it's a very intense force that grips on Marie's brother. And thanks Dean. It wil.. read more

8 Years Ago

the fourth chapter is out right now


Woah, the plots really building. I can't help but wonder why the freaks are able to leave the mind and enter reality. Aww, how cute, Alan's game is now available in both worlds. ~I enjoyed reading Alan's sadistic slaughter, but I have to condemn him for slapping Marie-- bad Alan! Great chapter and good job leading up to the start of the main plot.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

yeah Alan is a wild card and a loose cannon. And yes this is where the main plot begins. Are you rea.. read more
Writer #00

8 Years Ago

I'm about to find out. Yes, typically drunk child-abusers are bad. I've enjoyed reading your book .. read more
dialogue is so real, i wanna commend you for that

Posted 8 Years Ago

put the friction sound stuff in brackets.
change not changer
good flow.
yet again there is a paragraph of limbo's thatb has too amny thoughts together. is there anything you can do? its from well...people.
good. i like this one. it was much easier to follow.
good work

Posted 8 Years Ago

Love the violence in this, nice and vivid!
The bit with the chained blade and the palm blade going through the freak's mouth - epic.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.

8 Years Ago

thanks Anubis. I used a lot of violence in this story and it gets crazy as it progresses.
I am glad you have been busy writing. It gives me a break just to read like crazy. Great story. Loved the short battle,all I can say is I want more. So I am turning the page.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Gripping and action packed story, fraught with demons, freaks, interesting ( and tortured! ) characters. Can't help but wonder what this malignant force is that has a hold on Marie's younger brother? I suppose I'll have to wait to find out...but not too long I hope!
Great story thus far...

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

I can tell you that it's a very intense force that grips on Marie's brother. And thanks Dean. It wil.. read more

8 Years Ago

the fourth chapter is out right now

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