Chapter V: Entering Wonderland

Chapter V: Entering Wonderland

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Alan begins to enter in Solomon's world with the group. So what lies behind the wonderland that Solomon creates and alters? Can this be intense?


Chapter V

Entering Wonderland


            The scene picks off at the subway station. Alan walks up the stairs with Nebula and Marie. Limbo stealthily walks with them. The crowd noise fills the air of the station. Many voices from the crowd gets into Alan’s ears. When Alan exits out of the station, he finds himself on the streets. He looks around observing the traffic, cars, and people walking. Alan pulls out his alcohol flask and drinks from it. He turns back and sees a woman in a worn out dress. She stands by the stairs holding a child by his hand. The little boy and the woman looks at Alan, frowning. The child wears pilgrim clothes. Limbo and Marie look at Alan.


Limbo: Alan….what’s going on?


            Alan drops his alcohol flask on the ground. The woman begins to burn but does not mind the fire. The boy burns as well but his emotionless face is still on him. The woman and the boy walk down the station. No one notices the burning woman and boy.


Alan: Ali, Danny,? Why?


Limbo: Alan, don’t do this! Don’t follow them! They are not real! I don’t even see them!


Nebula: (looking down) They are only illusions. It is Solomon’s work.


Alan: (picking the flask back up) Then we are getting warmer.


Limbo: You are always falling for illusions, tricks, and your own mind. When are you ever going to get out of that Alan? I hope you know that if you keep on falling for that, then Solomon has a great advantage!


Alan: DON’T OVERESTIMATE THAT THING! I can kill it again. Are you on its side?


Limbo: No, it’s just that it’s never dull when you are around. But hey, we are going to be in this together!


Alan: I am sure it’s easier for you to say that now after you were the first one to give up.


Limbo: Alan, you know what I was thinking back there. That thing scares me and it nearly killed you. I sometimes saw him but he could never hurt me. But now that Marie triggered it, it got into the world and took over her brother.


Alan: I kept on seeing that thing too. It could never touch me! (turning to Marie) But yeah, Limbo was right, you did trigger that damn thing! You had to do it instead of letting your brother die peacefully. You goddamn little ignorant scum!


            Alan slaps Marie at the left cheek. She doesn’t scream and cry. Nebula grabs Alan’s wrist softly, feeling sad. The crowd looks directly at Alan’s bitter face.


Crowd: Did that man just slap that girl?


Limbo: D****t! This isn’t good! Alan, why did you have to do that?


One man comes up to him aggressively.




            The man begins to grab his trench coat but he doesn’t move.


Man: You just hit that little girl right there, didn’t you.


            Alan smashes the man’s head with his fists. He kicks the stomach and throws the man onto the wall. Several more men come in and see the injured man struggling to get up. Alan looks back at the men.


Alan: Please, don’t waste my time.


            The men begin to advance.


Man 2: That was our friend you just assaulted!


Alan: (smiling) Really!


            Alan runs into the alley laughing. The men follow him and pull out pocketknives. One of them charges at Alan but he pulls out his hatchet in an instant. The man loses his left hand quickly.  The man screams in agony as Alan laughs in happiness and joy. The other men step back.


Alan: (laughing) You…you all are just pathetic! Now I would love it if all of you just came in here and got butchered like pigs! Come on! There is nothing better than a good work out!


            The men start to walk backwards slowly. The injured man runs away but trips. He looks at Alan with fear as he holds his spraying wound.


Alan: Aawww. But if you all are going to run away, let’s make a deal shall we. Why don’t you all make up a story about your buddy’s missing hand, and never say a word about me. What do you say!


            The men run away in fear. Alan puts his hatchet away laughing. Limbo comes by walking on the blood.


Limbo: Alan, what the hell is your problem! We have to get out of here!


Alan: (laughing) Did you just see their faces, they won’t say a word, not a single damn word!


Limbo: Yeah but you didn’t have to start a fight in the first place.


Alan: (smiling) Me, start a fight? I didn’t have to. Regular people like them are savages. They always believe the fault is not theirs. They shouldn’t have interfered with me! They don’t know up from down Limbo! You see, we are lucky we don’t have to live with those animals.


Limbo: Come on Alan, let’s go, before you attract more attention with that ugly laughing face of yours.


The scene transitions to midnight. Alan walks through the night alone with Nebula and Limbo. Marie with her red sore face holds Nebula’s hand as Alan slouches as he walks. He once again hears voices.


Voice 1: Alan, that was really nice from what you did there!


Voice 2: No, you just hurt that poor man. He lost his hand thanks to you.


Voice 1: Hey, he had to do whatever it took to survive. I mean that man could have killed him.


Marie: Why does he talk to himself like that?


            When Marie looks up at Nebula, a tear trips down from Nebula’s eye. She does not wipe it away as she still continues to walk.


Marie: You care for him, don’t you? As much as he talks like a mad man and hits me?


Limbo: Marie, Alan has a lot going on in him. He never used to be like this. If you lived from four hundred years ago and met him, you would be surprised to see him now.


            A female stray cat comes from an alley. She chases Limbo from a distance.


Limbo: WHAT..NO!


            He starts to run away from the curb. He runs across the road.


Limbo: D****t, not now!


            Marie begins to smile and giggle a bit. She holds Nebula’s hand tightly. Nebula also smiles and wipes the tear from her face.




            Marie and Nebula laugh for a while.


Voice 2: Well would you look at that? Now that looks like a cartoon. Wouldn’t you say?


Voice 1: Yeah, let that black cat get tormented for a while. It’s good exercise!


                        Limbo jumps on the parked car and runs on the roof.


Voice 2: Please, don’t say tormented. But you could say that he got hit on! Some cat is in love with Limbo. Speaking of love, do you remember your love back then.


Voice 1: D****T, WHAT THE HELL! DON’T SAY THAT! You are reminding him.


The female cat tries to jump on the front of the car but Limbo still stays up there.


Voice 2: What, I am just trying to make a point.


Voice 1: But look at him and be quiet. Why do you think he has been trying to drink a lot lately? He is trying to get that out of his mind. Don’t ever mention that ever again!


The cat still desperately tries to climb on the car but Alan faces his palm at the cat. He screams and shoots a blade on the ground next to the cat. The cat gets jumped by the blade and runs away. Limbo looks at Alan stunned.


Alan: There Limbo, you're welcome!


Limbo: Oh thank god for you Alan. You see, It’s hard being a cat! Things like that make it really…really difficult to stay in the group.


Alan: Yeah you can say that! In fact we have to keep moving.


            The scene transitions to Mr. and Mrs. Quinn in the house. She hugs him tightly wiping her tears. The father holds her looking down. The loud banging and screams can be heard.








            Freaks burst the door open and grab the Quinns. The Quinns scream in fear and stress. Drake’s possessed body walks out of the room and stands on front of the family.


Solomon: (using Drake’s body) He is coming! I can sense him!


            Drake’s body smiles as his purple veins are visible. He laughs furiously jumping on the ceiling. He crawls around it spinning his neck multiple times. The crackling can be heard and the tongue extends several inches longer. He drools saliva, vomit, and blood. His black and purple eyes are tearing blood. He laughs loudly as he scratches the walls and ceiling. His torso twists and curves in odd positions. He collapses onto the floor causing the nose to fracture. The bloody nose reshapes itself as Drake walks awkwardly around the room. He bangs his head onto a wall many times until the skull cracks. He turns to the Quinns smiling with his sharp teeth. He puts his fingers into each eye and pulls it out with the optic nerve still attached to his eye socket. The mother screams as the blood pours from Drake's sockets.


Solomon: (allowing Drake’s eyes to dangle as he speaks) Kicking out that pathetic girl was the best thing you guys ever did! Yeeeessss! Let her cry, let her be desperate for the love that she does not deserve! Now don’t you ever let her in, or you mortals will get it!


            The eyes crawl back up into the sockets that place them back in order. Solomon laughs furiously.


Solomon: Oh dark exorcist, you know it was your fault that your wife and child died. I know you haven’t blamed me, but you should still acknowledge it. It’s good to hear the truth over and over again!


            Marie opens the front door. Alan walks in with Nebula and Limbo. He pulls his palm blades as he approaches the house. Limbo turns to the kitchen and doesn’t see Drake.


Limbo: Hello….any body here? Mr. and Mrs. Quinn?


Nebula: They are in trouble.


            The freaks charge at Alan. He stabs each of them in an instant. He grabs one of them and throws it onto Drake. Drake punches it back to Alan. Alan dodges the freak.




            Drake’s head leans to its side.


Solomon: It’s good to see you! Now why don’t we sit down and have a nice chat.


            Limbo, Nebula, and Marie get pulled towards the table. They are aligned to sit at the chairs that are at the table. Alan gets levitated and thrown violently on the table.


Solomon: That’s very rude of you! Why don’t you sit down like a proper man?


            Alan gets forced to sit on a chair. The chair is at the longest end of the table. Drake crawls on the table and twists his neck backwards facing Alan. He walks on a crab stance causing his joints to crack.


Solomon: Marie, that’s very nice of you to come back after your parents threw you out of the house.


            The parents head at the kitchen as stare at Drake’s twisted body.


Solomon: Sooo…..Do you like games Mr. Harkison? Do you like to do what you do?


            Alan does not answer.


Mr. Quinn: DRAKE!!




Mr. Quinn: Marie, what are you doing here? Don’t come back before you cause more trouble!


Solomon: Relax dad, you should not be so hard on her for this time. She served her purpose in coming here. In fact, take a look at that man. She got him here.


Mrs. Quinn: (looking at Alan) Wait….are you that dark exorcist that the thing has been talking about.


Solomon: yyyyeeeeesssss! Why don’t you two meet Mister Alan Harkison the four hundred year old man. Sure he doesn’t look like he passed thirty yet, but look at that handsome face. It has been covered by the booze that he has been drinking! Don’t you like it?


Alan: Let’s just get to the point Solomon. What do you want?


Solomon: Ahhh, I want you to try to get me out of this boy. Just like the way you helped those people before. You are called the dark exorcist after all! Is that a name of a compliment and epic legend, or just pathetic notoriety?


Limbo: What the hell do you want in this?


            Drake’s head turns to Limbo.


Solomon: A talking cat….interesting! I wonder where you got that creature from! Well…..I guess that pets are allowed in this! So why don’t you join in the fun with Alan! The more the merrier.


            Drake turns to Nebula.


Solomon: Aaawww what a pretty young lady! She can understand anyone with her abilities. Sure she can understand people, but not beings like me. She can’t even say what I will say next. What number am I thinking?


            Nebula does not answer.




            Drake growls at Alan.    


Alan: 1692.




Alan: But I am right, am I?


Solomon: Yeeessss….how did you know?


Alan: It’s not that intricate Solomon. I know you hold a grudge from that time, other wise you wouldn’t have called me here….right! NOW GET TO YOUR GOD DAMN POINT YOU FREAK!


Solomon: Oh yes, right, now why don’t you all get up, and do your procedure.


            Alan gets up and stands on the table. Nebula holds Alan with one hand as Limbo lies on her shoulder. Marie stands back. Alan places his hand on Drake’s head.


Solomon: Now, I forgot the most important thing.


            A bible flies towards Alan. He catches it and opens it. He reads passages from the book. As Alan reads faster, Drake laughs.


Solomon: Marie, come and join us. I am sure you would love the great adventure.




            Marie gets dragged on the table. Drake’s hand grabs onto her head.




            Alan reads with a sigh. When he reads faster the furniture begins to shake. Limbo, Nebula, Marie, Alan, and Drake levitate from the table.


Limbo: uuuhhh….Alan…..I think you can stop now.


            Alan stops reading the passages. Multiple voices can be heard. Spirits fly across the kitchen. Plates get thrown out and collapse. The windows shatter and the chairs orbit around the table. The Quinns run away leaving them behind. Marie’s anxiety gets the best of her but not the best of Drake’s grip. Her head begins to bleed. Suddenly there is an earthquake in the house. Solomon’s laughter gets louder and louder. Blank space appears on front of Alan. It creates the house. Alan is alone. The furniture is properly aligned, the dishes are back, the window reflects the bright sun, and the chairs are back in place. Alan jumps off the table pulling out his hatchet and palm blades. Drake’s body is gone. He walks out of the house and sees the empty city. There are no pedestrians around, just him.




            Nebula, Limbo, and Marie exit from the house. They meet up with Alan.


Marie: Alan, Are we….?


Alan: Yes, we are here!


 The house behind them sinks into the ground instantly. The buldings tip over and shatter. Blood ink splatters from the ground. All the objects that are knocked over get slowed down by time. The road begins to increase in length fast. The sidewalks begin to crack. They twist and part away from eachother. The bright sun explodes causing a red moon to form. The daylight turns into darkness. Solomon’s loud laughter can be heard from the sky. Trees begin to grow at the size of the buildings. They have no leaves but they have long branches.


Solomon: Soooo, Alice in Wonderland….Alan in Wonderland….makes a perfect comparison, except THIS IS MY WONDERLAND. IT’S NOT DRAKE’S EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE HOST OF THIS WORLD. But the world you walk into is the result of my work. Do you like it?


Alan: (sarcastically) Yeah, its pretty!


Solomon: Aaaawwwww, thank you. Your quest begins here. But I would like you to have a nice lesson tonight. I am sure you are excited for this class to give you a lecture. Now as you all know, I am….a demon….an eternal being. And you know where demons “belong” right? At hell! So why do they all become so scattered, so angry, and so aggressive?


            There is a sudden silence. Alan looks up at the red moon. The others look around them cautiously.


Solomon: Well you all receive an F today for not answering the question. Your learning skills need to be improved. Ah well, demons like me get lonely, bored, and tired of sitting around at the underworld, watching people burn and scream in agony. It’s such a terrible, terrible place down there. I was chained down there, forever and ever. I could never get out. WRONG….I DID GET OUT!!! OTHER WISE I WOULDN’T BE HERE RIGHT NOW!


            Alan’s face turns bitter and angry.


Solomon: I HATE BEING DOWN THERE, I COULDN’T STAND THAT DAMN PLACE. So guess what, I came out a couple of centuries ago, and lived as a human. Now suppose I should tell you the penalty of playing human in their world!


Alan: Yeah, well you were terrible at it.


            There is a hole that forms underneath Alan. He gets a grip on the edge. Alan tries to pull himself up. Nebula rushes to him and grabs his arms.



Solomon: SILENCE ALAN! Now where was I, yeeesss! So if a demon plays as human in the mortal world, then they spend four hundred years in the eternal flame of hell. Now guess who had to do that. ME!! AND GUESS WHO WAS THAT DAMN MORTAL WHO KILLED ME!!! COME ON, YOU ALL HAVE TO USE YOUR POOR LEARNING SKILLS FOR THIS! Now can I give you a hint? He is a mad man, a lunatic, and a drunk. I was too polite in giving him the ability to live forever but that was a way for him to develop his insanity.


Alan: What are you talking about?


Solomon: A mortal cannot live forever, that is a rule. If that rule is broken, then the mortal can experience what it’s like to have mushed eggs for a brain.


            Solomon laughs furiously. His laughter becomes silent after a while. The road shifts into cobblestones and the urban background collapses. They now walk through the woods with tall trees.


To Be Continued          

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So what do you think of Alan now? What will happen next you think? Any flaws?

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Spine-chilling. Your story is moving wonderfully and the description of the scenes paint a very brutally vivid image in my mind, adding to the frightening effect of the story itself. I loved the Alice in Wonderland reference (I've always thought that a male Alice's name would be Alin's strange that we both made the connection). The allusion made me think of Deadman Wonderland which is a dark, grim wonderland anime Did you name Alan "Alan" because of Alan in Wonderland, or did you think of the wonderland bit after you gave Alan a name.

Great observation. I guess anyone would go insane after 400 years of life...that's five times longer than the average life-expectancy!


Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I did make a couple of references to anime but I also made a big one to the new Devil May Cry by nin.. read more
Great chapter, your imagination is excellent.
I'd love to see this turned into a TV show. It's definitely make a good anime!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago

some corrections. hope u dont mind.

finds himself on the streets
he looks around, observing
little boy and woman look at alan, frowning

after softly, place a comma. if not, someone would think she was softly feeling sad? i mean, can you feel sad roughly? ;)

the crowd look...
ambiguous pronouns. whose trench coat? who doesnt move?
i know you mean alan but those are stuff that make SAT sentence correction questions hard for some guys.

sore not soar. her face isnt about to fly, hon..
alan slouches as he walks. but i dont think that statement is necessary.

you're welcome not your welcome

drake tilts his head. better than 'drake's head leans to its side'
the parents head towards the kitchen, rather

too much 'suddenly'. how about ' when things couldnt get any worse, a blank space appears in front of alan' ?
in hell, not at.


This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

she is wicked. :)

8 Years Ago

Marie just loved her brother. She knew he was dying and she didn't want him to die being lonely. And.. read more

8 Years Ago

ok. read request on the way ;)
Man you creep me out and I love it. There were a couple places that could have been smoother. But good enough to keep on reading.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

lol really. Well I don't know whether to be glad of that or to feel like i am weird. thanks ;)

8 Years Ago

Hey I am good with both, being normal is over rated. I prefer you being weird, strange, and crazy. I.. read more
So, Alan really does have quite a viscious streak in him as well, doesn't he? The way he handles the guys at the subway station really lets that streak shine through on many different levels. And, we are beginning to learn how Alan has come to remain alive for four hundred+ years, where it was that he acquired such an ability.
I like the progress so far. The action is sharp and brisk, and stepping into this "WONDERLAND" your characters have entered into certainly opens up a whole new can of worms...Nice!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dean Kuch®

8 Years Ago

Because most people who are backed into a corner and have to fight or defend themselves do it out of.. read more

8 Years Ago

yeah I was hoping that was communicated. Thanks ;) I guess my protagonists are really messed up :P
Dean Kuch®

8 Years Ago

Yeah, but for this type of story, that's a good thing, lol!

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Hey people of Writer's cafe, what's up? You may call me Xerclipse and its about a year since I had this. I am 18 years old and I am at Mass Art right now! I write books with a lot of action and vio.. more..


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