Chapter VII: Adapting Dimension

Chapter VII: Adapting Dimension

A Chapter by Xerclipse

The story still continues as Marie will be trained to survive. In the meanwhile Wisher is about to come in the fun.


Chapter VII

Adapting Dimension


The scene tales place in a monastery at Drake’s mind. Solomon is playing the organ music at the background and there are several other spirits. Each of the spirits wear a red collar on their necks. Solomon still has his right metal arm. One of the spirits is a woman that stands next to Solomon. The rest of them sit down at the benches. Drake can be seen at the bell tower that is connected to the monastery. He is sleeping in a circle of candles. Solomon stops playing the organ. The three spirits stand up. One of them is Russell. He has medium long blond hair and a bow and arrow. Russell’s wears spiked fingerless gloves. He does not wear a shirt but he wears baggy pants. Two machetes are attached to his belt. His laughter can be heard. The second one is Gunsche. He holds giant bladed discs on each hand. Gunsche’s hulking body stands with the rest of the group. The third one is a man with short black hair that is called Wisher. He has a bag of coins on his belt. He also holds batons. The last one is a woman who is the one that stands by Solomon. She has long black hair that is put in a ponytail. Her name is Elaine. She has bear traps on her belt. They each have chains around them. The four spirits are called the Witch hunter spirits.

Gunsche: (slowly) LOVE MUSIC!!

Russell: That was…nice! Real nice!

Wisher: (tossing a coin up on the air) How about an encore? It is your “wish” to do so….Solomon!

Solomon: (standing up) It has been a long time that I played that organ. Even though you all appreciate my music….I have lost some of my skills for an encore.

Wisher: We wish for an encore.

Solomon: (turning to Wisher) We have…other things to worry about than for me to play. I am sure you four witch hunters would know that.

Russell: (twitching and smiling) THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S TIME TO KILL THAT DARK EXORCIST! Don’t we just want him to scream… agony…and pain! He took our lives!

Elaine: We all want to do that. But we still live in here. We possess the boy and yet we are hiding.

            Gunsche takes out his disc blades, which spin rapidly. They blow air out violently and the benches begin to move. Russell’s hair flows wildly but he does not mind the wind.


Solomon: (smiling) Don’t forget that we were the ones that made him this way. I gave him the eternal life to feel the pain. And yet, I have to make sure that he doesn’t use it against us.

Elaine: Then why you just let him live up to four hundred years. You could have just killed him.

Solomon: (turning to Elaine) Now that wouldn’t be interesting, would it dear?

Wisher: That dark exorcist is a mad man. He is a lot stronger than most exorcists.

Solomon: Of course Wisher…. He took all of us out in the mortal world. But it was that time when we realized that it was not worth playing human after all.

            His bladed hand spins around. The knives clash with each other rapidly causing sparks to form. The knives expel from the hand violently. The chains are attached from the knuckles to the knives. The knives hit the front door.

Solomon: But are you all going to let Alan get away with killing us?

Fire accumulates from the hand and moves to the chain. The fire eventually leads up to the door burning it. It incinerates instantly. The knives get pulled back.

Elaine: No we are not! The Dark Exorcist shall be dragged down into hell with us!

Solomon: Yyyeeeessss! He is walking to our trap. If he gets the boy, then there is no chance of escape.

Russell: (laughing) WHY NOT KILL HIM IMMEDIATELY? HE IS NOTHING DIFFERENT THAN AN INSECT! Besides, I miss the old times where I use to kill those humans…who crawl for their lives….as their little tiny legs have been chopped off.

            Russell stands on the bench and jumps on the others wildly. He climbs on a pillar and mounts his spiked fists onto it.

Russell: (climbing and singing) itsy-bitsy spider….
Climbed up the water spout….
Down came the rain
…And washed the spider out…..
Out came the sun….
And dried up all the rain…
And the itsy-bitsy spider…
Climbed up the spout again….


            Russell then climbs onto the second floor, jumps back out and lands on the organ. The organ gets crushed into bits. Russell collapses on the ground laughing like a child. Suddenly the organ parts levitate and mount onto each other. Each part gets placed back together. Russell jumps on a statue and hangs onto it as the organ fixes itself. He tilts his head looking at Solomon.


Solomon: Don’t you like a challenge? It’s boring to just possess a human and let it descend into darkness. But as we speak, Mister Harkison is coming closer. I can feel it. Elaine, what is he doing?

Elaine: He is teaching the young girl how to adapt.

Solomon: Really? Now that’s interesting! She wouldn’t stand a chance against us. How foolish of Mister Harkison. Wasting his time teaching a child…how to fight….and how to play with the world. Even though she might find out the broken physics, she will still be taken down.

Russell: A child. Oh boy, it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN MAKING IT CRY!!

Solomon: Don’t worry Russell, she will!


Wisher: But it is for Solomon to make the wish Russell.

Solomon: For now…you shall be the one who shall take Alan out. I shall send some demons, freaks, and spirits to accompany you.

Wisher: As you wish Solomon.

            There are coins that orbit around him. He vanishes through the many coins that revolve. The coins then disappear as well. The scene then transitions to the living room. There is a rifle mounted on a wall. It has a bayonet attached on the end. Alan grabs it and throws it to Marie. She catches it but it drops. She then picks it back up.


Alan: Let’s start Marie. This is the weapon that you will be sticking with for now!

They walk to the lobby of the ballroom of the mansion. Limbo sits on the table and Nebula sits on the chair staring blankly at Alan and Marie.

Marie: Okay….what do I do?

            Alan and Marie are at the center. He points to a portrait of a man in a suit.

Alan: Hit his head.

            Marie aims her rifle. She steadies herself for a while and shakes a bit. When she pulls the trigger, the bullet ends up on the negative space of the picture.

Alan: (looking down) You didn’t take your time!

            Marie steadies herself again and aims at the man’s head. She struggles to stay still as much as she focuses. When the crosshairs are on the man’s head, Alan shoots a palm blade on the bayonet. She pulls the trigger and accidently fires at the wall. Marie turns to Alan.

Marie: But I took my time.

            Alan slaps Marie’s face. She collapses on the ground with the rifle. Limbo looks down after he saw her fall. 


Alan: (in bitterness) You took it too long Marie!

Marie: (getting up without minding the slap) Mister Harkison…..

Alan: YOU AREN’T READY YET YOU STUPID CHILD!! AN INFANT WOULD LEARN FASTER THAN YOU! Follow your own instincts Marie. You had the aim on the head. Didn’t you. And you took a lot more time than you needed. You should have pulled the trigger! Now if you are not going to shoot properly, then we will have to try something else.

            Alan pulls out his palm blades. They stick out of his hands instantly.

Alan: Now try to stab me with that bayonet!

Marie: What?

            Alan shoots palm blades next to Marie’s shoes.

Alan: Stab me!

            Marie positions herself and points the bayonet on Alan. She then attempts to jab it on his trench coat. He blocks it with the palm blade that sticks out of his hand.

Alan: Come on, what was that?

            Marie then tries to hit him again with the bayonet. He hits hit away. Throughout the multiple attempts he pulls out his hatchet and blocks the last attempt. He hits Marie’s shoulder with the non-bladed side. She falls down. Alan lifts up the hatchet aiming at Marie. When he swings it onto her she rolls away. The hatchet violently chops the surface where she was at.

Limbo: ALAN!!!

Alan: Good….at least you knew when to dodge.

            Marie hits Alan’s leg with the butt of the gun Alan gets up and kick’s Marie’s face. She drips out blood from her mouth.

Limbo: Aren’t you taking this too far?

            Suddenly, there are creaking sounds that are heard. Freaks jump down from the ceiling and see the group. Limbo jumps down on the ground and Nebula gets up. Marie aims her gun around the room. The Freaks orbit around Marie and Alan. Alan shoots his chained blade on the ceiling and hangs up from there.


Alan: This is the perfect time Marie. If you survive, then you will become one of us.

            One freak starts to move left and right and onto Marie. She instantly pulls the trigger. The Freak’s chest splatters out blood. Marie turns around and hits a Freak’s leg. She then shoots it at the neck instantly. Nebula puts out her hands and aims them at the freaks that surround Marie. Limbo begins to transform into his giant form. He positions himself for an attack.

Alan: Marie….if Limbo and Nebula help you, then you are just a pathetic child.

Limbo: (in a loud deep voice) ALAN, THIS IS NONSENSE!

Marie: NO!!! I CAN DO THIS!

            Limbo stands up as Nebula puts her hands down. A Freak comes charging in but Marie stabs its face with the bayonet. The blood splatters onto Marie’s sweatshirt. Two freaks trip her. Marie runs back up and stabs one of the freak’s foot. One freak slashes her back but she blocks the next attack. Marie gets tossed around violently. The gun is kicked away. Marie runs away from the multiple freaks that chase her down. She rolls under from a freak’s attack. The crawling freak grabs her foot but she kicks on the eye. She gets out of the grab and picks up her rife. She then shoots the Freak’s metal hand. As the blood sprays from the hand she gets back up and stabs that freak. She then stabs the freak that is on the ground. When she sees the remaining freak that is about to leap on her, she shoots the freak on the face. The brains splatter right out of the wound. Alan drops down and sees Marie’s bloody scratch marks.

Alan: It is meaningless to shoot a target that won’t move, but it is worth shooting something that will kill you!

Limbo: (transforming into his feline form) As much as I am impressed with her survival, you could have had her killed Alan!

Alan: (adjusting his glasses) Either way it would have been the best for us Limbo. If she died, then who really cares? She wouldn’t have been great for us anyway. We couldn’t afford to babysit a child. But if she survived that mini set of Freaks, then she has a lot of potential!


            The scene transitions to a village. Wisher can be seen walking through the empty streets. He swings his baton around with one hand. His other hand tosses coins up on the air multiple times. He juggles them with that single hand whistling. Wisher walks up on the stairs and heads towards the top of a building. He sees the mansion from far distance.

Wisher: Aaahhh Dark Exorcist. Why did you have to leave it to the little girl to do the work? You really are a lazy man!

            Wisher catches all the coins and puts his baton away. A gash on his face starts form. It is a hatchet mark that splits the middle of his face. It drips blood.

Wisher: (smiling) But freaks are nothing Dark Exorcist. However, I do have a lot of demons and spirits for you! I am sure you will get along with them…very…very well!

            The echo of Wisher’s voice emits to the mansion. Alan, Marie, Limbo and Nebula receive Wisher’s voice.

Wisher: So why can’t we just be friends, sit down, and have a nice chat? Is it because we are all spirits, demons, or freaks. You know you should never shoot first and ask questions later. Those freaks were just being nice.

Alan: Our Marie just took them out, which is really a bad sign for you demons!

Wisher: First of all, those were just tests, second of all, Solomon is the demon, not us! I hate to admit it but we were once humans. It’s just that we followed Solomon in his witch hunts at the mortal world. In fact we loved it. But like Solomon said, you had to ruin that time we played as human.

Alan: Yeah, do you really think I care?

Wisher: Don’t worry, you will Dark Exorcist! Once I have my grip on you, you will learn about our grudge and hatred. We all burned in hell thanks to you!

Alan: Really? You don’t say! Everybody goes to hell these days!

Wisher: Exactly, but we could have lived a little bit more! So…let me tell you something before we meet…..Make a wish!

            Wisher laughs as his voice begins to vanish. The mansion becomes dimmer. The candles light up the room. Alan begins to walk away with the group.

Alan: Looks like we got ourselves a challenge. But I can kill him again.

Voice 1: Yeah, sure you can. Just chop his face again.

Voice 2: But those things have more power in this world.

Voice 1: Nonsense, Alan has killed many things that have power in dimensions like this.

Voice 2: Please, be careful. They are deadly spirits.

Voice 1: The four witch hunter spirits don’t stand a chance. Besides he even has little Marie with him.

Voice 2: Little Marie is a young girl and she cannot face Wisher right now. She cannot go or she will die!

Voice 1: Relax, she proved herself worthy by killing a few freaks.

Alan: How about you both relax and let me get through this!

To Be Continued  

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So what do you think will happen next? What do you think of the four witch hunter spirits? (such as Russell, Elaine, Gunsche and Wisher) I know their characters aren't developed yet here but what do you think? How do you feel about the training session with Alan and Marie?

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Nice chapter (and title-- you're really good at coming up with them). I liked the bit between the psychotic witch hunters (were they witch hunters as in medieval times when innocent, old women were burned for no legitimate reason? If so, it was very insightful of you to make them evil) and Solomon ~they're all so mad!

At first I was wondering why Marie was taking all the gore so well, then I remembered:
1) they're in someone's head... so it might feel surreal
2) she's seen her brother tortured (not pretty)
3) she's seen the dark exorcists slaughter freaks before

Again, Nice chapter!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks for reading

The witch hunters as the salem witch trials, like "the crucible". A.. read more
Writer #00

8 Years Ago

Oh, yeah, I was wondering about the whole dying-in-someone's-mind thing. Do they transfer more than.. read more

8 Years Ago

Ah I never explained that :P I just realized. It's more of their soul and mind. Kind of like incepti.. read more
I've only read the first paragraph so far, so I'll finish this chapter and review it as a whole later, but you might want to consider revising the first paragraph (minor prepositional issues) I'll type the changes I made in capitals:

"The scene TAKES place in a monastery IN Drake’s mind. Solomon is playing [OMIT] organ music IN the background and there are several other spirits. Each of the spirits WEARS a red collar AROUND their NECK. Solomon still has his right metal arm. One of the spirits STANDING NEXT TO SOLOMON IS A WOMAN. The rest of them sit down ON the benches. Drake can be seen at the MONASTERY'S BELL TOWER. He is sleeping in a circle of candles. Solomon stops playing the organ. The three spirits stand up. One of them is Russell. He has MEDIUM-LONG blond hair and a bow and arrow. RUSSELL wears spiked, fingerless gloves. He does not wear a shirt, but he wears baggy pants. Two machetes are attached to his belt. His laughter can be heard. The second one is Gunsche. GIANT, BLADED DISCS ARE ON EACH OF HIS HANDS. Gunsche’s hulking body stands with the rest of the group. The third one is a man with short, black hair that is called Wisher. He has a bag of coins on his belt. He also holds batons. The last one is a woman who is the one that stands by Solomon. She has long, black hair that is put in a ponytail. Her name is Elaine. She has bear traps HANGING FROM(?) her belt. They each have chains around them. The four spirits are called the Witch hunter spirits."

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

well i gotta go edit that when i come back from my college trip. thanks for depicting those errors
Love the maddness. I can hear myself sceaming with insanity. This is great story and. I could not ask for more. Love the idea of the little girl becoming one them. Nicely done.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks ;) and what part made you insane shep? Dont go mad!

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