Chapter VIII: House Lockdown

Chapter VIII: House Lockdown

A Chapter by Xerclipse

A new spirit is revealed. The Mistress is the host of the mansion. Will the group survive the evil that bends the mansion.


Chapter VIII

House Lockdown


The scene takes place at the hallway of the mansion. Nebula holds hands with Marie as Alan and Limbo walk together. The candles light up the dim hallway. The hallway begins to shift and split into two paths. Limbo and Alan get shifted to the left side, and Marie and Nebula get shifted to the right side. The split gets wider and the intersection closes up. They now end up at different hallways. Alan opens up one of the doors. It appears to have bricks blocking the passage. Alan opens up more doors but they are all still blocked. Limbo transforms and tries to smash the brick. The smash begins to close up. The fallen bricks patch up the hole. Limbo then  transforms back to his cat form.


Alan: D****T! This is futile.


Limbo: Calm down Alan. I am sure this place will shift so that we will be with meet up!


Alan: Then we are just going to have to find a way out of this place. But since Marie has Nebula, she will at least be able to know where we are! Problem is, how will we know about them?


Limbo: Don’t worry, they will be balanced off well. We both use brute physical force. One of them is a psychic and the other is a rifle wielding girl. Nebula can at least…..”use the force”


Alan: Yeah but she is not big on the combat. She will have to depend on Marie. Besides, Marie better take care of Nebula. 


Limbo: (looking up at Alan) You know Alan….I think I should tell you this. It’s Nebula who has been looking out for you! She may be strange but she watches every move that you do.


Alan: Don’t you see every move that I do?


Limbo: I saw everything Alan. Don’t you remember the past four hundred years we use to be together?


Alan: (in bitterness) Yeah I do, but I rather want to know what happens now!


Limbo: If you are into the present….then how are we going to meet with the others?


Alan: That is something that Nebula and Marie will have to think on their own. It just has to match up through the time we meet with each other.


Limbo: Oh boy, but by the time we do, Wisher will probably be there.


Alan: Then we kill him! He is nothing but a stupid witch hunter spirit. In fact all of those witch hunters were stupid enough to follow Solomon and his pathetic games.


            Alan turns to the wall.


Alan: Nebula…if you can hear me….then get to the roof of the mansion. We are going to meet there!


            The scene switches off to Nebula and Marie. Nebula places her hand on the wall. The hand glows purple as Marie puts her rifle up pointing at the end of the hallway.


Nebula: (in a monotonous tone) Alan says that we have to get to the roof.


Marie: Come on Nebula…let’s go!


            Nebula and Marie run through the hallway. Suddenly the hallway curves downward. Laughing noises can be heard which bothers Marie’s ears. Marie opens up a door and tries to bash the bricks. Nebula creates force that attempt to push the bricks away but there is no effect.


Marie: I guess we will have to go downward! This place doesn’t want us to leave.


            Nebula looks down at the curved path. Marie looks at her face.


Marie: What’s wrong?


            Nebula does not answer and walks down. They slide down into the cellar where they are in a dark room with multiple barrels. The cobwebs connect through the wood and barrels. The knight statues are standing by the walls. Candles get lit automatically lighting up the path. Marie and Nebula proceed cautiously as they are walking into the unknown floor with barrels. There is a clock stand that ticks at the end. Marie then stares at Nebula’s gloomy face.


Marie: Nebula….do you ever feel afraid?


            Nebula does not answer.


Marie: Is there anything that bothers you?


            Marie still stares at Nebula staring into blank space as they walk.


Marie: Well if there is anything that bothers you, why don’t you say so?


Nebula: I shouldn’t.


Marie: Why?


Nebula: It caused death back then.


            Flash backs appear on front of Nebula’s eyes. She sees several corpses near a well. The time seems to be three hundred years ago.


Marie: I’m sorry Nebula. But you should at least tell me. I am here for you.


            Nebula looks down and walks ahead. Marie holds her hand and continues walking. The clock progressively slows down. Marie and Nebula stop walking as the candles become dimmer. The second hand starts to stop immediately and the tick tock stops as well. Marie and Nebula hear piano music playing. The notes are played slowly. Each note lasts for one second each. Marie c***s the rifle back and looks around cautiously.


Nebula: The anger….the pain…..the negative emotion. They all are within the spirits.




Nebula: Many….many of them will never leave Drake. We must destroy them.


            The scene transitions to Alan and Limbo walking through the hallway. One door opens up automatically and the desk begins to slide out. Then the desk jumps onto the ceiling. The floor on front begins to flip over and lead to the room. The walls close of the front path.


Limbo: As much as I am use to this, I am annoyed by it. You know Alan….have you ever hear of people saying change is good?


Alan: I don’t listen to people!


Limbo: Ah well….In my opinion, change in this place only gets annoying. This wonderland has so much to offer.


            Suddenly a dark voice begins to emit through the hallway.


Mistress: Exactly…..little cat…..ha ha ha ha ha!


            Alan pulls out his hatchet and looks around him. Limbo gets surprised by the mysterious voice as well.


Mistress: Sooo……why don’t you two enjoy yourselves in my nice comfy home!


         The floor that they stands on shifts to the room. The door closes and the lamps become brighter. They find themselves in a bedroom.


Mistress: It’s so nice to see you….dark exorcist.


Alan: (harshly) WHO ARE YOU?


Mistress: No need to be so loud dark exorcist….I am the mistress. Suppose a “pleased to meet you, what is your name my mistress?” would do. I can smell all the alcohol that you drink.


Limbo: Alan…look!


            Limbo looks at the bed and sees someone covered under the blankets. It has a blue and white stripes design on it. No part of the body can be identified yet.


Alan: What is it?


            The bed shifts away into the wall and flips over. The wall seals the area where the bed was transfersed.




Alan: Fine….you didn’t have to be so violent. Now can you tell me where Nebula and Marie are?


Mistress: (laughing) Oh don’t worry….they are playing with my guests. I am sure you would love to play as well.


Alan: Yeah, take us with them Mistress!


Mistress: Sure, just follow the stairs!


            The floor begins to shift to the stairs that lead downwards. Alan and Limbo run down the steps.


Mistress: But watch your step. You might get confused later on.


The scene transitions back to Marie and Nebula in the dark. Marie holds her rifle and aims it on front of her. A ghoulish face comes charging at her. She pulls the trigger and shoots the spirit’s face. She runs away through the room. Nebula follows Marie as well. Several spirits follow them.


Spirit 1: I DIDN’T DO IT!






            Marie then shoots the several spirits with her gun. She misses a couple of shots but some of them hit the spirit’s arms and legs. Blood splatters onto the ground. Nebula forces them away with her force. Marie looks in her pocket and finds ammo to put in her gun. She puts five of them in the rifle and runs. Nebula and Marie find themselves trapped. Marie begins to hear Alan’s voice in her head.


Alan: (from Marie’s memory) In this world, anything is possible. It’s just that things can be stronger than the other. The laws and physics in the world that you are familiar with barely applies to this one, if you can recognize that.

            Marie then runs up on the wall and hangs on to the ceiling. Nebula creates force and pushes herself up on the ceiling as well. Marie hangs on to a bar and tries to leap for the other. She falls down and stabs a spirit. The other spirits take her down and toss her around the dark room. Nebula blasts more waves onto the spirits, which frees Marie. She then shoots more of them at once. Marie then jumps on one barrel and onto the other at high speed. She then loses stability and falls down. She begins to shoot the spirits one by one. When all of the spirits have been shot down, the light becomes brighter and brighter. The clock begins to be ticking again.


Marie: It seems like I can do things with my own instincts.


            There comes a door that opens up for them. The stairs are upwards. The scene then transitions to Alan and Limbo at the stairs. When they exit the room, they see a bunch of stairs placed in different positions. They are in a web like design and the floor below them is absent. There is only a dark abyss. The stairs in the room end up to be upside down.


Limbo: What is this place? Is there another way?


Alan: There are many ways Limbo. But I am sure all of them lead to some trouble.


They begin walking on the stairs. One of them collapses and flips over. Limbo and Alan land on a set of stairs.


Alan: Limbo, I am going to have to ride on you for this.


Limbo begins to transform into his bigger beast form. Alan holds Limbo’s shoulder blades with his hands.


Limbo: At least you are not using your chains and blades as your reigns. Now hang on tight Alan. This is going to be a roller coaster.


Limbo crawls on the twisting and bending stairs. He uses one of the upside down ones as monkey bars. Alan still hangs onto Limbo. Limbo drops down and lands on another group of stairs. He crawls over them and leaps onto one that tilts sideways. He crawls on the steps and moves along.  Limbo jumps away and sees a door. It floats on midair where there are no stairs at all. The back of the door is not revealed. There is barely any support or other objects that they can hang on to. Alan shoots his chained blade onto it and throws another one to Limbo. Limbo begins to transform back into his cat form and hangs onto the chain with his four paws. He is no longer the hulking half cat and man beast.


Alan: Now it’s your turn to hang on tight Limbo!


Alan swings Limbo back and forth. Limbo gets thrown onto the door. His nails are mounted on the door, which now opens. There is white bright light emitting through it.


Limbo: Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.


Alan: Now what the hell does the mistress want? But Nebula is the one who can tell us that.


Alan pulls himself up onto the door. He walks through it.


Limbo: Now how are we going to find them Alan?


            Limbo gets off the door and walks through the door. The door then suddenly closes.


To Be Continued


© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So what do you think will happen next? Are there any flaws? What do you think of Marie now? Am I over using Limbo's new form?

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I didn't see any flaws. Marie seems like she's really changing...I'm afraid she won't be the same by the end of the book! I hope she doesn't turn into Alan. You aren't over using Limbo's form, he uses it when he needs to, not randomly. Well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

That's cool. I'll check the novella out when I can. Writer's block, welcome to the club. and thank y.. read more

8 Years Ago

I mean I'll check out your novella when its out
Writer #00

8 Years Ago

Okay, I have up to Chapter 5 up.
Yea take us with( to) them.

And this is where you leave me hanging.. I hate waiting, but if it comes down to a good story than. I will wait. Nothing more to say is good work. Please give me more

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

sorry shep :( but the good news is that you won't have to wait for the other after you read the next.. read more

8 Years Ago

It seems i need to open a new group that deals with my writing alone. so i don't miss anyone, but i .. read more

8 Years Ago

rage? what? don''t be joking lol ;) well I have to go. I will be back to check out your chapters and.. read more

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