Chapter XI: Blood Collar

Chapter XI: Blood Collar

A Chapter by Xerclipse

It has been revealed that the collar the witch hunter spirits wear destroy their free will. Can Alan survive through the trenches against Gunsche?


Chapter XI

Blood Collar

The scene picks off where Solomon is interrogating the man that is now mounted at a wall. His bladed fingers collide with each other and create sparks. The man looks up at Solomon as the blades accumulate fire. Solomon points the flaming bladed hand at the man.

Solomon: What is your name....mortal?

Kurtis: Kurtis.....Kurtis Paine!

Solomon: Really......?

Solomon's flames begin to disappear. He stares at Kurtis's eyes and examines his face. Solomon's left hand lifts up Kurtis's chin.

Solomon: How did you get in here Kurtis?

Kuris chuckles for a bit then outburst in laughter.

Solomon: ANSWER ME!

Solomon punches Kurtis's face. Blood splatters from the mouth and onto the ground.

Kurtis: Don't you remember.......Solomon? You knew me....YOU KNEW ME!

Solomon: No...I have no other business with any human besides the Dark Exorcist! You are not worth staying in this boy's mind. You shall leave the wonderland.

Kurtis: You kidding me? I can't leave you! I can't. 

Solomon: (in anger) WHY NOT?


Solomon: not suppose to be here!




Solomon: never existed! I never encountered you! 

Elaine starts to come down the stairs. When Solomon is aware of the noise, he throws Kurtis into a crate. He shuts it and then locks it with his bladed finger. 

Elaine: Is everything alright?

Solomon: Yeah...everything is alright.

Elaine: Well...would it be alright if I told you about Wisher?

Solomon: He's dead isn't he? The Dark Exorcist killed him! Yyyeeeessss! You may be a psychic yourself Elaine....but I know what happens....beyond this monastery. After all, I am using the boy as the host to create my wonderland! I own this place.

Elaine: Why couldn't you just have him stick with us? We would have had the advantage of being one as a team!

Solomon: (in a calmer tone) Elaine....have you ever heard of every man for himself? It's how this world is run. Alliances and friendships do not last forever. One by one the mortal falls down, paying the price of his achievements.

Elaine: (looking away) I really hate to say this but you are being absurd. We all want to kill the Dark Exorcist but why did you use such an illogical plan. We already lost Wisher! 

Solomon: (laughing) Illogical? That's a nice compliment But hey, I am a demon...right....and you use to be an ordinary human, just like the rest of you witch hunters! 

Elaine: Yeah. What about it?

Solomon's left hand is now under Elaine's collar. She puts her hand on Solomon's hand as he rubs the collar and neck.

Solomon: You my dear....I remember you before you use to have that collar on. You were such a baby. You were that lonely little girl at the streets.

Elaine: Please Solomon.

Solomon: (smiling) Don't you remember for yourself? You were that little girl who was all alone, abused by your parents. Then sent into the wilderness and used those lovely bear traps of yours. Now what if I told you that your father wanted you back for a special event?  

Elaine: (closing her eyes) I would tell him.........HE'S ONLY MAD FOR ME LEAVING HIM!

Solomon: Yyyeeeesssss! I watched your pretty doll face get struck by your parents. It was not a sight for sore eyes my dear. But you are such a strong woman since you made your own life at the living!

Elaine begins to cry. She kneels down covering her face. She begins to hear belt whips, kicking, and punching sounds. 

Solomon: Oh don't worry.....don't be so sad. Instead of thinking about that time, why don't you think about what happens now. Where are they?

Elaine: (quietly) They are burning in hell. Their flesh and soul are tormented!

Solomon: Exactly my dear. The flames of hell are exactly...WHAT THEY DESERVE!

Solomon begins to laugh furiously. Elaine laughs as well and then begins to kiss Solomon at the lips. As they grab each other's lips with their own mouthes, the skin on their faces begin to disintegrate. Their jaws and teeth are exposed. Elaine covers her mouth crying as Solomon lets his exposed face regenerate. His new lips begin to cover his teeth. When Elaine uncovers her self she runs away. She now has new lips.

Solomon: Aw, did you forget that the collar you wear forbids you from love and free will? 

Solomon walks out of the cellar and sees Gunsche sitting down at the balcony sharpening his disc blades. 

Solomon: Gunsche!

Gunsche looks back at Solomon.


Solomon: I have a job for you! And you are going to love it.

Gunsche jumps down from the balcony creating a loud booming impact. The chairs and benches get shattered into bits.


Solomon: You're hulking body, and that mask of terror that you wear over your face.

Gunsche scratches the black cloth that covers his head and face.

Solomon: You are perfectly fit for the trenches! Now, quick....the Dark Exorcist will head there! You must go!


Solomon: Yes! You are welcome to kill any of the soldier spirits that still lurk there. Do not fail me just as Wisher has failed us!


Gunsche compacts himself with the giant discs side to side. He then rolls out of the monastery quickly. The loud rolling noise can be heard along with Solomon's laughter. Solomon walks back down the cellar 

Kurtis: Another suicide mission I see. Well even though that hulking witch hunter spirit is strong, the dark exorcist will kill him. And besides, when you and Elaine kissed each other knew that the collar forbids her from kissing you.

Solomon breaks the crate open and pulls Kurtis out of it.

Kurtis: You care for her...don't you. She must really be out of humanity to love such a horrible being like yourself. YOU GOD DAMN WITCH HUNTER!

Solomon: You shut up before I gut and burn you!

Kurtis: (smiling) But you already killed me....don't you see....that's why we are!

Solomon begins to scream wildly. The scene then transitions to Alan sitting at the balcony alone. Marie practices shooting at the bottles and Nebula and Limbo watch. Alan stares at the blood moon with his eyes and glasses.

Voice 1: Alan....Alan are you there? Hello?

Voice 2: It's been a while since we last spoke.

Alan: Since when was it a while ago. You two are always with me!

Voice 2: Oh but there are others that are with you. You even have a new comer.

Voice 1: Yeah and she is doing great so far. Congratulations Alan. You have a student.

Voice 2: But she isn't at the higher level yet.

Alan begins to hear fire and screams in his head. He also hears cheering which bothers him.

Voice 2: Alan don't listen to all of that. 

Voice 1: Well if you shut up then he won't be able to remember. He needs his drink back

Voice 2: No, he made a promise not to! We are all here to help you Alan. Including the girl!

Voice 1: Who Marie?

Voice 2: No...the other one. You know she really appeals to you Alan! 

Voice 1: (sarcastically) Yeah, so much that she sticks with Marie more than him! She won't even hurt a fly, and she won't even smile!

Voice 2: Nebula is weeping inside of her. Don't you see. Alan I think you should talk to her!

Voice 1: She won't even respond.

Voice 2: But she will....

Suddenly an explosion can be heard from behind Alan turns around to see Marie.
Marie stares at her glowing yellow hand.

Marie: It just gets meaner and meaner Mister Harkison. 

Marie touches a bottle, runs away as the handprint is still on, and then stares back at the bottle. It explodes violently.

Alan: (standing up) Good, that's suppose to happen! Now come on, let's go.

The scene transitions to the group walking through the trenches. There is no one around except for them. Limbo walks with Marie.

Marie: Limbo?

Limbo: Yes Marie.

Marie: What happens to the possessed when the demon succeeds?

Limbo: They get dragged down to hell for eternity. But I bet we will get your brother before he descends.

Marie: Please....don't let him go away.

Limbo: Marie. Solomon is holding him still for a trap. Only idiots would ever walk into traps!

Marie: (she stops walking for a moment) What....well we have to do something else instead of just charging for him.

Limbo: Hey, we are idiots.... right? We gotta think like an idiot to beat one!

Suddenly gun shots can be heard. The trenches begin to shift around and the environment turns more gritty. Explosions occur near the group. Alan looks around pulls out his palm blades.

Limbo: See Marie, that's an example of a trap! So what should an animal do when it is trapped by the net?

Marie runs under cover with the group. They stay under a cave.

Limbo: The animal should eat the net that traps it!

Footsteps can be heard from above. Alan gets out of the cave and shoots his blades at the charging soldier spirits. Several soldiers make it to the trenches and charge at Alan with bayonets. Alan pulls out his Hatchet and chops a scalp off. He then kicks another soldier away. He chops off the leg and face. Alan rolls under another soldier and chops it's spine. An airplane comes diving from above. It shoots the area but Alan throws his chained blade at the airplane and gets a ride. The airplane begins to do twists and flips on the air. In the meanwhile Marie shoots the distant solders that charge. 

Limbo: Now it's play time!

Limbo transforms into his were-cat form and comes charging at the soldiers. He grabs one of them and throws it away. He throws another into the barbed wire which cuts through the soldier. He smashes the soldiers away with his fists. The limbs splatter into bits and the heads get knocked backwards. The blood fills the field that Limbo is at. He roars at the tank that comes from a distance. The tank fires but Limbo jumps over the explosion. He comes charging at fast speed and grabs onto the barrel. He rips the tip off and jams it into the top door. He pulls out a soldier, and penetrates him with the barrel. He climbs under and mauls the other operators of the tank. Marie stabs a soldier with her bayonet. Nebula blasts the soldiers out of the trenches. Marie then takes cover through the maze like trenches. She touches the walls with her hands and runs away. When the soldiers arrive at the wall, it explodes. Limbo jumps off the tank and sees an airplane flying in circles.


Limbo grabs a piece of tank and aims it at the airplane. He takes fifteen seconds to aim before he throws it. He then does a big swing and a throw at the airplane. The piece its the pilot's head causing blood and brains to splatter. 


Alan pulls himself onto the cockpit, throws the pilot away and rides it. He starts shooting at the ground where the soldiers are. The soldiers lose their limbs, head and torso as the heavy bullets spray. The red blood clouds the scene. Suddenly Gunsche can be seen smashing the soldiers out of the way. He is at the other side of the trenches. He carves them up with his disc blades one by one.

Gunsche does a big somersault crouching himself into his own disc blades. He rolls with them on the soldiers. The limbs fly out of the bodies and out of the trenches. The blood splatters onto the dirt. Gunsche then climbs out of the trenches covered by blood. He sees several soldiers with their rifles. They begin to fire at him but he uses the disc blades as shields. When they run out of ammo, they start to reload their guns.


Gunsche decapitates one of them, carves up the other, and bashes his disc onto one's body. He then gets back in his somersault form and rolls to the no man's land. The firing and the explosions can still be heard.

To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So what do you think of Kurtis? Not a whole lot you know about him but there will be more. How about Gunsche or Elaine? Are there any flaws so far?

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Solomon: (in a calmer tone) Elaine....have you ever heard of every many for himself?
-I think you meant Man

I really like all the characters, you're really good at developing them!

Your writing has improved a lot from the beginning! (Not that it was ever bad, it was always good but each chapter just gets better and better)
Good job! 100/100

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Hm, probably Nebula and Elaine, (And not just cause there's an Elaine in my story)

8 Years Ago

Oh really? I wonder how. What a coincidence :)

A New chapter is up

8 Years Ago

I will read it tomorrow I have like two hours of homework right now...and i'm still procrastinating .. read more


I just jumped right into one of your scenes to see if I could get it, and I totally did! Nice job starting with an action scene!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

oh lol, well Im glad what you got what you wanted but have you read the rest of the book?
Very entertaining and it ends when it getting eo good. Love the quick break with the love afair. Even though it creeped me out. But creating villian loves secenes is a work of art. Wait until you meet my two characters. Morgan and Gartooth. You won't find them until the fourth book in the series. But it will be worth the read. Moving on.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Wow thanks. My villains barely have romantic scenes. (closest one was my book Descend) but this "lov.. read more
Solomon: (in a calmer tone) Elaine....have you ever heard of every many for himself?
-I think you meant Man

I really like all the characters, you're really good at developing them!

Your writing has improved a lot from the beginning! (Not that it was ever bad, it was always good but each chapter just gets better and better)
Good job! 100/100

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Hm, probably Nebula and Elaine, (And not just cause there's an Elaine in my story)

8 Years Ago

Oh really? I wonder how. What a coincidence :)

A New chapter is up

8 Years Ago

I will read it tomorrow I have like two hours of homework right now...and i'm still procrastinating .. read more

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