Chapter XII: Hell Cataclysm

Chapter XII: Hell Cataclysm

A Chapter by Xerclipse

The group faces the challenge at the trenches. Solomon and Kurtis are still in the monastery but what is the relationship between them?


Chapter XII

Hell Cataclysm

The scene picks off at the trenches where chaos and destruction occur. The dirt scatters everywhere as Gunsche rolls through the no man's land. Limbo can be seen smashing the tank closest to him in his were cat form. The standing soldiers are shooting at him but as much as the bullets penetrate him, his strength and stand does not fall. He rips off a piece and throws it at the soldiers. He then picks up a soldier, takes out a grenade, pulls the pin, and throws it in the tank. Limbo then bites the soldier's head off and jumps out of the tank. It then explodes scattering many bits of the armored vehicle. Limbo encounters Gunsche and grabs some barbed wire. He tries to wrap it around Gunsche's fast somersault form. Gunsche gets caught by the wire but Limbo's hands are bloody as he pulls him in. A mortar explodes behind Limbo causing him to lose balance and the wires. Gunsche manages to get himself out of the wires and his somersault form.
Gunsche charges against Limbo. They tackle each other down on the ground. Limbo throws him at the sky and grabs him mid air. He then spins himself and Gunsche on the air until the impact the ground. Gunsche gets up and swings his disc blades around. He rolls one to Limbo but he catches it. Gunsche throws his other one at Limbo and comes charging at Limbo. Limbo dodges the other disc and gets punched by Gunsche. Limbo is seen flying across the battlefield. Suddenly Limbo gets back up and throws more debris at Gunsche. Gunsche grabs his disc blades and uses them as shields. 
Limbo strafes side to side confusing Gunsche. He advances towards him left and right.
Gunsche rolls a disc blade at Limbo but Limbo rolls away. The disc blade comes back to Gunsche as Limbo makes a full straight charge. Limbo punches Gunsche's face. Gunsche swings his disc blades at Limbo but Limbo dodges the strikes. Limbo then kicks Gunsche's stomach and face plants Gunsche on the dirt. He then steps on Gunsche multiple times until a tank fires past them. Limbo lifts Gunshce up as a meat shield for the tank to shoot at but Gunsche breaks free and gets back in his somersault form. to evade Limbo. In the meanwhile Alan is in a dog fight against multiple airplanes. He does flips on the air to dodge the bullets. Alan sees one tailing him and flies lower down. When he begins to allow his landing wheels to roll on the ground, many soldiers run away. Gun fire passes through the plane. Some of the soldiers get caught by the propeller which turns them into splattered bloody bits. Limbs, heads, and pieces of flesh scatter. Alan then increases his altitude and takes the air again. Alan checks his fuel gauge.
Alan: D****T!
The fuel gauge decreases progressively. Alan ejects himself out of the airplane to hi jack another. As he free falls bullets make sounds pass his ears. He successfully lands on an airplane. Back at the trenches Nebula uses her force to blast the soldiers away. They get mildly injured but Marie shoots them.
Nebula still does not fatally strike them. Marie uses her bayonet to stab the soldiers. She suddenly gets into a group of soldiers and stabs one knee. She climbs up on the soldier touching him causing the hand prints to appear. When she gets thrown away the soldier explodes into fire. The other soldiers take the impact and combustion. Marie then sees a tank and aims her rifle at it. Her trigger hand is glowing yellow. She then fires at it causing the tank to explode. Gunsche then rolls into the trenches seeing Marie. Marie turns around.
Nebula blasts waves at Gunsche but he shields himself from them with his discs. The force deflects and creates a sonic boom around him. A huge ditch is created pushing Marie away.
Gunsche: DIE WOMAN!
Marie sees Alan flying back to the trenches. He attempts to crash his plane at Gunsche.

Marie and Nebula run away from the airplane. Alan jumps off and tries to land on the surface. He violently lands on the ground rolling. The airplane crashes at Gunsche's spot causing a big explosion. When Alan gets up he looks around him. Gunsche grabs Alan from behind and slams him on the ground. Gunsche throws him away. 


Alan pulls out his hatchet and swings it around. He attempts to hit Gunsche but the disc blocks the strike. Gunsche swings his other disc below him but Alan jumps and does a twist on the air. Alan shoots multiple blades at Gunsche. He then shoots one at his solder with the chain attached. Alan runs around wrapping him. He then pulls Gunsche to the ground but Gunsche breaks free. Alan hits Gunsche's left elbow with his axe. The elbow sprays blood but Gunsche knocks Alan away. He gets back up holding his bleeding elbow.


Alan begins to shoot at Gunsche with his blades at a faster rate. He smiles as he advances towards Gunsche. 

Gunsche: STOP THIS!

Limbo can be seen charging behind Alan as he is still in his were cat form. He jumps over Alan and lands on Gunsche. His two feet crush Gunshce's chest. Limbo picks him up by the head and punches him at the face. He then claws Gunsche's stomach causing the bowels to splatter. Gunsche gets thrown towards Alan mortally wounded. He kneels on the ground holding his clawed wound.  Alan jumps on Gunsche's back and sticks his palm blade on the back of his neck. Alan jumps back down as the blade cuts the spine in two. The blood splatters from the back as Gunsche screams in agony. Alan pulls the blade out of the tail bone and puts his palm blade away. Nebula and Marie rush towards him. Limbo transforms back into his feline form.

Limbo: Boy that was some witch hunter spirit!

Gunsche's body burns into blue flames. It them disappears. The gunfire in the background disappears and the soldiers retreat. They run away from the group.

Marie: never killed any spirit or demon when we came to this world? It's okay to kill something that isn't human or something that is already dead.

Limbo: She never killed anything period. She only disables it until it's weak and opens the victim for our strike. 

Alan: Why won't Solomon come face me himself?

The environment begins to bend. The trenches start to close up, the barbed wire twists and curls up more. It then sinks down into the ground. The ditches start to get filled up. The apocalyptic background starts to rebuild back into a village. The fallen pieces start to come together and stairs begin to form on front of them. Suddenly, Solomon rises from a fountain. There are several soldiers kneeling down. They beg and plead. Some look down in shame, others look up for mercy. 
Soldiers: PLEASE, We are sorry Solomon. We never full filled our duty!
Solomon: Go now men, you are all free. 

Soldiers: (getting up) We thank you for all of our heart!

The men begin running away. They run through separate directions. Alan and his allies stand away from the fountain as the men pass by. Suddenly the paths close up. The men are now trapped near the fountain. Solomon expels his finger blades on one soldier. They all penetrate the soldier's chest. Fire accumulates and burns the soldier. He screams in agony and pain as Solomon laughs. Solomon pulls back the bladed fingers and swings it at the other men who are trapped. They all burn when they come in contact with the fingers. Solomon pulls one in as the soldier burns. He pulls out his magnum and fires it at the soldier. He turns into bloody burning bits. Solomon jumps to the last soldier. The soldier cowers in fear.

Soldier: MERCY!!!

Solomon shoots the soldier's legs off in a second with the magnum. The blood splatters from the stumps and severed legs. Solomon grabs the soldier's neck with his left hand and sticks his right bladed fingers in the soldier's face. The eyes, cheek, and mouth are all penetrated by the fingers. The soldier twitches as Solomon's uncontrollable laughter bursts out.

Solomon: (smiling) What a waste of a second chance! 

When Solomon pulls out the bladed fingers, the skull burns. Solomon walks towards the fountain and comes back up.

Alan: (laughing) You see, all of my friends...especially Limbo were afraid of you! But yet, you send plenty of spirits and demons to defeat us.

Solomon: (putting away his magnum) Isn't that what you want Mister Harkison? Don't you just love to kill anything that bleeds?

Alan: (pulling out his hatchet) Come on Solomon, you should stop wasting your time and finish your business with me! I killed you right? Aren't you upset that I took your human life?

Solomon: (laughing loudly) Yes....and No!

Alan: What do you mean?

Solomon begins to walk towards Alan, but the tiles move upward on the air to serve as his steps. He walks above the ground.

Solomon: As you know I was once a human, but no human could ever create a wonderland like this? Sure I burned in hell for being one but this place is fantastic isn't it? You get to meet some people that died, and your old friends! You also get to kill more people that will never stop existing. Forgive me for....being so angry and bitter but I have to say, you really convinced me that being immortal is better than being mortal. Those who stay with you share the curse of eternal life! But I am sure that you and your friends love living forever. So why are you here dark Exorcist?

Alan: It's just a hobby!

Solomon: But you have no job Mister Harkison! You could have been doing this for gold, money, or profit!  Now what will you do after you defeat me and get the boy? Find more possessed people for exorcism? 

Solomon turns to Marie.

Solomon: (in a soft tone) Ah, my sweet little Marie! Poor girl you must be sad that the Quinns kicked you out of the house!

Marie: Yeah, but I am going to bring Drake back to my parents!

Solomon: Oh....did you just call them your parents? 

Marie: (in anger) Yes!

Solomon: (laughing) I suppose that you have matured so quickly that I could tell you this. You are now a woman inside a girl's body! So.....let me ask you this? Would a real mother and father banish their child for another?

Marie: What?

Solomon: Do you really want to know why you are not dying like your brother? 

A piece of paper spawns on his left hand. He lets it fly towards Marie. She catches it.

 The paper is a adoption certificate for Marie. Marie begins to read it as her heart beats faster.

Marie: can't be

Solomon: Yeeesss do you really want to call them your mother and father now? And do you really want to consider Drake your brother? Be grateful that you do not have to worry about Drake's disease. Be the happy young woman!

Solomon jumps out of the tiles he walks on and sinks into the ground. His laughter can be heard.


Alan keeps on hacking the surface that Solomon went through. He screams wildly in anger and rage. The scene transitions to the Monastery. Solomon rises from the ground and plays the organ. Elaine stands next to Solomon as Russell climbs around the pillars. Russell's chuckle gets louder and louder.

Russell: (laughing) GUNSCHE DIED DIDN'T HE! 

Solomon: Yeeesss....he did! 

Russell: (twitching) Can I go to kill them...please! It would be fun to do so. Those insects united to die! Ready to lose their limbs, and to scream in pain. And I'll stab them, again, and again. AND AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!!!

Solomon: Do not worry Russell....they will do that for you.

Elaine: Yeah, but what are you going to do, send Russell single handed by himself?

Solomon: Noooo, you are going with him Elaine when that happens.

Solomon plays the organ more loudly. 

Elaine: When that happens?

Solomon: Yes....they are about to head for a theater that I just created myself. 

Elaine: (smiling) That theater? Oh well they are really going to suffer!

Solomon: (getting up and holding Elaine's hand) Of course, but Alan is going to enjoy himself in madness when they get there. In fact he is already a madman.
 Russell tilts his head and sees them dance and crawls away at the balcony laughing.
Russell: (in joy) Ring a round the rosie, a pocket full of posies, "ashes ashes, we ALL FALL DOWN"!
Solomon spawns back at the cellar. He opens up the crate to get Kurtis out whose face is now all bloody.
Kurtis: Why don't you just end this Solomon?

Solomon: That's what I am here to do!

Kurtis: But before you do so....I would like to say something!

Solomon: (putting up his bladed fingers) You better say it now.

Kurtis: Four hundred years ago, I used to have a wife. 
Kurtis begins to have flashbacks with his wife. They are dancing in a ballroom. Then they walk together at the fields. The kiss each other at the bridge. 
Kurtis: One time, she and I were at my own house.
The scene transitions to four hundred years ago with Kurtis coming back to his house. He walks upstairs and sees his wife in bed with another man. The wife and the man cower away in fear. Kurtis is frozen by his reaction. She then comes up to Kurtis hugging him with the bed sheets wrapped around her.
Wife: I'M SO SORRY KURTIS! Please....forgive me. My lust has overpowered me. I don't want to do this anymore! Please.... let's live together like before. I promise I won't...
Kurtis pushes Linda back on the bed. The scene then transitions back to the present at the cellar.
Kurtis: But since you know knew what happens next Solomon!
Kurtis begins to hear his wife scream in his head. He also hears bone crack sounds from the other man and his wife. The wife's voice starts to gag and the man screams. Kurtis also hears creaking noise and chaos. Solomon then stabs Kurtis and burns him. Suddenly, Solomon has flashbacks of Kurtis's past. The scene transitions back at the affair. The scene picks up where Kurtis stands looking at his wife and the man after he pushed her at the bed. Kurtis's skin begins to turn into white crackle. His fangs grow and his eye sockets are now black. Solomon's voice replaces Kurtis's voice.
Solomon grabs the man's left arm and breaks it. Blood sprays over the bed. The man screams in pain. Solomon grabs the wife's neck and breaks it after she screams. The blood covers her voice and the man gets mauled by Solomon. Solomon's body collapses on the bed. His body keeps on morphing to Kurtis's body and back to Solomon's.
Kurtis: GET OUT!
Kurtis's soul loses the battle and Solomon morphs from the body, He screams wildly. Solomon touches the wife's face with his hands.
Solomon: Why...why did I do this? I am so sorry....please....come back...come back!
Suddenly the room becomes darker. Demon screams and spirits roam around the room. Solomon's neck starts to form a ring around it. Then it transforms into a collar that surrounds the neck. Suddenly two yellow eyes are at the wall which stare at him. A loud deep demonic voice speaks to him.
Voice: You cannot escape Hell Solomon. You cannot get away with forging a mortal soul for love of another woman. It is time that you understand what you really are!
Solomon begins to cry blood as he holds his collar.
Voice: The collar that you wear shall override your free will. You do what your nature tells you to do. Your demon instincts shall come first. Your free will shall be perished! You are a demon, now respect that!
Solomon's crying starts to transform into uncontrollable laughter. Solomon's smile and loud laughter becomes more broad.
To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

I have decided to reveal Solomon's back story. What do you think? Do you view him the same way again as the evil villain?

So how did you react when you found out Marie was adopted? (I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't think it was important)

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Oh you are so, so twisted. And I love it.. guilt is a powerfull tool. I can't. Wait ro see how mad crazy you become., awesome, awesome, awesome.

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8 Years Ago

Twisted?!!! well wait until i add the next few chapters, and its going to make the previous ones see.. read more

8 Years Ago

added a chapter in between the profiles and chapter I

8 Years Ago

and chapter XIII

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