Chapter XIII: Sadistic Illusion

Chapter XIII: Sadistic Illusion

A Chapter by Xerclipse

So what could a haunted theater offer? What if it was in Solomon's world? Now let's see how it affects Alan.


Chapter XIII

Sadistic Illusion

The scene takes place near a run down theater. There is a bridge that leads to the main entrance. However Alan and the others approach it cautiously. Alan pulls out his hatchet looking around him as Marie puts her rifle up. Limbo walks closely to Alan in his cat form. The fog starts to cloud their path and a sound of breathing can be heard.
Nebula: The theater is haunted.
Limbo: (sarcastically) Really.....this place looks....really....welcoming. And it's certainly comfortable.
Alan: Drake is haunted period, including everything that we touch and walk on. 
Limbo: (looking up to Alan) I was only stating the obvious, just like Nebula did.
Alan: Yeah well you are right, the place does welcome us.
The main doors begin to open up slowly. The creaking sounds echo through the air. Suddenly it screeches and emits through the air. Demons begin crawling around the door but their image is obscure. They blur through the walls and doors. Alan aims his blades at the demons but they disappear. Laughing sounds can be heard.
Marie: They just want to play Mister Harkison.
Alan: Then we play with them Marie.
Alan's hand can be see fidgeting. It twitches at a faster rate. His sweat drips from his forehead and then clouds his glasses. 
Limbo: (turning to Marie) Like I said, we are idiots. And we are proud of it.
Limbo begins to walk with Alan to the main entrance. Alan puts his hatchet away in his trench coat. Marie begins to walk closer to Alan as Nebula follows them.
Marie: Mister Harkison? 
Alan: Don't worry, we won't be needing weapons. You may keep them but you won't even have to fire your weapon.
Limbo: Alan....I am not sure if this place is the right time to do so.
Alan: Trust me. 
Alan comes down to pet Limbo. He kneels down smiling. Marie looks at Alan's teeth. Alan rubs Limbo's cheek and moves his hand over his back. He sits down for a while. Nebula begins to shiver as she walks. They all proceed to the door and walk in the main lobby. The door shuts behind them. Marie has her rifle on her back. They walk up the stairs passing by the posters. The glass that covers them are broken. As they pass the posters each of them cracks one by one. A sudden silence occurs when the fog comes into the lobby. Nebula walks closer to Alan and holds onto him. Alan stops walking for a moment.
Alan: That's too tight Nebula.
Limbo and Marie stop in confusion. They look at each other.
Alan: You know that I can't keep on walking when there is so much pressure on me.
Nebula: (looking at Alan's face)  I am sorry.
Limbo and Marie walk backwards.
Alan: (looking at them) Where are you going? Don't you know forward from backwards?
Alan smiles at them. The glare on his glasses cover his eyes. 
Alan: We have a very important job and we are all in this together. But for now we are going to have to split up and find a way.
Limbo: Split up? Alan....don't you remember what happened at the Mistress's mansion? 
Alan: But we survived right? You see we are fit enough to stay alive even when we are divided. And Marie I think its good for you to be independent. You are growing up. But nonetheless we are few standing against many.
Limbo: Yeah but we will be zero standing against infinity!
Alan shoots a chained blade on the ceiling. He pulls himself upward. The fog blocks his image. 
Limbo: (looking down) Alright.....I guess we will have to stick together. Right Marie.
Marie: Right.
Limbo: What about you Nebula?
Limbo and Marie turn around but Nebula isn't there. 
Limbo: Nebula? NEBULA?
Marie: Come on Limbo, we gotta go.
Limbo: Marie? We can't leave them like this. Alan is the more liable one.
Marie: Who said we are leaving them? We are going to find them!
Nebula begins to walk at the theater. She walks by the seats and broken chairs. She lets her hands slide against the handles. The screen is all ripped and torn. She begins to walk up to it. The screen tears a path for her to walk through. After she walks pass it, the screen begins to seal up. Marie and Limbo walk in the theaters. 
Marie: I thought she was walking through here.
Alan: Over here!
Limbo turns around and sees nothing but the shadows. 
Alan: (from the other direction) No, over here
Marie turns to the left but nothing is there. Suddenly the projector flashes on and plays blank footage. The burn marks create abstract motion on the blank images. Music starts to come out loud and choppy. Then it starts to become more clear in quality. It starts to become fast paced jazz, and the music starts to have an old fashioned 1930's style. After a few minutes, the cheering sounds can be heard from the audience. Marie and Limbo get surprised but he cheers. The clapping sounds begin to emit through the air. Yet there is no audience at the chairs and they are not in the theater.
Limbo: (in anxiety) ALAN....NEBULA!!!
Whisper sounds combine with the crowd sounds. They speak gibberish. One of the whispering voices begins to laugh. When the blank footage and music stops, the whisperings disappear. 
Limbo: Marie. We have to turn back! There must be another way around this damn theater. It's just that Alan and Nebula had to run off!
Marie: Yeah but that's the problem...... Hey Limbo can you demolish this place and destroy everything until we can see them. If you don't like it then destroy it.
Limbo: That drains my soul as I told you before. If I stay in my were cat form too long, then I can die. This body isn't mine you know, neither is my hulking form. This place would take too long to demolish.
Voices: It can't be demolished kitty cat
Marie: What the?
Marie aims her rifle around her. Limbo circles around looking for where the voices came from.
Voices: Come on, transform. Let's see what you really are!
Limbo starts to transform into his were cat form half way but he shrinks back down to his cat form. He struggles to morph.
Limbo: D****T!
The voices laugh louder and louder. Limbo's claws can be seen. 
Marie: We are screwed, aren't we.
Limbo: You can say the same for Nebula. She won't even kill a thing. Alan....oh boy oh boy, you never want him to be alone, especially in a place like this.
The scene transitions to Nebula walking at the woods. The sun is up and the flowers bloom. Animals walk around curiously coming close to her. A swallow then flies towards Nebula.  She holds the swallow with her hands that sings for her. Suddenly a wooden figure begins to be walking by playing the violin. Nebula walks towards the wooden figure that now floats near the trees. Several birds revolve around Nebula. 
Nebula: (smiling) Beautiful.
Nebula's parents Richard and Angelina come out of the trees. They hold hands and come closer to her.
Richard: Nebula.....we missed you!
Nebula: Mother, father.....
Angelina: Don't speak. We were sorry for being so harsh on you. Forgive us for being so blind and foolish. 
Suddenly another woman comes from the trees. She has long black and white hair. She wears a blue dress. The wooden figure offers her the violin. She takes it and plays.
Nebula: Grandmother?
Grandmother: Yes my dear. You know I was always the best there is. 
The strings begin to break. Nebula realizes that she was in a trance and looks around the botanical environment she is at. 
Grandmother: Please....stay with us!
The wooden figure becomes more stiff. The gravity now comes to drop it down on the ground.
Grandmother: Stay with us!
The parents begin to lose their skin texture. The sun starts to fall and the parent's internal structure can be seen. The violin starts to play in a lack of harmony. The tuner falls off and the grandmother starts to become older. She whacks her own neck with the violin and collapses onto the ground. She turns into dust and skeleton. The parents lose their balance and twitch violently. Their faces are now bloody. Nebula looks at the parents and then her bird. The bird is now dead. She drops it and begins to run away in fear. The atmosphere is now black and purple. The sun is gone and the trees lose their leaves. The woods begin to move. Branches wrap around Nebula but her force pushes them away,
Richard: Stay with us Nebula.
Angelina: We will treat you kindly.
The parents begin to get penetrated by the trees. They get pulled into the hole of the tree which now serves as a mouth. The blood pours as they slowly sink into the mouth. The branches hold them tightly causing them to bleed. Suddenly they branches splits them all apart into bloody bits. The roots begin to chase Nebula. The scene then transitions to Alan walking through the corridors. He does not focus where he is going.
Alan: Don't worry they will be fine, look at this place it's marvelous isn't it? Yes it's really cool, and it feels like my home. Don't get too comfortable now, you might never want to leave it ever again. Who said that Alan is going to leave this place? Well how the hell do you know. 
Alan bumps his head on a wall. He then looks up at it and sees the path at the left.
Alan: Look at what you made him do, he bumped his damn head. How many brain cells did he kill, huh? Enough to be smart as you. Aw that was mean. APOLOGIZE YOU SCUM! DON'T TELL ME TO APOLOGIZE! YOU DUMBED ALAN DOWN! TAKE HIM BACK TO HIS FRIENDS. HE DOESN'T NEED FRIENDS. WELL MAYBE YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT.
He stands up tall and stops walking. 
Alan: HE IS CAPABLE OF SURVIVING! You think a damn drunk would survive this place. It's not going to kill him! Maybe his friends will die but he will still stand. The place wants him. Yes now lets keep him here. You are right! He is going to love it in the wonderland.
A ghost then comes up to Alan. He wears a jacket and tie. He holds a bottle of wine in his hand. He also holds a wine glass on his other hand. He has short black hair and a mustache.
Alan: And who may you be?
Mr. Evann: My name is Mister Evann. And you must be the dark exorcist that Solomon and the witch hunters speak of.
Alan: Yes....that is right.
Mr. Evann: (smiling) Well that's great! You see, I am a movie maker, a wonderful one. I eat money, I sleep in my own films, and I have kept all the fortune to myself. 
Alan: Nice summary of your own life!
Mr. Evann: Have you seen my movies!
Alan: Yes....but I can tell you that they are made with magic.
Mr. Evann: Oh no no no Mister Harkison.....not magic....Illusion!
Alan: (laughing) Illusion? Really? Then why did I have to come and do an exorcism on your daughter?
A little girl spawns behind Mr. Evann. She is the age of ten and she has a pony tail and a skirt.
Alan: Hello Penny! 
Penny: Solomon is scary Dark Exorcist. My's just destined to be ruled by evil things. My daddy is also scary.
Mr. Evann: Well my child that means that my work is really impressive. 
He turns to Penny and hits her with the bottle on his hand. She collapses on the ground holding her scalp. She cries on the ground.
Mr Evann: HOW DARE YOU BE SO RUDE TO SOLOMON HIMSELF! HE IS MY BUSINESS PARTNER! We made a deal you see. He said that I could make my films with his own powers, but....with the cost of something. It's not really a terrible price I would say but the price is that I have to make the Dark Exorcist feel welcome here. He is to stay here with us. 
The daughter stands up holding her scalp.
Mr. Evann: And so you had to touch something wrong in the making of my movie. But then....a demon came out and possessed you. I had to postpone my release of my movie "Paradise Forest" because of you.
Alan: Yeah....that's nice...real nice. And who stars in that movie.
Mr Evann: Nebula just joined for the cast, along with her parents and grandmother. They now are going to be wonderful actors! A toast Mister Harkison....aka....Dark Exorcist.
Alan: (laughing) no thanks!
Mr. Evann: (dissapointed) Oh dear me....I am so silly. Did the little rifle wielding girl of yours make you promise.
Alan laugh in an outburst. He opens his trench coat which has more alcohol flasks. Every spot of it is filled with them.
Alan: What promise? 
Mr. Evann: You naughty boy Mister Harkison! 
Alan: I am not a boy and you know it.
Mr. Evann: A four hundred year old boy I would say? 
Alan starts to drink his own alcohol. Mr. Evann laughs as Alan drinks. 
To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

How did you think of the theater? Any ideas or thoughts about Alan now? I figured it was time to take a pause on the fight scenes starting here but there will be more. I just didn't want to make too much of action. So what do you think?

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I like it! However, you're missing a lot of punctation. Like ' Solomon is scary Dark Exorcist', for example. Whenever you have one of your characters addressing another, you put a comma before their name. So the sentence becomes: 'Solomon is scary, Dark Exorcist'. To tell you the truth I had to read the sentence twice because the way you had worded it sounded like Solomon is a scary Dark Exorcist. Also, you have misspelled 'disappointed'. Make sure you are thorough when proofreading.

Again, this is great. I am loving this story. I can't wait to read more of it. I do have to go back and leave other reviews.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Ok that was ride to hell in a plush buggie. A huanting movie coming to life. I got to hand it to you nicely done. Can't wait to see what you got up your sleve next. Awesome very awesome.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

oh cool thanks ;) Im glad my pages are not alone. And you are probably going to love the next chapte.. read more

8 Years Ago

can't wait. Its taking longer putting my next chapter up do to sifting the fiction out. I have reach.. read more

8 Years Ago

Kool :D well good luck with that Shep. I posted another chapter and making another one.

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