Chapter XIV: Insanity Rising

Chapter XIV: Insanity Rising

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Guess who goes insane? You know who! Will they all escape the evil theater that overpowers them?


Chapter XIV

Insanity Rising


         The scene transitions to Russell and Elaine at the boiling river of blood. They are on a steam boat sitting down. When they get under a tunnel, Elaine throws dynamite around it. She pulls herself onto the top of it and plants them on. Russell jumps off the boat and starts to run on water. He jumps within each steps he makes with each foot. Several hands covered in boiling blood try to grab him but Russell laughs and climbs under the tunnel. Russell plants more dynamite under the tunnel as he crawls.


Elaine: Why can't we just bomb the boat itself?


Russell: Aw did you not know that you cannot blow up the boat. 


Elaine: Why, what's going to happen?


Russell: (smiling) It won't go BOOM!!! That thing is indestructible. You see, that river that we are above contains many damned souls. They are having a nice hot bath.


Elaine: I see...And they look...pretty happy!


         The souls begin to scream in never ending agony. They begin to speak in gibberish and curses.


Russell: (laughing at the river) HA HA HA!!! SCREAM YOU DAMNED SOULS!!! SCREAM! THIS IS MUSIC! THIS IS FUN! The melody, the irresistible. ENCORE!


         Russell shoots the arrow at one of the souls' head. The scream gets louder. 


Russell: (laughing) Aaawwww my pretty little unicorn. Can you cry for me?


Elaine: (talking to herself) They better get out of that theater, or all of this work is for nothing!   


Russell: Oh don't worry....we are the only ones left my lady! You and I will have all the fun we can get. Solomon will be proud!


         The scene then picks off with Marie and Limbo are together searching for their friends. They walk out of the theater and go through the corridors. They see multiple door slots for the other theaters. Suddenly the mat they walk on starts to expand. The path on front of them. The hallway extends and the chandeliers begin to get brighter. One segment of the floor rises and splits in two. The split segment extends to serve as a wall in order to make the hallway narrower.


Marie: Limbo, how the hell are we going to find them if this place keeps on changing?


Limbo: Trial and error Marie. We keep on finding new areas until we regroup. Just as long as they don't run off like that again.


         Nebula tugs onto Marie from a door. She is covered in blood and wounds. Limbo turns around as Marie collapses onto the ground covered by Nebula's blood. Nebula does not show any emotion from her face but her body action reflects her stress.


Limbo: NEBULA!


         Nebula then sits down. She stares into blank space. Limbo stands next to Nebula and Marie.


Limbo: Nebula...what happened?


         Nebula does not answer.


Limbo: Nebula!


Marie: What happened back there?


Nebula: Run, now....don't look back. Alan is in great danger! 


Limbo: Come on, let's go!


Nebula: go with Marie. I have to help him.


Limbo: NEBULA! 


         Marie c***s her rifle and hears tree branches passing by. There is a moment of silence when they both look up at the ceiling. The ground begins to vibrate mildly. The lights go out causing darkness. Marie looks at her hands and tries to touch the ground. The hand print does not appear.


Marie: No....Not now!


         A branch comes up and wraps around her wrist. She begins to get pulled by it. Marie then grabs the rifle and uses it to cut off the branch. Loud female demon screams can be heard. Marie and Limbo start to run away. Nebula runs the opposite direction. A wall separates Nebula from Marie and Limbo. Limbo turns back.




         Limbo runs ahead with Marie. A split forms between Marie and Limbo. Trees separate them from each other. He jumps over the trees that begin to crash into the hallways. The ceiling collapses and Limbo jumps on the branches. He then runs into a vent. The tiny branch then follow Limbo. He runs through the intricate areas of the vent. The paths keep on shifting and the segments bend.


Limbo: D****T!


Marie: LIMBO....LIMBO!


         Marie stabs the tree pervasively. Branches grab her and the roots clutch onto her legs. Marie tries to break free but a face begins to form from the tree. It begins to stare at her and the face resembles feminine features. When the tree opens its eyes, it stares at Marie. There is a name branded on it's forehead. It says Kiara. 


Kiara: little girl!




Kiara: Would you ever say that to your mother?


Marie: (stops struggling) What? 


Kiara: Marie.....please listen to me!


         Marie's wrists begin to bleed as the branches cling on to her. The trees start shifting towards her.


Kiara: Why did you leave me? Why? We could have been a family together.




         Kiara lets Marie go. She drops down on the ground. The trees begin to move back.


Kiara: don't you?


Marie: What?


Kiara: We all cared about daddy my dear. Your sister did, and I did as well.


Marie: Daddy? Who...who is he? 


Kiara: I cared about his life, he cared about his work. And I am his work!


Marie: Mommy?....please......tell me where my friends are.


Kiara: They are not your friends, we are your family. Come and join us. We will star in your father's movie. We are going to be famous.


Marie: Dont do this....please....don't!


         Marie grabs her rifle and aims it at Kiara. She backs away but she hits a tree behind her. She looks up and sees fruit. It explodes and each spirit falls down. They wear a lot of make up, colorful clothes, and spandex. Their limbs bend in any direction and their flexible bodies move very fast.


Kiara: These are our colleagues....the actors. 


         The actors begin to smile at Marie. They try to catch her but she runs away. Marie shoots one actor's face and at the knee. She then stabs one in the gut. Marie runs away from the branches that follow her. More actors spawn and fall onto the ground. Some burst into pieces before they can stand, and some try to pursue her. They do flips and twists on the air. The scene transitions back to Limbo in the vents. He crawls out of the vent and falls onto the ground. He is in a lonely dark room. Projector screens are scattered, film footage is everywhere. Limbo jumps around them. He suddenly sees blood all over the film. The blood drips from the wall and projectors. The film glows a trail. Limbo follows it.


Limbo: Where the hell am I?


         Limbo still continues to follow the trail. He looks to his left and right.


Limbo: MARIE.....NEBULA.....ALAN!!!


         He sees two glowing blue eyes from a distance. He begins to approach it cautiously. Blood then begins to accumulate as Limbo gets closer. Limbo sees the boots on the ground and looks up. He sees Alan's trench coat and his face.


Limbo: (in a happy tone) ALAN! Thank god I found you!


         Alan holds up Mr. Evann's severed head with his left hand. His right hand holds the hatchet. Limbo starts to back away.


Alan: Did you ever see his films? 


Limbo: Yeah and we know how he made them. 


Alan: yyyeeesss...lots and lots of dark magic.


Limbo: Alan, we have to get out of here!


Alan: (laughing) Oh're not gonna get out of here. No ones getting out! No one!


Limbo: ALAN?


         Limbo sprints away as the projector lights up the room. Limbo begins clawing the closest door open. 




Alan: Don't worry.....they are going to burn in hell.


         Limbo stares at Alan with a surprise. He realizes that he is in danger. Alan sticks his hand under Mr. Evann's neck. He then makes it speak like a puppet.


Alan: (moving the mouth under the head) Some one isn't a fan of my movies. And the funny thing is that it's a cat.


Limbo: ALAN!!!!


         Alan puts down his hatchet and takes out his hand from the head. He then sticks his fingers on the face.


Alan: (laughing) What's the matter....CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE!???


Limbo: SNAP OUT OF IT D****T!


         Alan snaps his fingers. The door begins to open. Limbo runs away from Alan.


Alan: (smiling) Kitty cat, why don't you play with me!


         Alan starts shooting blades at Limbo through the hallways. The environment starts to become more botanical. More actors with nets and hooks try to hunt down Limbo. Nebula comes from a room and stares at Alan. He turns to her. Limbo still attempts to escape.


Alan: (with a grin) Honey....I'm home!


         Alan charges at Nebula with his hatchet. He laughs in bliss and insanity as Nebula runs away. She shows no fear but she dodges his strikes. 


Alan: You may now KISS THE BRIDE!


         Alan pulls out his palm blades and does a swing at Nebula's face. Her left cheek has a deep bloody slice. Nebula tries to use her waves to blast at Alan. Nothing comes out but Alan still laughs.


Alan: (furiously laughing) You have no power Nebula....this paradise! YOU DON'T NEED POWER IN PARADISE...RIGHT?


         Nebula rolls under the table which gets shot by Alan’s blades. Alan shoots more blades at Nebula but she dodges them. She runs out of the room.




         The scene transitions to Marie running away from the actors. A small movie screen begins to drop on front of her. It moves with her as well. Suddenly, a motion picture plays for her to see as she runs. The images show Marie as a little girl. Kiara in her human form holds her in her arms. Penny is seen playing with her dolls. Mr. Evann comes by and calls Kiara. She walks towards him in a lonely room.


Marie: What… father?


         The motion picture stops when an actor busts through the screen and grabs on to her. Marie kicks it away and stabs the actor’s forehead. She then still continues to run away from the actor. All of a sudden the actors disappear. The trees begin to sink back into the walls and the lights turn back on. 

Marie: What's going on here?

Nebula is seen running towards Marie. Marie sees her in happiness.

Marie: NEBULA!!!

Alan comes in with his hatchet. He stares at Marie breathing heavily. Marie stops smiling.

Marie: Alan?....

Alan: (advancing towards her) Little Marie saw her mother and sister before they were here. Little Marie forgot what happened to them. Little Marie saw her mother transform into a beautiful tree. But then she ran away as the mother screamed in eternal pain along with the father's actors. It was for the movie....."PARADISE FOREST"! LITTLE PENNY GOT POSSESSED AFTER HELPING LITTLE MARIE OUT! ALAN HARKISON PERFORMED AN EXORCISM!! AND LITTLE MARIE HAD AMNESIA!!!!

Alan chases down Marie with the hatchet. Marie fires her rifle at Alan but the bullet does not fire. She then blocks herself from the hatchet. Alan's animalistic movements beat down Marie. Nebula holds onto Alan's arm but he knocks her away. Alan shoots a palm blade through Nebula's left hand. It is attached to a chain. He pulls her in and aims his hatchet at her. 


Marie stabs Alan's right thigh. He begins to scream in pain but then laughs when he turns to Marie. Marie takes out the bayonet and attempts to stab it at him. Alan pushes the gun away and chases after her. Nebula grabs onto Alan's foot but he kicks her away.

Alan: You all love to grab onto your daddy I see!

Marie checks her bullets. The mag is full but when she fires it, the bullets do not expel.

Alan: Silly girl, guns are not for children.

Alan pulls out his alcohol flask and drinks it. Marie then charges at him but he throws the flask at Marie's face. Limbo then comes in to scratch Alan's face.


Alan throws Limbo out of his face.


Limbo starts to transform but he struggles.

Limbo: STOP HIM!! NOW!

Marie begins to defend Limbo from Alan. Limbo screams in pain as his bone structure cracks. His morphing is more violent than it was before.


Limbo's face begins to get disfigured. It then morphs to the were cat face. His body slowly and violently transforms. Marie stabs Alan's foot but he slaps her.


Limbo's shoulder blades pause its morphism. He screams louder and louder. He then punches the walls and floor. The area vibrates and Alan falls. 


Nebula: Not without him.

Limbo stares at Nebula for a moment. She pets his face. He fully morphs into his were cat form. Nebula and Marie stand behind him.

Limbo: ALAN.... LET'S GO!!!! COME ON, YOU AND ME!!

Alan smiles and shoots two chained palm blades at Limbo. Limbo catches them with his bare front paws, puts the chains in his mouth, grabs Nebula and Marie and starts to run. They all ride on Limbo's back except for Alan who drags on the ground. Trees and branches try to destroy them as they go. The path keeps on getting wider and wider. The length increases drastically. When Limbo makes a sharp right turn, Alan gets hit by a wall. Limbo pulls Alan in and punches his head to knock him out. 

Limbo: There, that will ought to make him still!

Limbo carries him on his back and starts to move forward.

To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

So what did you think? Do you have any ideas? I tried to make this longer but I guess I will have to make another chapter.

Please be honest, I felt like I was leaving Marie out of the story. She was just there to be there and I really want to expand her more. I hoped she seems important rather than just a little follower of Alan's

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Oh man, I nearly lost it when Alan used that guy's head as a puppet. I liked how insane Alan was here, good representation of his character.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very gripping. And very fast pace, almost too fast. See if you can smooth out the diolog and the scene changes. I realize its live because its a play or movie script, but still needs to show smooth writing not chopy. Other than that you are good to go. And I am dying to find out what happens on the next page. Good work so far.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

i will definately see what I can do for here. I will probably fix some things up. thanks for reading.. read more

8 Years Ago

sent that read request for lane carver he looking for people to read his novel Dark-- check it out a.. read more

8 Years Ago

I just turned my request on. try sending it to me again.

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