Chapter XVI: History Horror

Chapter XVI: History Horror

A Chapter by Xerclipse

the full past of Alan has been revealed. But what happens next? Will Drake be saved?


Chapter XVI

History Horror


         The scene picks off where Nebula walks through the grasslands. Suddenly, a trial begins to take place. A building starts to form near Nebula. She walks in and hears noises and jeers. She sees Alan sitting down on the bench all beat up. Alan begins to walk towards him and sit next to him. Alan does not look at the crowd that talks to him and his family. Solomon stands on front of the judge.


Judge: So from what you said…Witch Hunter Solomon….that woman used demon powers to tear down the house. And yet her child was your assistant. So this man Mister Harkison….got injured by the violence and destruction? Is that clear?


Solomon: Yes….but look at him, and listen to what he says.


Judge: Mister Harkison, is that true?




         The crowd gasps and points fingers at Alan. They begin to jeer and yell at him. The judge looks into Alan’s bloody face. He does not bang the hammer. Solomon raises his hands up on the air.


Solomon: Be silent….be silent. Patience will make punishment for the witch and the child quicker.


Judge: (banging the hammer) I AM THE ONE TO SAY THAT! You may sit down.


         Solomon sits down on the chair.


Judge: Now…..for the punishment…..they shall be burned by the stake!


         The crowd stands up and cheers. Alan gets up and screams loudly trying to grab his family. Solomon trips him and pulls him away. Alan still struggles to get his family but Solomon steps on Alan to stop him.




         Gunsche carries Ali and Danny. They look back at Alan but Gunsche rushes out of the building. The crowd cheers as Gunsche reaches the daylight. Elaine and Russell set up the stake. Wisher throws hay and straw at the surface for the fire to accumulate. The people grab their torches and come out. Gunsche plants Danny and Ali at the stake. Russell and Elaine tie them up. Alan starts to limp towards his family but Elaine jumps towards him. She throws a bear trap on his shoulder blades. She pulls him to make him trip.




Solomon: NO!!! He will not be killed.


Alan gets up when Elaine takes out the bear traps.


Alan: You…..demon!


Solomon: Now Mister Harkison, you have been injured severely, and I know what could cure that.


Alan: (in anger) What… WHAT COULD POSSIBLE CURE ME?!


Solomon: (smiling) Freedom….which can only be unlocked by you.


         Alan limps towards Solomon in anger.


Alan: Freedom….?


         Solomon grabs a torch from one of the people. He offers it to Alan.


Solomon: (smiling) Open your eyes Mister Harkison. Everybody here hates you, everybody here thinks that you are a demon yourself. You have been manipulated by the demon! Now….if you just throw the torch, then that will communicate to these people….that you are pure.


         The crowd becomes silent. They stare at Alan and Solomon. Russell climbs on top of the stake and stands on it. He tilts his head and smiles at Alan. He begins to laugh. Gunsche walks right behind Alan and stands there with his hulking body. Elaine stands away from the stake.




         The crowd begins to yell “freedom” in a rhythm. They keep on saying it louder and louder. Nebula walks closer to Alan as the projections do not notice her. Solomon still holds the torch to Alan but he does not take it. He closes his eyes has the blood on him drips. He keeps on hearing “freedom”.


Solomon: Mister Harkison….if you do not get your freedom….then you will join them. You will burn with them.


         Alan takes the torch and slowly turns to his family. He slowly limps to the stake. He then looks up at his family whose faces are looking away and crying.




         Alan holds the torch as his heart beats. He begins to tear and he drips blood from his mouth. Russell jumps out of the stake and dashes away quickly. He runs to Elaine and the other witch hunters.


Solomon: (with a big smile) DO YOU WANT YOUR FREEDOM OR NOT?!


         Alan throws the torch at the stake. The straw catches the fire and rushes up to his family. Ali and Danny begin to scream when the fire touches their feet. It then burns the stake and onto their bodies. Alan holds his ears and screams. He cannot stop hearing the screams from Ali and Danny. The crowd cheers wildly along with Russell. Alan then looks up at the stake and Ali’s skin begins to deteriorate as Danny’s scalp catches the fire. Their skeleton begins to get exposed. The projections disappear in a flash and the fire stops burning. Alan is seen wearing the trench coat. He holds a hatchet on his hand and sees the witch hunters including Solomon. Nebula spectates the face off between Alan and the witch hunters. The audience is no longer present.  Nebula and the projections are at the woods during night time.


Solomon: Sooo… value life over your family….what a great choice Mister Harkison.


         Alan does not speak. He raises his hatchet. Russell laughs at him as Solomon steps closer towards Alan.


Solomon: Do not cry, do not regret, you are truly the best man that I once thought you were…Mister Harkison!


         Solomon puts his right arm up to Alan offering his hand.


Solomon: I would have allowed you to be burned with your family Mister Harkison….who was the one who spared you, who was the one who helped you out of their punishment, and who was the one who lived because of me……Mister Harkison?


         Alan screams in rage and cuts off Solomon’s right arm. Blood sprays violently on Alan’s face. Solomon screams holding his bleeding stump. Alan then strikes Solomon’s chest. Alan then dodges Elaine’s bear traps. He gets caught on his left arm by a bear trap but Alan screams in pain. Gunsche bashes him away onto a tree. Alan opens the trap up and throws it on the ground. Alan throws his hatchet on Gunsche’s shoulder. He charges up to Gunsche’s chest, takes out the hatchet and strikes the ribs. Gunsche screams and collapses. Alan then dodges more bear traps and jumps on Elaine’s chest. Elaine grapples onto Alan and throws him on the ground. He breaks free and hits Elaine’s face with the non bladed side of the axe. He chops Elaine’s neck which causes blood splatter. He then runs up to Russell and goes up against his dual machetes. After multiple clashes, Alan chops Russell’s stomach and hits his spine. Wisher then beats down Alan with his batons. Alan chops Wisher’s left foot into two. The blood splatters from his foot as Alan rises up from the ground. Alan then does an overhead axe chop on Wisher’s face. The blood pours from the bloody split face. Alan then takes out the hatchet and stares at Solomon crawling away.


Solomon: (struggling to speak) You do not know what you are doing Mister Harkison!


         Alan walks closer to Solomon with his bloody hatchet.


Solomon: Shall I grant you eternal life after I die?


         Alan raises his hatchet with one hand as his left arm is covered with the bear trap wounds.


Solomon: (smiling) It will be your curse Mister Harkison! Not a blessing. And those who travel with you shall earn that curse as well. They will become you eventually.


         Alan then hits Solomon with his hatchet. He keeps on hitting him pervasively. Nebula stares at Alan’s rage and Solomon’s twitching bloody body. He keeps one striking Solomon’s body over and over again. The blood splatters every where. Solomon’s screams turn demonic and loud. Nebula closes her ears as the blood accumulates onto the trees. Over five liters of blood has been spilled and splattered. Another set of liters spray as Alan keeps on striking down Solomon. The blood paints the whole environment, as Alan never stops striking. Solomon’s spirit then descends into the darkness and gets burned by the flames.


Solomon: You shall be forever cursed Alan Harkison! YOU WILL NEVER DIE SO YOU CAN FEEL THE PAIN! YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE!


Suddenly the scene transitions to the monastery. Solomon sits at the tower creating fire from his bladed fingers. He stares at Drake’s body which now floats. Several freaks stand next to him. Russell and Elaine walk toward Solomon.


Elaine: The bombs have been planted in the tunnel.


Solomon: Good…..very good. Now we are going to have to just wait until they get out of the theater.


Elaine: I am sure they will. Mr. Evann is dead, and Alan has deteriorated mentally.


Solomon: (laughing) He is already a mentally unstable man Elaine. So don’t worry, he will enjoy himself.


         Solomon turns around.


Solomon: But however, I am sure that psychic of his will help him. We need to take out that black cat. If we do so then their strength will be reduced.


Elaine: Understood.


Russell: (laughing) THE DARK EXORCIST SHALL DIE! IT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN STABBING HIM….UNTIL HE SCREAMS! Those insects….they just are asking for pain!


         Russell and Elaine jump out of the tower. Russell Laughs as he descends from the big height. Elaine is now abscent from the tower. Solomon is now alone. He stares at Drake’s body that still floats. Drake’s eyes begin to open. He then stares at Solomon. He cannot move but his reaction can be seen from his face. Solomon walks closer to Drake as Drake’s body begins to face him.


Drake: Who…Who are you?


Solomon: I am Solomon. The demon that possesses you!


Drake: What? What’s going on?


Solomon: An exorcist, a cat, a psychic and your sister are coming to get you. But I you are the host of this place, and my captive.




Solomon: (Solomon) You know you wouldn’t want that. I am actually taking great care of you. You are dying Drake….and you would not want to live in the mortal world. Instead….why don’t you appreciate this beautiful wonderland that I have created. Enjoy yourself.


         Drake lands on the ground and his feet are in balance. He begins to walk and be surprised.


Solomon: Go on, try to jump.


         Drake looks at the edge of the tower. He walks closer to it but when he sees the height, he gets shocked.


Solomon: Do not be afraid. You will never die. In fact, you already are.


Drake: What NO!


Solomon: But isn’t death what you have been longing for? Life is no longer your value.


         Solomon pushes Drake out of the tower. He begins to scream in fear. When he sees the ground that is coming close to him he feels the impact but he bounces off of it and floats on the air. He looks around him as his body is in slow motion. He laughs in joy and happiness. Solomon jumps from the tower and lands next to Drake.


Solomon: You see…you are just going to love this place.


         The grass around him begins to grow into flowers. Drake then lands on the ground after he floats. He begins to run around the grasses and tombstones. He then leaps through the reduced gravity and jumps on a fence. He flies around the monetary. He passes through the organ and at the benches.


Solomon: This is what you value? Right Drake. To be the powerful and the infinite. Eternal life is what you want instead of mortal life which does not allow you to have power.


Drake: (after laughing) Can you tell me where my sister is?


Solomon: You will see her when she comes to you my child.


Drake: Marie…..she was only trying to make me happy.


Solomon: She did….she told me to make you happy. But I have to keep you in here. You are my prisoner.


Drake: What?


Solomon: Don’t worry. Be grateful that I do not chain and hold back the host like the other demons do. You are free to do whatever you want. You have the power to do anything. You are the god of your own world. It’s just that I have to borrow those abilities for myself. In the meanwhile you can fly around the place as much as you like


         Solomon walks towards the monastery laughing. Drake stares at his scarf that flows through the wind. Drake then looks down.


To Be Continued

© 2012 Xerclipse

Author's Note

How did you feel when you read Alan's past? Did you like it? Are there any flaws?

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A new twist I seeb very nice. This is really getting good. Not a lot to say except that I want more.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh boy.....good luck with that!

8 Years Ago

SM Garcia worked her butt off edding them all so now i have to work mine off. LOL

8 Years Ago

Lol....well seems like a legit exchange.

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